Forwards in Reverse (Original)

in story •  7 months ago

I cannot will myself aright like some buoy at sea, tempest tossed but never sunk and always guiding.

We do not live in fairy tales.

I will not say all the words that mark my boundaries,
the sounds of my soul I did not know how to share.

First to last, each breath is a risk.

Learning once again that I have legs and can stand,
I have heart and can feel, spirit to love.

We thrive in private fairy tales.

I don my mask before turning to affix yours to your face,
but what I hold is extra, you were never really there.

I remain silenced in these dreams.

It was only when I walked away could I see
that I had barely been walking at all and only in your direction.

Now I'm standing still, forwards in reverse.

And you are like some chain linked fence -
both towards me and away like an unspoken I love you.

We breath each risk like a fairy tale, like I love you.

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Yo bro! You still got them chops :o)


Meesterboom! Thanks mate, still got them woes too I guess


Can't have one without the other ;0)

Good to see you active again.
I like your story/ poem very much. Gave me the chills


I appreciate that a lot - Didn't mean to give you the chills, guess an extra jacket or blanket is needed to read this stuff haha


Hehe 😉 is probably because it is really good