The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 17

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I found a second painting.”

The words hit Maria like a hammer. This legend, that the second Mox Moxley had found a great treasure, started with a painting that he brought back from his adventures. On his deathbed, just before he died, he apologized for bringing down the family and losing the business because of him. With his last breath, he told them that he found a big treasure and the painting he brought was the key to find it. And then he died, without leaving any other hints of what this treasure was or how to use the painting to find it.

Many Moxley’s left their home in the search for this grand treasure, everyone of them has their own theory on how to use the painting to find the treasure.

What do you mean by this? How did you figure this out?” Maria asked

Well, after I left three years ago, I spent one year in college, studying art. I wanted to know the secrets of the painting and I thought that learning more about the art of painting can help me somehow.” Mox replied.

I asked one of my teachers about this. Using painting as for hiding treasures. And he told me that it wasn’t unusual to do this. In the past many people used to hide hints about treasures in paintings. I’ve looked into this kind of paintings and I found out that most of the time there was never only one. And so I’ve started to travel, looking for similar paintings. My search lead me here. I found it. There is a second painting. Actually, after seeing the second one, I think that there might be more.

So, where is it? Let me have a look at it!” Maria said.

It’s a little bit tricky. I was hoping to take it last night, but I find out that Samuel gave it to the Lapidas!

Mox looked at the clock. They spent quite a lot of time talking.

Look at the time. I have to leave. I have some people to meet today. I recommend you to not leave the house for the time being. We don’t know how your father will react to the events of last night.

After he said this he left the room. Daniel, Marta and Maria were left standing. Everyone was digesting the news that they got. For each of them, everything that was said in this room was a shock. From the thing with Anna Jackson, the Monero history or the legend about a great treasure, all of this was amazing stuff.

Mox knew that would take some time for them until they will realize what was shared today. Especially for Daniel and Marta. This is one of the reasons why he left the house. But what he said before he left was true. He had people to meet.
He directed Rosa toward the church. The first one to meet with was the priest. The one that was supposed to marry him with Marta

Mox, you’re alive.” the priest said with a happy tone when he saw Mox.

Not because of your help.” Mox said, mad at the priest.

I’ve tried to do it. I went to the sheriff to tell him about what the Jacksons did. But the Ascarte’s got in the way. He told the sheriff that this was a personal business of the Jackson’s and he shouldn’t get in the way.

Goddammit. It seems that Samuel is quite important for Monero office from this area, to protect him like this. Never mind. Ratface is supposed to come here today. Tell him to wait for me. I have to go and have a chat with Mike.

No problem, boss. I’ll have Ratface wait until you’re back!” the priest answered.

Mox’s face twitched a little bit. He didn’t like to be called boss.

He left the church behind him and went toward the inn. Mike was the bartender there.

We are back into the action. Leaving behind the history of Moxley family, we are back into the day to day action. What do you think Mox will do to take the painting from the Lapidas? We already saw that he was willing to marry Marta, just to have the chance to take it from Samuel Jackson.

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