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In the last post about the Economist cover I delivered a simple easy-reading way of reading the cards and some basic information. Today we will dig a little deeper. This time we´ll have a more exact look at each card. On the one hand I´ll point out some of the evident, on the other hand the concealed (occult).

Something I found out during my research about tarot is... what you see is what matters!

As I already mentioned last time, on the cover of the Economist, the Rider-Waite tarot deck is used as a reference. However a lot is left out or changed. We can assume, that no change is made by chance. I will will try to interpret these changes from "The New World Order´s" point of view (NWO).


The first card we see is "The Tower" with the numerical value 16. (Mars)

The tower represents the prison of thought-constructs. The hitting lightning bolt represents their destruction, or at least a shock. In the original picture there are two people falling from the tower. One stands for a materialist, the other for a head guided person. Both count on her illusion and thus are destroyed. On the Economist cover we find drawn on the tower a christian cross and nailed on the door a paper what points out the thought-construct of the Christian faith and, perhaps also to the theses of Martin Luther (500 annual celebrations in 2017). The people falling out of the original tower were substituted with two groups of gathering people. One group with the flag of communism, the other (right) group carrying the Christian cross. My personal interpretation is the destruction of the separating constructs of thought and resulting in it a mixing of Communism and Christianity. The beginning of the destruction already took place with the beginning of the refugee's crisis. A mixing of -until now separated- people. As an afterthougt, I should mention that the lightning bolt often represents Satan or Lucifer (Luke 10:18).


The second card is "The Judgement" with the numerical value 20 (element fire)

At least this is written on the card. Actually, we see something else. The original card stands for the resurrection or "The Judgement Day" which is induced by an angel with a "TRUMPet". A new phase is initiated or the end of a time of suffering is approaching. This could fit, but we do not see the card judgement, but the card of "The Emperor" (numerical value 4 (Aries, Hey).

We see Trump sitting on a throne made by a snakelike rolled up American flag. In the left hand he is holding the sceptre (weakness?) and in the right hand the imperial orb. This could be an indication that Trump is actually going to take things differently. Nevertheless, the influence of the US on the world remains enormous, symbolized by the flag covering the entire western world, hidden and out of sight of Trump.


The third pictured card is "The World" with a value of 21 (Saturn)

It stands for the achievement of a goal, the recognition of connections. According to Wikipedia: "Classical in tarot interpretation is that the fool is percieved as the wise one. But "The World" shows, what the fool is really made of." The first assumption, of course, is the connection to Trump, which has been perceived by many as a fool and still is viewed as such.
But here again, we see something completely different. We see a map from the small Arkana, the "Seven of Cups" (Value 7).

We see three buildings. In my opinion, they represent democracy (the Greek Temple), Justice (the Prime Court) and the Sciences (pyramid), but we also see allegories for civil service (Chinakladde), art (landscape paintings) and the media, including theater and television (Masks of tragedy and comedy). We also see an open book and another painting, this time with a portrait on it. The open book could represent the religions and the portrait some kind of Starkult (but I'm not sure of that) Everything we see is connected or networked. One could mean everything works together. But what really connects everything is the sun with its rays. More interesting is the meaning of the seven chalices: Illusion.
My interpretation is that the whole world, with all the structures that we believe to know, is an illusion that is controlled by the sun in the background (later more about that).


The fourth depicted card is called "The Hermit" (value 9, virgin).

In fact, we see two cards. "The Hermit" but also the "Eight of Cups". The hermit is much smaller than on the original map, but it is clearly recognizable, even if it does not look down (to the protesters) as in the original card, but he looks into the distance as if he did not want to lose sight of his goal. The protesters marching down in the valley (or river bed) are holding a total of 8 shields and the solar eclipse clearly points to the "Eight of Cups" card.

This card is another and equally clear reference to the illusions we take place in (e.g. the participation in protests). No matter what the people in the valley are doing, the hermit will not lose sight of his goal and thus nothing will change his mind. Everybody is marching towards an already damaged and cracked world ...


