Adventures of a Young Stallion (Not)

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Male adolescence can be a funny old game at the best of times. I guess most people fitting into this category think pretty highly of themselves. In other words, have somewhat of an over-inflated ego. Now that doesn’t mean it’s a negative in any way, shape or form. It’s good to have an air of confidence about you, without the added “arrogance” factor. You imagine your peers thinking of how "cool" you are or maybe even all the hordes of young girls waiting to get in line to start a relationship with the stud-meister that is your good self. Oh yes, it can be sheer bliss. Revelling in the gift you truly are to this world.


Well, I’m afraid to say, there may be a hint of bias to that train of thought. Scratch that. A damn truckload of it. You see, in the teenage mind, there is not a shadow of doubt. You know best and everything you watch, listen to and play with (on a console or computer, in case you were wondering) is what everybody else should be into as well. Actually it’s a tricky game to master. Walking that tightrope of “isolated fame” that, at any point, could snap and send you tumbling down into the depths of realism itself. You see, the external realm rarely shares the same enthusiasm for oneself as you do. And sometimes those same people aren’t afraid to voice their most critical of opinions on the matter. Resulting in an adolescent’s hurt pride. And you know only too well, that is basically their unholy kryptonite. It sends them straight into a confused state of delirium forcing the inner beast (or cub, more like) to surface in misdirected retaliation. Leading to situations that then later get turned into comedy sitcoms like The Inbetweeners.

I’ll be the first to admit. I used to be one of them. And had a bad case of it. From a young age, I had my own car (complete with a ridiculously loud sound system installed) and way too many “friends” to hang out with. So much has changed since the good old days, lol. Looking back now, I would have been in hysterics at watching the antics that young “me” got up to and how awry things got at times. It’s like some sort of a crazy dream that, at times, spiralled into terrifyingly nightmarish situations. But yes, pinch myself and I know, it all really did happen. It was all true. Though you couldn’t make some of it up. So, seeing as I’m a lot older now and (hopefully) wiser, it would be awesome to document some of these random but totally factual events that I got myself into or fate decided to deal me.

I never created a diary back then. It just never occurred to me as I was too busying lost in the intoxicating claustrophobic “fun” of the environment I was living in. But you tell me. Aren’t there loads of stories from your past that you’d just love to re-visit? I know I certainly do. I suppose it would also show that we’re all not that different after all. Comparing our own adventures in life (no matter how embarrassing or downright cringe worthy they are) to other peoples. Therefore, that’s exactly what I intend to do. I’ll be starting a new series called “Brutally Honest” recalling some of the most sordid, wince-worthy and laughable tales that I managed to live through and will break them down in as honest a fashion as I possibly can. The “younger” me will most likely never forgive me, but to be frank, I don’t give a damn at this point. It’s just great to be able to have a documented account of those very same events and how that guy ended up as the person I am today. What an insane ride, to say the least!

So, starting tomorrow, to those who follow my blog. You’ll read things I would never have dreamt of telling anyone ever and hopefully will see some similarities to your own unique adventures as a youth. Well, I really hope that’s the case, anyways!


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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Man, I love this idea! Can't wait to read some of these stories.

I had my own car (complete with a ridiculously loud sound system installed)

I laughed so hard at this.

For me, now that I'm older it's funny that it's so easy to see how insignificant the things I used to worry were. It's one of the better things of getting for me.


Lol, my bro! Just wait till you hear the rest. It does get a hell of a lot worse. But yes, I agree. As you grow older and wiser (hopefully), we can look back and laugh at how we used to be. :)

I’m realy excited about your upcoming posts. If I could go back in time and re-live just a few minutes of good times I remember from my childhood. When I was little I always wanted to be an adult, adults always told me they wished they would be as young as I was, I didn’t get it at that time, but now I do.


Thanks, buddy! I know what you mean. Youth always think they're "invincible" and get themselves into crazy predicaments. But hell, were those times fun or what! :)

Oh man am I ever excited to learn about your pass youth even though I literally just found your blog ahaaha. I'm only 20 and when I look back on my high school days I cringe at some of the stuff that I got myself up to. I have a story to tell you.

This was back when I first got my drivers license so probably 4 years ago. I thought I was the best driver in the world I owned these streets in my fathers big red flashy pickup truck.
Me and my friend made a bet on who can get back to the school the fastest (stupid I know but it gets better) We start going to our vehicles and burn our rubber as we fly down the street in and out of traffic once we got closer to the school I noticed the city's municipal car following us so I decided that we had to lose his tail and cut through a few side streets and crescents to lose him we managed to shake his tale and nothing came of it after.

