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Happy New Year to you All!

Lets start the new year with bringing an artist to your attention who not only plays super sets, but is underrated in my opinion. Underrated is maybe the wrong word, maybe he is not known by the public that well. Part of the reason is that he belongs to this artist collective called Giegling. These guys take a different approach to marketing. Well, not sure if they do marketing at all, since not so much of their work is available on the social media channels around and in general their presence on the internet is very limited.

Giegling consist of at least 7 artists who mainly perform under the name of Giegling, not their own names. Some of them do however solo performances, meaning, no other members of Giegling clan being booked for the night. However, the whole idea - as far as I understand - is that these guys want to bring music in a way that it is not directly connected to a single individual, a single artist; They decouple music from the individual in that way.

Anyway, long story short, the first day of the year I spend with my friends the afternoon, evening and night enjoying the tunes of the Giegling clan in one of our newest club in Utrecht, WAS. Edward, Kettenkarussell (live duo Leafar Legov and Konstantin), and DJ Dustin behind the wheels and laptops. Edward had the task to go from noon till early evening, taking us on a super cool deep house journey. I was also hoping he would mix in a bit of his experimental side, but I suppose that was not on the menu for him two days ago. But that said, his long set was anyway super nice and a better way to start the new year I could not have imagined!

For this post I selected an older recording of Edward, one that is also a deep house but with a somewhat experimental vibe to it. You can find recordings (well, links to older posts) by other Giegling members at the bottom of this post.

When You Like none-Main Stream Music

Just Hit the Play Button and Be In for a Great Journey

Artist: Edward
Set: RA.458
Year: 2015
Country: Germany







Resident Advisor



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Beautiful article. ❤

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happy new yer <3

Thank you. For you too! :)