My "Petty Party": Commuting with A "C"... Word. Pt. 2

in story •  2 years ago


It's been awhile since I've been here but I was blindsided by some serious family obligations with a pile of other mandatory incidentals. In other words life stops for no one and now I'm back 'cause life must go on.

Yesterday was a heavy snow day. The day before I took advantage of not leaving early (with her) again. Any chance to avoid it I take. Just my luck the next day would be a blizzard. but it did make for some good petty material.

OK, It's the moment of truth, The bus shows up and my wife, "Lady Die" is not fond of the first arrival. Would you believe she refused to take the first available bus in a snow storm?! It was damn near empty due to schools closings. Yet she refused to walk any faster to catch this bus. Yes, there was snow on the ground but she could've picked up the pace or at least appear to show some hustle instead of waddling like penguin super model.

To my surprise the bus sat there idling a little longer than expected. I doubt the driver seen me, it was sitting with the door closed. I was in position to get on but my queen continued to take her sweet time. I looked over my shoulder to see where she was and was still about 10 feet behind me! I'm not sure what's going on in that feeble brain but it's generating nothing but pure nonsense.

In stand there in defeat observing what's going on with the expression of "really?!" on my face. She finally catches up, the snow is blowing in our faces, she looks at the door then stood there doing nothing but gather snow like a park statue. The bus door opened to let a lady on that trotted past us. Here we are standing there looking foolish. Then shockingly she busts a blood vessel and created an actual second thought. I don't know what made her do it but as the woman got on she decided to get on too. Wow..

Some of you are probably wondering "why don't he just say something?" It's not as easy as it sounds. Ask any guy legally shackled to a woman. I try really hard. Especially not to explode and scold her idiotic rationale because I already know that it would not go over well and end up being an action in futility.
It's like yelling at a barking dog to stop barking. It's only going to bark more.

Now whenever I commute with her, I take a deep breath, let out a sigh and let her do it her way no matter how idiotic it is. As long as it doesn't make me late, that's the deal breaker. I've learned to cope and adapt to her idiosyncrasies. I do not want to deal with any other forms of ridiculousness.

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