The One Who Haunts Me (AN ORIGINAL POEM)

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A short introduction - this poem is written purposely to show that what you may think first isn’t actually what was meant by an author. Of course the reader is the best judge, so I welcome you to guess what this poem is about (it is not what you may at first think).


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I lost my dignity to her,
She embarrasses me always.

Every time I see her around
She sticks in my face.

Why is it that I always
Strive to get her?

Where in fact, she is just
Another one of many out there?

Violently, but mostly gently.
In and out, in and out.

She looks at me in her
Wooden white innocent dress.

She causes me pain and
Sometimes she calms me down.

Wherever I go she is
Always there to haunt me

She is my cross,
My torture, my infinite regress.

P.S. The image used is there to make it a little more complicated, it goes along with the obvious meaning that comes to mind; hence I chose specifically this image for it.

P.P.S. @opheliafu you are not allowed to guess as you know the answer ;-)

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Please add NSFW tag, there is a large portion of our readers who may not find this image safe to view at work.

Ok i gathered that this was the problem, I appologise, i added a warning + i will now add the tag (trying to work out how to edit the tags, if i already have 5 tags)

EDIT - OK - worked it out

I like the poem. A good poem can have many meanings. It sounds to me like it may be about marijuana. Something that pulls the author.

You are very close pal! It was about giving up smoking cigarettes

Congratulations on quitting. I really enjoyed the symbolism.

Yes, but I have a poor memory!

I like the poem. "She is my cross", sound good.

Nice poem. Does the picture with all the "cages" mean she is untouchable for you?

Nope ) The subject has nothing to do with the initail meaning you might think about

Awesome post looking forward to more

it feels like a personification of the past. Whatever you may have meant, it is beautiful

The answer is just above ^^^^

beautifull and romantic poem
I think the author is falling in love with something

thanks for that nice poem @serejandmyself It remind me of why I quit smoking years ago. Such a nasty habit, cigarettes are. Now If I can just completely walk away from alcohol. I posted a Hang Over cure that truly works when you are dying from a hangover. Hope you nor I never have to use it in the future.
full $teem ahead!