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RE: A Goodbye To The Bachelor Mobile

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lol! your descriptions of the work vehicle are hilarius, only a farmer can relate! I love that pickup, it looks like a family pickup for a farmer, wish I had one! The height is a great advantage to have too.

You enjoyed it once you got used to it didn't you?


That's why he put a lift in it, for going through fields. Plus it's food for going through snow drifts in winter lol. He originally had mud tires on them too. Man that made for a rough ride! The new tires definitely made for a smoother ride.

Howdy hebrewhousewife! Yes, mud tires are super rough. Did you miss driving it though, when you got yours back? You got to enjoy the height didn't you? Most people around here that I see in the real tall pickups, which are EVERYWHERE, almost everyone has one, are females. I mean at least 75% of the time. You can count on it if the truck is huge there's going to be a tiny little petite girl driving.
I don't know what that means, it's just an observation.

Haha, well that is interesting! It'd be fun to know if it was her vehichle or if she is just driving her man's. The height was nice, especially when you need to see around other people. I bet they get real annoyed trying to see around me though! Do I miss driving it? Not as much. I enjoy my suv more.

I know what you mean. But it's still good if you have to jump snow drifts! lol.

I know what you mean.
But it's still good if you have
To jump snow drifts! lol.

                 - janton

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