Those in need are ignored... so sad

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Hello guys, I want to tell you one cool story and also I need your help.
I'll start with the story. It's about one lady at about my age. This young beauty from America happily gulped on a holiday on a luxury island, sunbathing, bathing in the sea, and taking pictures of her choices for her social network subscribers, drinking alcohol and going to a club, simply enjoying a holiday with its best. At one point, however, she even swam with her wallet in which she had $3000 in cash. The money, of course, was completely destroyed and invalid. She wrote the whole event to her Twitter, not knowing what to do as that money was meant for her college education. Within a few hours, the entire amount had been back several times, completely unknown people were sending her money to help her, one man even gave her the whole $3000. Sweet.
Anyways, one boy (me, heh) necessarily needs a few hundreds or thousands of dollar for treatment that the insurance does not pay to stop the progress (and even improve the condition) of a serious disease that he has been living near since birth and now can only barely move with his fingers. His friend therefore set up an international donation page, which was shared by 20 people in two months, but there is one big zero at the account, in that long time no one even donated a buck.
And why? We agreed with my friend that's because I, unlike that girl, have no boobs I could show at Insta. Women publicly complain about the unfairness of today's world, the lower salaries, and so on. Yeah, the world is unfair, but on the other side. If the girl in the story was a boy, would anyone contribute him? No.
If you want to help me, here's the link where you can donate me. And if for some reason you can not, or simply do not want, please at least share this post.…
PS: Thanks for looking on this post thanks this free photo.
(Gracias André Gazur for letting me know about the story and kiitos Sami Jones for making the campaign)



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