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RE: The Economist Cover for 2017 Part II: Deep Analyze of the Cards

in #story6 years ago (edited)

Thank you for posting Appreciate you giving Steemians a breakdown of this symbolism and rather bizarre imagery. So very interesting.
This is one post that is taking days to go that you will benefit from the multiple could split this sort of thing into three parts....what do you think? It could have been a series. Will we have to wait until January of 2018. )


Thank you a lot for this comment! Interaction is a very under-appreciated thing on steemit.
I already split this into three parts... (one part is still upcoming and will be uploaded, as soon as I find the time).

Pray forgive So very funny. Well...what can bleujay say?

Good thinking...bleujay looks forward to your presentation/s.
All the best. Cheers.

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