p2p Stigmergy Age 共识主动性时代

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About thirty years ago, p2p or peer-to-peer communities have started the game of the ant-dinosaur or p2p with the too-big-to-fails by WANKing the system of NASA headquarters computer, will finish by p2pGARDENing the white house. The dinosaur has damaged the p2pgarden for ten thousand years by using religion to control your mind, marriage to control your family, politician to control your government, tax to control your gift......, and forces to separate your friend and family by their borders.

They have multiple citizenships and G20 Border Passes (I saw them in Hong Kong). They use banks, stocks, bonds to control businesses. They pay lawyer and accountant to make the Paradise Paper avoid tax by their law, then donate to their politician to tax you. They give us votes and use our political parties let us against each other in a nation governed by rule of law. They give us weapons and use our leaders order us to kill each other between nations ......

They are less than 1% people but have 46% wealth on earth according to their dinosaur system rule of law. "they don't care about us" but profit.

Enough is enough. According to our p2p systems of code, the 1% has the same wealth as you and me if we offer our gifted asset to each other. p2p communities are using the systems of code to replace the rule of law toward a gift economy society. The systems of code are WANK, THE METRIX, WIKIPEDIA, WIKILEAKS, BITCOIN, OCCUPY WALL STREET, ICO, OPENBAZAAR, TEZOS, InterPlanetary File System, GAO2DAO ......., and p2pGarden which started by an idea, participated with peers, and changed by users.

Yesterday, the email replaced post office. The technology behind the email, internet evolved our information system and media. Today, the cryptocurrency is replacing bank. The technology behind the cryptocurrency, blockchain is evolving our trust system and government. TOMORROW, the GAO or Gifted Asset Offering is going to evolve our market economy into gift economy and stigmergy community. We will enjoy the earth with ant and other creatures in p2p stigmergy age.

God without religion.
Love without marriage.
Government without politician.

Code without law.
Gifts without taxes.
Leaders without orders.

Happy without money.
Powerful without forces.
Communities without borders.

Be a p2pGardener and follow GAO2DAO toward the stigmergy age: "the government of the people, by the people, for the people", will be back to the earth just like wikipedia.org does.

PM: power and miracle


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