Cybercrime: Notifications and Suggestions

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Cyber ​​cafe owners will no longer have to store the data of customers using the internet in the café. The Clink CyberManager software will be stored on your own. This will not only help the owners of cyber cafes, but it will be easier for the police to find cybercriminals.

IDECT Innovation, a company that has been considered for cyber solutions in the country, has made it. These software will be made available to all cafes owners free of charge. On Monday, a seminar was organized in the auditorium of Dayanand Hospital on behalf of the company and Ludhiana Police on Cybercrime. In which more than 100 cyber cafe owners of the city also took part. In this seminar, DCP Pramod Ban of Ludhiana said that there has been an increase in cyber crime for the past few years.

In order to deal with cyber crime, the first Cyber ​​Investigation Cell in Punjab was built in 2009. They say that the police are required to cooperate with the café owners to deal with cybercriminals. The café owner records the data of customers using Internet access manually. But now with the help of this software, they will not face any such problem. Gurvinder Singh of the company says 47 per cent of internet usage in India is in cyber cafe.

In such a way, record maintenance is the biggest challenge for cafes owners. From the company's development, this software will end this problem of cafes owners. All the data from the customer's photographs will be stored on its own. Before using the internet, the customer must give all his information. These softwares are being made available by the company for free. On this occasion, ADCP Harsh Bansal also addressed the seminar.20180823_103227_0001.png


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