The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 16

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The Monero conglomerate is a commercial behemoth, having offices all over the world. Nobody knew their exact history, but around 100 years ago they started to expand in a vicious manner, gulping their competitors from the east coast.

The first president of Monero conglomerate was Mox Moxley” Mox started the story about his family. “Together with Frank Neyhart and Mel Romian he started a small trading company. Their first contract was to transport fish from the coast to the inner city. Because of their business integrity, they became an established business in the area.

But, because of their success the former friends started to quarrel of the direction that the company should take. Frank Neyhart wanted to expand the business and he started to do some shady business on the side. Mel and Mox found out about this and stopped him. But the shift already happened in the company.

Years went by, the company still followed the direction set by Mox Moxley the 1st. That was until around 150 years ago, when something happened in the Moxley family. The leader and the president at the time of the Monero conglomerate, died without any male heirs. He had only daughters. The duty as the head of the family would fall on his brother, Mox Moxley the 2nd. Ironic, I know. But this Mox was not interested in business and he didn’t take part in the operations.

Neyhart family used this as a motive to take the presidency of the conglomerate and push the Moxley’s out. In the last 150 years they tied up family connection with the Romian family, having several marriages between them. Little by little, they excluded us out of the business. Nowadays, we don’t hold any kind of connection with Monero, even though we were part of it for almost 200 years.

The worst part is that after they eliminated us from Monero, the Neyhart family tried to eliminate us completely. Every business that we tried to establish was sabotaged by them. In the meantime, we have fallen so down that we can’t get up anymore. From the glory days we of leading the Monero conglomerate, we are reduced to holding a bakery. I’m not sure how my father did this. Or maybe we are too insignificant for the Neyhart’s now.

Mox stopped talking. You could see a hint of sadness in his eyes. After all this talking everybody finished eating.

So, in the end what brought you here?” Marta asked, still angered by what she found out earlier.

A legend. A legend of Moxley family!” Mox answered, contemplating at the view on the window.

Wait… wait. You want to tell me that the treasure you were telling me about is that legend?
Maria almost shouted. “Are you fucking crazy?

What is this legend about?” asked Daniel, startled by Maria’s reaction.

The legend is about Mox Moxley the 2nd, the one that drove the downfall of the family. He was an adventurer and this is why he wasn’t interested in the business. The legend is that he found a treasure. But because of the Neyhart’s, he placed it somewhere where nobody could find it. After years of adventuring, he returned home with a painting and then disappeared. The legend is that the painting will lead us to the treasure. And with it the Moxley family could rise again and take revenge of Neyhart and Romian.” Mox answered.

For this fucking legend you left me?” this time Maria was the furious woman. “How many Moxley’s left home for this shit? You place the blame of Neyhart for the downfall of the Moxley family, but you stupid men that believe this stupid legend have the same blame. You should have stayed home and work on a business, work on something. Not chasing dreams.

Don’t call me stupid. And I had to trick into marrying because you would have followed me. Which you did anyway!” Mox shouted back.

Why don’t you want to accept my love?” Maria started to cry.

You are my cousin, you crazy woman!

Second, second cousin. And you don’t want to admit your feelings. Be a man and accept your feelings. Stop this crazy chase and let’s go back home and get married. We can take them with us.” Maria said, while pointing toward Dan and Marta.

I can’t go back. I found a second painting!” Mox said.

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