But now looking back on that story, boy was I ever stupid. I probably put so many people in danger just because of some stupid reckless driving. Gosh do I ever regret that.


Oh mate! Nice story, man! Just glad you didn't get into any trouble over it. Looking back makes you wonder how in the hell we've made it this far in life, lol! :)


Yeah I wonder all the time how me and my friends never ended up locked up some times. We were more of shit disturbers

I like this idea! Delving into the past edeavors of the wild young times. Look forward to hearing more @ezzy


Hey there, bud! Yes, some of the most interesting, embarrassing and dangerous times occurred during that short period of time between 15 and 19. Look forward to baring all... :)

Haha - I, for one, welcome deep insights into your past bud. I will be waiting with ravenous eyes waiting to devour it all up! :D


Lol. As I mentioned, what you will read about me is all true and really as pathetic as it will sound! :)

We're on the same boat haha! Now, I'm shaking my head at what the teens get into, but really, I was way worse when I was their age. Baggy pants, loose shirt, hats worn a weird way. Those were the days. I couldn't imagine seeing myself as I was then. All those friends that I don't keep in touch with anymore. We really got into a ton of zany antics. I'm not surprised that you're able to mine a lot of stories from that period haha!


Oh man! Again, you're way with words in as poetic as it is beautiful. I went through all that, and then some! The people we knew from our past, the shadows of a bygone era of youth. Hope you enjoy finding out a little bit more about my "other" side. :)

Well, there isn't so much difference for us gals. I am a couple of years pass my teenage years, but when I think back or stare at old pictures which jog my memories, I get the hell, I was so feeling myself that day and its quite hilarious now, because then I would have thought you crazy if you didn't see me the way I saw me.


Totally. Gazing through the looking glass of time, it's funny how different things can look regarding alternate versions of yourself. :)


I know right, would probably still shake my head in the next couple of years, when I revisit the ideologies I have now. There lies the pro and con of social media - the internet never forgets😃

I relate to this SO MUCH. Oh, my younger, sexier self is dancing the macarena...

I can´t wait to check your blog tomorrow, man!!


Thank you, my bro! How we changed from back then, eh? :)

Always glad to learn more of a fellow brother from another mother yooo


Thank you, my bro! :)

It's true, but ... Hopefully if we can mix between the body of 28 years and the maturity of 68 years ... It will be perfect


Youth plus years of matured wisdom. Sounds like a good combo to me. :)


Yes haha, We all like to remember our adolescence and we all want to relive it again but with the current mentality ... the expert mentality ... That contemplates and thinks clearly without hurry ... And with fewer mistakes

Our own lives and experience are often the clearest lens we get in matters of seeing the world and searching for truth. Looking forward to it.

hah ha dear @ezzy its really very funny dear i like your story,
your photograohy is very lol, i am exited for seen you pic dear, thanks for sharing keep it up

Great work @ezzy we'd love to read things which you would like to share. After all this place is meant for exchanging thoughts ♥ I'll look forward for your article♥ #excited too

I will be looking forward for those “Brutally Honest” posts!

It sounds like they will be funny and interesting to read.


Lol. Thank, buddy. I look forward to sharing them too. :)

The main secret of keeping the fun is to not let trifles disturb us, and at the same time appreciate those little pleasures that fall to our lot.

a good post, I really like what you share. good luck brother. Steady...!!!

great post friend . i like to your post .

that is a one skinny kid


Its our lord and savior vitalism buterin. Bow down!


Lol... Nice call. :)

It seems like one of the strongest men in the world.

@ezzy i enjoyed reading this article,its quit awesome,

Brutally honest man! Like it,the good ol days, when our sound system blasted off but now we're so psyched! :D Great idea btw, read it,gonna come back and read some more! I bet a dolla there's some crazy kickass story comin


Thanks for stopping by, man. Hope you can relate to some of the madness. :)

Just finished Brutally Honest: Part 1 - Chase.

I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

Ahahha, youth adventures. I haven't been the loud guy in the room, as they call it, but I sure had a great share of fun back in the day.
It is fun to reflect on all that and think "HOW THE FUCK could I ever have ended up doing that?"

as I’m a lot older now and (hopefully) wiser

The whole "hopefully wiser" thing is always the key to those stories, lol