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I Killed The Bank ~ President Andrew Jackson
I am building the wall ~ President Donald J. Trump
I am killing the central banks ~ Satoshi Nakamoto
I am building the p2pgarden ~ Dage Gao

GDP terrorist, too-big-to-fail, or the 1%, such as Google, the brainwashing system for GDP terrorist and block one of my blog 【GDP terrorist】. Another example, Federal Reserve has use bond, IPO, tax, and money to control people, damaged the p2pgarden for ten thousand years by using religion to control your mind, marriage to control your family, politician to control your government, tax to control your gift, forces to separate your friend and family from their borders ........

The GDP terrorist lets our government have the safest weapon storage but commercial plaza.

The GDP terrorist lets our government have the best war system but our health care. Federal Reserve's Role During WWI

I am a wild animal, Dage of the Evil, and the play-in-chief of bitcoin fed up with GDP terrorist. Play my game of My game will move bitcoin price to $50,000 USD in 2018 and replace central banks the same way as replaced major encyclopedias by 2022. Otherwise, I will pay you loses and let the GDP terrorist continue to play you by bond, IPO, tax, and money.

Play bitcoin free bank game and count stars with me

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