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I'm a few days late on this because of forky mcforkerson. But I said that I'd divide up the steem payouts of this post and give it to 4 steemians who participated!

So time to keep my word!

Also, the story was hilarious because I started it out with a "Crash" which I was imagining to be a physical, loud, crash and @goldmatters interpreted it as a market crash. LOL so the story took a WAY different direction than I was imagining.

And then, appropriately, it forked, just like HF20. Only this is SF20 (Story fork 20).

So, thanks to everyone for participating! Your collabs make steemit fun!

I had to do random names generator to pick, because it's just too difficult for me to decide on my own because I want everyone to win lol.

Post payout divided by 4 is 2.18 Steem each!

I sent to:





Thanks, everybody!

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Ahhh thank you! That was a super fun post. Great idea.


Thanks! I liked your beans comment

Haha this was such a great forking idea


haha it was fun

Wow. Thanks so much. The story was such a fun.

Please can you come on discord anytime you are free please?


yep! I'll probably forget again for a couple of days haha


:) I do forget it some times too.

I will rather remind you on your blog if necessary :)

Thanks so much for the Steem.

Stay Awesome.

That was a fun idea. Thanks for the Steem.


Thanks for adding to the story

Thanks soooo much @nomadicsoul! I had no idea that I was selected! Sorry for the delay 🙄

Lots of fun and thank you so much for the contest! Resteemed

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