How i channelled negative emotions into fuel for exceptional accomplishments

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Water channel

"I don't want to feel like this ever again"

That is how i began a journey of discovering how to master negative emotions and turn them into a force of good in my life. When i was in my teens i was a very emotional person and i used to think that something was wrong because i could not hide negative emotions. When i became an adult i thought i would be able to control those feelings but i felt they were getting worse.

Negative comments from people even if they were just joking unleashed a beast out the depths my rage that was uncontrollable that i would shake from the anger. When i lost at sports or school i would feel a jab through my chest and start crying and i would have headaches and breath heavily most of the times.

The turning point

At the rate i was going i was scared of having stress related diseases and had to do something about it. The turning point came a year ago when i had an assignment to give a speech before a group of people in a foreign language. I had practiced but somewhere along i got lost and froze. After that event i felt depressed to the extent of having bodily pains. I said to myself i don't want to feel like this ever again.

I pay very close attention to things that happen within and without me because learning helps me to better deal with myself and the environment. As i laid on my bed making that promise to myself i felt an energy so powerful surging from my chest to my head and then a great sense of peace setting in. With a renewed energy i started preparing for my next assignment. Three weeks later i delivered a reading assignment before the same group and they gave me an ovation. I was thrilled at the results and more importantly that discovery

Positive Results

3 Months back i was working on my startup Gap365 a platform where i connect buyers to sellers and i was getting the buyers on social platforms. One social platform admin locked me out out 7 platforms for no apparent reason when i checked with him he ignored me. I felt rage that was so intense like a blue flame but there was nothing i could do. In that moment i closed my eyes and "listened" as the rage coursed through my body and again i promised myself that i don't want to feel like this again. A few seconds i felt the rage subside and untold mental and physical energy began to pulsate through me.

I downloaded the picture of the individual from the social network for it to be a source of motivation and immediately started working on a mobile app that would replace manually looking for buyers on social platform. The result is people are saying its cool and revolutionary. Thanks to that negative situation and emotions i have done exceedingly well, way more than i thought i could ever do. What is more i am no longer a slave to my emotions but can master and guide them with exceptional results


I am learning more and more about this energy and why its able to produce magnificent results way more than i would under normal circumstances. So to any that experience negative emotions don't suppress them. Feel them and then channel them to the things you love and you will get phenomenal results. If rage can make a man break walls, an embittered woman destroy furniture in the house imagine what good can be accomplished when converted?

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Beautiful story of turning a negative into fuel for a positive.

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