Cowardice 26

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All of a sudden, a big red ray of light covers everything in the fortress. It was a massive force of destruction that eradicates everything in it's path.

The huge laser lasted for five minutes. Every one around the fortress was watching as it was a big fireworks display with out the emotions of amusement but the feelings of fear and pain.

After the big light resides, all that was left was a pile of undone materials, materials that used to be the fortress itself before the attack of the laser.

Fla Jih rushes to the scene of destruction after the big light display, and searches survivors with desperation.

Fla Jih digs everything that he suspected that was covering a living thing, he shouts and hopes for a respond from the desolated place. But there was nothing.

Fla Jih searched for more. After a few more moments, he heard something. It was a voice, a voice that is familiar and it is crying.

The said voice was from Adolash's. Fla Jih searched for it's source, it took him while a but still he finds Adolash.

What Fla Jih saw was a depressing scene. A guy that sobs in despair and loss while holding a piece of dress from someone dear to him.

Even the bravest of the bravest , the strongest of the strongest, even the toughest will break from this scene.

Fla Jih's eyes watered the soil beneath him, it was a tragedy, a painful story.

this work is a fictional work, any relation to the real world or any events are pure coincidence
everything in this blog are mine, you can use the drawing if you want, I don't mind


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great story. thanks

love the originality bro! you got mad skills in drawing too! :)

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