Sci-fi Novel -Third Life of the Time Engineer - Part 1

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Part 1

I'll be dead before sunset tomorrow evening. The time cops will come to my house and catch me, change my brain chemistry with the headgear they're going to put on my head, and cleanse me. The Time Crimes Tribunal does not call it death, but there will be so many profound changes in my mind that my identity, personality, and abilities will be completely different. I'm going to become a harmless human being, a faint copy of who I am now.

How do I know the time cops will come to my house and purge my mind? Because we've been living in multiple times for a long time. The arrow of time covers tomorrow and the nine days that follow. Since the next ten days have taken place, the time wall that sets the limit on their journey does not stop them from coming to my house.

At multiple times, it is difficult to explain a subject. What I've written can be read by a disinterested twentieth-century man. Some people have not listened to any time radio that broadcasts from the future to the past, let alone time travel. You know, to receive this broadcast, you have to have a radio receiver that can read signals sent from the future.

From what I've told you, you may have deduced that these days, people travel non-stop in time. The point that time travel reaches today can be likened to space travel in the twentieth century: an extremely costly endeavor with high risks. The difference between the Time Sciences Supervisory Board and me rises on this basis. Time travel would get cheaper, unsupervised, and widespread. They keep the matter in their monopoly, taking advantage of the public's ignorance about it. They want to believe that the struggle between us is just about me wanting to bring my mother back to life, and they want to make everyone believe that.

I don't deny that it's essential for me to bring back my mother to life. And I don't have to explain how I feel about her at all. Those who have lost their mother, father, wife, or child will understand me very well. My mother has died of a type of cancer that can be cured nowadays, and today, we have serums that slow aging. So my mother can live a happy and healthy life for many years. This is also the case for people who have died as a result of accidents, wars, and other diseases that can be cured by today's technologies.

The board members insist on keeping the humanitarian dimension of the matter out of sight. After my death, they'll try to convince you that my opposition was due to personal reasons. And they will want you to accept a world where there is no freedom to travel in time as normal. They will touch on the parts of time travel that are beneficial for them and try to hide the essence of the issue so that the bigwigs living in the orbiting city of Petra can continue to exploit the planet's resources.

When I was invited to the Academy of Time Sciences, I was just a blossoming robotics engineer. I completed my bachelor's degree in the blink of an eye and had my master's and a doctorate in multiple times economics. Although I worked as an academic in Geneva until recently, I was involved as a consultant in important time travel projects. I was a member of the team that led the project to build the first time tunnel. In this way, we were able to transport a large number of specialists to London in 1899 at meager costs. The project aimed to implement regulations that would prevent World Wars, but due to political disagreements, this goal has still not been achieved.

When it comes to the popularization of time travel, conservatives immediately cling to the time paradox argument: The grandson who visits and kills his grandfather. Today we know that the probability distributions of quantum physics can be applied to multiple time problems. The rats that were sent back to the past and killed their grandparents disappeared, and no apocalypse ever broke.

Another argument for Time Travel Control is that it is too costly. I don't deny the fact that time travel is even more expensive than space travel today. You can visit any celestial body in the solar system if you pay for it, but going back in time is only the privilege of a handful of self-righteous people.

Why am I sitting around writing this when the time cops are going to come to my house tomorrow and kill me, according to the Time Crimes Tribunal's ruling? Because I'm not dead yet, and I'm going to keep fighting until the last minute.

When I was working in the field of time technologies, I benefited a lot from robotics. The Robot is an entity that learns from the data it encounters, just like the rest of us. By comparing data to each other, it finds patterns and converts them into information. From a mathematical point of view, the type of data is of no particular importance. Time is a dimension like any other data. Time is said to be a unique dimension different from the others. Time is viewed as the Holy pillar that sustains the universal order because it moves in one direction when not intervened and determines cause-effect relations. Even before the time machine was found, we were able to disrupt the one-way flow of time. In movies, novels, computer games, and in our memory, events can happen without adhering to chronological order. How sad is it that we're stuck in the steel shackles of time in real life when we can go back in the virtual environment or our memory?

If I were you, I'd ask me the following questions: What is your reason for being sentenced to death? Did you go back in time and cure your mother's illness?

The answers to the questions are interrelated. I was sentenced to death because I carried out a second unauthorized trip into the past despite being alerted by the board. On my first trip without any assignment, I took medicine to my mother's doctor, which was the cure for her illness. My mother took medication, and within two weeks, she was completely cured. I also gave the doctor who administered the treatment the prescription for how to produce the drug and encouraged him to expand the treatment. When I got home, I was hoping to see my mother in front of me, but things didn't go the way I expected. When I investigated the matter, I found out that my mother had lost her life in a crash the previous year when two driverless cars collided. Meanwhile, unfortunately, the time cops caught me and put me in jail.

Time travels are carried out under the supervision of the audit committee. After three months in prison for my unauthorized time travel, the members of the committee, who sympathize with my political views, have granted me conditional release. They thought my nose had been rubbed and hoped I had learned from my mistakes. In my second attempt, in addition to the trip without committee permission, I was charged with unauthorized use of the time machine. This time, the time cops followed me with another time machine, and before I prevent my mother's accident, they caught me and brought me back to nominal time.

When they put me in prison, they probably didn't think I'd be able to escape the cell I was locked up in. Inside the toothpaste tube, I took to the prison was an experimental drug that slows the time for the person who uses it. Within seconds of the guard entering my cell, I swallowed the medicine and began to experience the time eighty times slower than others. Compared to the speed I reached, the correctional officers seemed to freeze where they were. I walked out of prison quickly, lost my track, and came to this secret house.

I have never had the illusion that I alone could make the attempt to make time travel public. I think I know my limits. My priority here is to save my mother and maybe inspire people in this way. Although it is not yet widely known, I have saved the lives of hundreds of cancer patients, and I think this is an important start.


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