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Hey, I just dropped in to see what you're up to... This appears to be like a battle royale between deities, with a strange feel that makes me say "Ender's Game". This is pretty cool, and I'll be lurking through your previous chapters. Keep it up! c:


its been a while shello. I don't get where you guys are getting those ideas. Someone even told me that it's like maze runner and tower of god. I don't know those titles seriously. I just try out things here. But soon, I'll be trying to mix comics in this novel, little by little. Till I'm ready to go for a much more serious series. What is enders game BTW?

Anyway, I feel like I'm getting better at this writing stuff, a better approach for the fighting scenes is an actual comics between them, I think.

Don't worry, everyone has their own interpretation- this is just mine. Ender's game is a sci-fi novel where a young boy is recruited in a life or death game to save his planet moreorless. What you wrote, although all your own, gave me that vibe as a way for me to better understand your story! I am down to see some comics, and after seeing your artwork I'm going to have to revisit your drawing lessons since they clearly seem to work :3 I'm glad that you are enjoying writing more often, I am building up to the everyday posting myself.

I'm still around!

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