The fifth card, "Death" (value 13, Scorpio)

The card represents an inevitable change. Such drastic images as used on the Economist cover, I would rather see as a distraction from the essentials. Probably there should be seen different fearsome allusions to climate change or the nuclear threat alleged to Trump. The meaning does not change. Inevitable change...
Interestingly, we find in this card another hidden card: The sun (number 19, Sun).

This card stands for idealism and the pursuit of higher values. But it also stands for "the philosopher's stone", a higher goal. Perhaps this is the goal, the hermit is so unwavering looking at. An association with climate change is also conceivable, but that seems too banal to me. A higher goal, achieved by inevitable change, makes in my opinion most sense.
Equally striking is the lack of people on the Economists´version, as if they didn´t matter in the destruction of the world.


The sixth card, "The Mage" (value 1, Mercury)

The magician symbolizes self-confidence, the will to achieve something, but also it symbolizes arrogance. The addition of the VR glasses is another allusion to the illusion, which I already mentioned in cards 3 and 4. The 3D printer, that replaces the 4 elements of the original card may be a warning. A magigian is no longer someone dominating the four elements, but someone who dominates the digital world. Perhaps we should not feel too secure in a world of digitization and cryptography.


The seventh card shows "The Wheel of Fortune" (value 10, Jupiter)

Here, too, it would be possible to interpret everything almost infinitely, so I will try to limit myself to the basics. We see a very different card to the original. We see Merkel, Wilders, and LePen tied to the wheel (and thus not self-determinative). The voting boxes in the foreground are probably indicative of the forthcoming elections in 2017. We can almost be sure that Merkel is severely damaged by the election and that both Wilders and LePen will be able to make significant gains. The interesting thing here, is again the reference to the illusion of choice and the illusion of influence in the democratic system: The predetermination of the coming events and the dependence of the political actors, having no scope for action, just like dolls. The change will come unalterable, as the card of death already indicated...


The eighth and last card shows "The Star" ( value 17, Air, Aquarius)

Actually, the star symbolizes the hope of the future, after the destruction (tower), it represents peace and equilibrium. But we don´t see that, we see a bare red planet, a destroyed earth after Armageddon. The souls of some stars - almost etheal- are hovering over the remains of the world. I suppose these stars are the ones who have managed to separate themselves somehow from the world. Personally, I see a very strange longing after something like Gog and Magog

Again we see an illusion. The Star we see is not a star... We see 15 stars. The trump card with the value 15 is nothing less than "The Devil" (value 15, Capricorn).

On this card, we find also a "star" namely the Pentagram. The devil symbolizes an absence of opposition and totalitarianism. It is all about power and powerlessness. But the card also represents a question of conscience. What this might mean for an occultist or even satanist, I would rather not bring to paper.
My first association for this card was "star children," which are deadborn children. Children whose souls were believed to be lost, since they were not baptized. The star in the middle of the Economist card also looks more like a comet than a star (Comet Ping Pong?). I leave further thoughts to the reader because mine are hurting myself too much.

Now we have analyzed all the cards and found some surprises.
The resulting reading type will follow in the next post.


The used images of the Rider Waite Tarot are taken from Wikipedia: By Pamela Coleman Smith - a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley ( for the public domain, and retrieved from http: / (PD-US,


Thank you for posting Appreciate you giving Steemians a breakdown of this symbolism and rather bizarre imagery. So very interesting.
This is one post that is taking days to go that you will benefit from the multiple could split this sort of thing into three parts....what do you think? It could have been a series. Will we have to wait until January of 2018. )

Thank you a lot for this comment! Interaction is a very under-appreciated thing on steemit.
I already split this into three parts... (one part is still upcoming and will be uploaded, as soon as I find the time).

Pray forgive So very funny. Well...what can bleujay say?

Good thinking...bleujay looks forward to your presentation/s.
All the best. Cheers.

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