Mass Spamming @ Mentions Issue - Why Does One Person Get To Decide?

in #abuse4 years ago (edited)

@neoxian has been on my following list since my first account, this is my fourth. He sits quietly and plays nice.
Then as you can see, he is part of the process directly that is taking the equality out of the system for the people.

My fix advice was this for the mass @ mentions spamming:

Change the weight limit per insert type to appropriate, fair weight per insert - PER USER. Example: Allow only 10-20 @ mentions depending on the reputation / Allow only 10-20 URL Inserts Per / Keep Current Page Weight For Text.

Their answer:

Make it so the blogs they take down can't speak out for the people to see the truth.

Now every new user is missing this @ mentions insert feature to grow because they decided to take the powerful, control route instead of changing it to be equal to ALL.

Comment Section:


Did you have a little too much extra strength koolaid? No one is spamming.

All I did was submit a git issue. I have little power to implement it. Though I am glad it got implemented. You are welcome to submit an issue to git yourself. Nothing is stopping you.

I'm not into submitting issues along with solutions that speak for everyone. Nor am I for the current decision that was implemented because you "simply" said so. Glad you pride yourself on having the "power" to think you can speak for all. Let all see how you speak for them & how they also service immediately to one man. Let the people vote.

Too bad some people ruined it for so many others. ... wait, maybe it wasn't some people... wasn't it just you who were responsible for the mass spam @ mentions?

I'm seriously not trying to be a jerk, but I thought I should at least point that out.

Yes, it was me and I voiced it loudly. After 4 accounts attacked what would one do. And I realize your trying to be decent papa, But I did not ruin it by mass @ mentioning. I was not the one to make the decision nor would I be for ALL. That's what I'm voicing my friend. Look at the proof. Yes, I spammed. But I did not ruin it for everyone with new accounts. They did it with 2 people that made a decision for all instead of taking the time to hear. I mentioned this before. If they cannot hear me I am forced to voice this way. If they do not like it they will not attack such as me because I will not stop voicing ever. Truth is the truth, and my fight is not just for me but for all here, including you. How does your friend grow without you if new to network? It's an unfair irrational decision made in the heat of the moment by 2 others. I did not cause this. I can't change github, or anything steemit network.

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