The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 18

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The inn was quiet. After all it was a little bit before noon. Everybody was still working.

Mox entered into the inn and went directly to the bar. The few men that were there didn’t even look at him.

Hey Mike, have a minute?” Mox asked the man from the bar.

Mike was the owner of this in. He was a burly man, with a round, happy face. A big moustache cover his face, with curled corners. This moustache was Mike’s pride. He loved to brag about it and took care every day of it.

Mox, how you doing? Heard that you got into trouble yesterday.” Mike answered.

Long story. We need to talk. Can we go in the back?

Of course. Hey, take care of the bar. I have something to do!” Mike yelled after one of his aids.

Mike took Mox into the backroom. This was a small room, used sometimes for closed poker games, organized by Mike, with high rollers. There was also a big couch, on which Mox crashed tired.

Mike opened a small cabinet, took a bottle of whiskey from there and poured into two glasses. Handing over one to Mox, he waited for him to start the conversation.

The thing with the Jackson’s was a bust, the item wasn’t there.” Mox took a big gulp of the whiskey.

What do you mean by that? Weren’t you sure that it was there?

Yes, I was sure. How could I know that the old Jackson would give it to the Lapidas, as a sign of goodwill?” Mox rebuffed. “Moreover, I found out that Samuel Jackson is now an affiliate of Monero.

What? How did the old man get in the cahoots with Monero?

Not sure. Probably because of the Ascarte’s. Jackson was supposed to marry Marta to the Lapidas oldest son. But I got in the way” Mox laughed hard at this situation. “Even when I don’t want to I still get tangled in Monero’s business.

So what now? How do you plan to take the item from Lapidas?

I’m not sure yet. Keep an eye out. The painting was given to Lapidas daughter. We need to make her give it to us. Otherwise, we will have to raid them.” Mox said with a cold voice. “But only as a last resort.

Mike poured another glass of whiskey and handed it over to him.

I have news of a money transport. Ascarte Bank is waiting for a big gold deposit via train. I don’t have more information than this.” Mike said.

That’s good. We haven’t had a pay day in a while. Have your people dig up more about this.” Mox said with a grin on his face.

He put his hat on his head and left the room. Outside the inn a small boy was waiting near Rosa. Mox recognized him as one of the altar boys from the church.

Mister Mox, father Bass is waiting for you at the church.” the boy said.

Thank you, young man. Here, for your work.” Mox said, giving the young boy a copper coin.

Hopping on Rosa, Mox took the road back to the church.

It's seems that the relationship between Max and Monero it's more complicated that a old family connection. What will Mox do with the info received from Mike. And what will Ratface have to share with Mox? What do you think it will happen?

Please let me know your opinion about this chapter in the comments. Thank you for your upvote and for your support for this story

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Good storyline, I enjoyed it. Thanks @sstefan