A Goodbye To The Bachelor Mobile

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I call it the bachelor mobile because well.. just look at it. Not exactly what you think of when you of a family vehichle. My husband bought this thing and jacked it up while he was still a bachelor. He dreams of getting a desiel pickup one day, when all other priorities are met first. So he will most likely drive this thing until the wheels fall off.

So the story goes.

I parked the Yukon in the driveway, in front of the garage. When the Big Man got home, he was in a hurry to get in the shower after getting chemical on himself. He quick parked his pickup behind me. Huge mistake!

I don't care if you get mad at me for stereotyping, never park behind a woman. Just don't do it.

It had been a long day that day. Kids were fighting. I was exhuasted. I needed a quick break. When he was done showering and available to keep an eye on the kiddos, I told him I was going to the grocery store quick. I hopped in vehichle and threw 'er into reverse. Crash! You have to be kidding me!

He was parked at an angle behind me, so it was only the corner that was damaged. But still. Of course, he was mad I didn't watch where I was going. I was mad he wasn't more careful at work.

So for about 2 months, I got to drive around his pickup while my vehichle went in for repair. First things first, I cleaned the inside of that pigsty from top to bottom! Have you ever seen the inside of a work pickup? It's a disaster! I couldn't believe how "not bad" that pickup was once it had a good cleaning.

Then I washed the outside. Not kidding, we could finally see outside the windows! Now the only real complaints I had with having to drive the pickup everywhere were that the kids were much too close to each other during drives and trying to park it.

By the end, I was used to driving his pickup like it was my normal ride. I was used to the big climb to get inside, the noisyness of it, and even the curious looks I got from strangers.

When the Yukon was finally finished, I was shocked by how strange it felt to drive. It felt like a stranger's vehichle! (Smelt like one too.) It felt so low to the ground, and just small in general. Was I driving a car instead of an SUV? Oh, but the quietness of seperated children! Yes, I did miss my normal ride.

Goodbye bachelor mobile. I know you'll soon be dirty once again.


My bachelor mobile was a 2000 Mustang convertible. I sold it 2012, one year into my marriage. I knew it was unsuitable for married and family life. I sometimes ask myself if I miss my sports car and I answer myself, no. Imagine cramming a family of six, soon seven in that vehicle. Not gonna happen!

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hahaha, same here! Mine was gold! My brother @roundoar03 and I put in some subs, new speakers, and a sweet (at the time) deck. We thought we were so cool, oh to be in high school again.

Funny, my husband has a mustang too. (Not the same year.) He has a hard time letting things go..

I still have a lot I need to get rid of too.

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Never park behind a woman hahaha
Also a very funny image with you driving and your kids packed into the seats.
I drive a Honda Fit, one of the smallest cars made. I remember test driving it and how tiny it seemed compared to my family-worthy SUV. Now when I'm in larger cars they feel HUGE.
Such a great story, of the small blessings that hit us (literally this time) out of the blue.

It’s crazy how fast our perspectives can change and adapt! I think if I rode in a car, I’d feel like my butt was dragging on the pavement.
Even though it was very upsetting at first, we went with the flow and my husband got a clean pickup out of it. Focus on the small blessings rather than the disasters.

Kind of a funny story and it is true, you should never park behind a women! At least you can admit that! :-D

I bet you are glad to get your car back! Haha, sometimes those things just happen. Gotta find the humor in it and move on.

lol! your descriptions of the work vehicle are hilarius, only a farmer can relate! I love that pickup, it looks like a family pickup for a farmer, wish I had one! The height is a great advantage to have too.

You enjoyed it once you got used to it didn't you?

That's why he put a lift in it, for going through fields. Plus it's food for going through snow drifts in winter lol. He originally had mud tires on them too. Man that made for a rough ride! The new tires definitely made for a smoother ride.

Howdy hebrewhousewife! Yes, mud tires are super rough. Did you miss driving it though, when you got yours back? You got to enjoy the height didn't you? Most people around here that I see in the real tall pickups, which are EVERYWHERE, almost everyone has one, are females. I mean at least 75% of the time. You can count on it if the truck is huge there's going to be a tiny little petite girl driving.
I don't know what that means, it's just an observation.

Haha, well that is interesting! It'd be fun to know if it was her vehichle or if she is just driving her man's. The height was nice, especially when you need to see around other people. I bet they get real annoyed trying to see around me though! Do I miss driving it? Not as much. I enjoy my suv more.

I know what you mean. But it's still good if you have to jump snow drifts! lol.

I know what you mean.
But it's still good if you have
To jump snow drifts! lol.

                 - janton

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