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A true story.

Little John is just one of many that I chose to meet, talk to and get to know. John is not a young boy. He was about thirty-five, six-three and well over two hundred pounds when we met. He must be in his mid-forties now.

I am supporting him despite his new found habit.

Stepping in to help and knowing when to step out of the way.


I kept working.

And I said to my self, "Self. If we ever win the lottery, we are going to continue working as if we had not even won!" With that statement I agreed. I never play the lottery so it was not much of a statement. It happened a long time ago after having massive success in accumulating digital coins that were worth pennies. I had hundreds and hundreds of them and no place to spend them. I was a hundred-aire.

I stopped smoking.

I also told myself that I would not be an annoying ex-smoker if I ever managed to beat the slavery of cigarettes. I quit years ago, but to this day, you will never see me grimace or wave my hand if the smoke floats across my face. I regained my sense of smell again over the years but I still like the smell of cigarettes. I still miss smoking but not enough to start again. Running out of smokes was horrible. Boarding a plane made me anxious.

Back to Little John.

Those are the promises I had made to myself. One I kept and Little John could smoke all he wanted in front of me. It did sadden me that he would give up food for cigarettes if it came to a choice. I know what that addiction can do to a person. I know the addiction will win.

We talked. He offered me a cigarette, which I refused. I gave him some money for the week and he pocketed it as he went on to complain about others in the park. I understand. Well, I try to understand. I certainly feel for the man. I listened to what he had to say. I found out that he stutters less when he is annoyed. People who knew him were not treating him well. I had only met one of the others who lived there and she was cordial. I don't know the rest of those he may have to deal with. I certainly would not walk in that park at night.

Thoughts of having him come to my home crossed my mind. Then again, I am very careful about who has influence of any kind on my children. As much as I want to help, I have to rule out inviting him to my home. I can give to him and advise him when I see him, but he is free to decide what he spends his money on.

In comparison

There was a time when I could only give so much to my children whom I love very much. Later, as the digital coins built up and grew in value, it was much easier to give them nice things. I observed that bigger and better surprises achieved less and less wow from the kids.

The more I tried to please them with foods they liked, places that they had never seen, or toys that they wanted, the less they enjoyed them. That had not been the case when we had much less.

I suppose it is human nature. People in general want bigger and better. More and more.

Games need better faster graphics and more options.
Movies need greater action scenes than the previous one. Think Fast and Furious.
Phones have to have higher resolution, more GBs.

How much is enough?

Whatever John had been doing to feed himself before he met me was daily a struggle. I am not sure how he survived, yet there he was. I am not sure why he left his homeland or how long he had been living on the street. The fact was that he was still living on the street. I consider my efforts to be a failure thus far.

I have eased his suffering to a great degree but increased his dependency on me. I have helped him eat on a regular basis but he is now ostracized by his peers as well as supermarkets.

What would you do in my situation?

You have all had very thoughtful comments. I read every one.

Tell me what you would do. How would he respond?

There is an ending, and it may not be what you expect. It may actually be altered if I find Little John at the park when I go to look for him tomorrow around four in the afternoon.

Several possibilities for part eight and onward here on Steemit.

Not @done yet. To be continued...

Update: Little John is telling his story on Steemit

Read the Spoiler or go to his steemit account "La Vida de Juan" - @LVJ


Hello @done, I've been reading from the post one of the story of Little John, I'm glad you've left the cigar, it's a great triumph, I hope it does not resume again. On the other hand, as a tip, to avoid creating more dependency, I think we could show Little John, how to earn more money, or duplicate it with the money you give him, do not give him the fish, teach him a fish, I believe that even this young man to learn the trade, you can get a little money. When you give him that money, without any effort from him, a habit or a habit is created and he will want you to continue contributing money, without much effort, you can give him a lesson, tell him I have supported you economically without getting any effort from your part, and that's life sometimes, you get some good either money, property among others without working for it, but sometimes we have to achieve with our work the money to maintain our life, to cover our needs. Now, if he wants to live better, he has to work for it. Everything that takes effort and work and we do it with our own hands, is more valuable. So you can motivate him to learn some work, so that he grows personally and apart generate income. You have to ask him, what is easier, what he likes and then he can find the way there.

Very thoughtful and detailed comment @keritroberts. I fully agree with you. I'd like to avail the opportunity to share one of my most favorite quotes here as I think it's much relevant:

@done, You've done a great job. I'm liking this story more and more. Thumbs up.

Thanks for taking the time to read my comment @asif.bokhari . Your phrase is incredible and very true and I think it is the best way to help the other, teaching him how to progress! Greetings, I will go through your blog. regards

Thanks @keritroberts. Let's connect.

In part 6 of the story comment late because gina did not warn me. It's good that this time it worked well.

As an ex-smoker that you are, you can tell him about your experience, how things improved when you quit smoking.

Regrettably as now he has a money, he spends on cigarettes. I think I would tell him that if he is going to use the money for cigarettes, I will not give him much money from now on.

Regarding his family status, it is very complicated to give an opinion with so few details. But his emotional emptiness is very big. It is a subject that he continually avoids.

And I believe just like you, as long as there is no more drastic change, I would not take it home.

Greetings, friend. Blessings.

Simplicity is a true gift, it is like a child who sees something that surprises him, his face is a poem of great happiness, but over time the same thing that gave him happiness before today is not enough, we always want to improve and it is not wrong only that it is fair to expect from oneself not from others. It is easy to demotivate when you have exhausted the resources and more if you are running out of ideas, what would you do is analysis question observe to what extent I can influence a person positively, however it is difficult because we are not machines to know which are the faults and solutions. Help economically must have a limit, you must help to act to have ideas, a person with clear ideas, with tangible goals and objectives can recover much easier, I think you should find a reason to make John believe in an idea, a reason why which fight, goals and objectives which follow and fulfill.

That sounds like a lot of good advice. Thank you for the comment. I will be going to look for John today. If I locate him, then I will try to be mindful of everyone's comments.

I hope it serves you well thanks for taking so many into account.

Hello @done, I've read from the story of Little's post victory, hope again. On the other hand, to avoid creating more dependency, I think we can show Little John, how to get more money, or duplicate with the money you give him, don't give him fish, teach him fish, I believe that even this young man is to study trade, you can get a little money. When you give him the money, without any effort from him, habits or habits that are made and he will want you to continue to contribute money, without much effort, you can teach him, tell him has supported you economically without getting your business, and that's life sometimes, you get some good money, property among others without working for it, but sometimes we have to achieve it with our work money to sustain our lives, to cover our needs. Now, if he wants to live better, he must work for it. Everything that requires effort and work and we do it with our own hands is more valuable. So you can motivate him to learn some work, so he grows personally and separately generates income. You have to ask him, what is easier, what he likes and then he can find a way there. I really like your idea of ​​my friend @done, thank you for sharing, greetings and successful greetings

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I'm sorry my best friend ... I beg youI promise I won't repeat again, seriously

Yes, my best friend, I will start giving the best, for you and, everyone, do you forgive me now😊😊

usually people are nonconformist, especially when we know that we can give ourselves a better taste,

As for John, I think he has a lot to process, is angry with life, since time is not going very well and suddenly a person who begins to help him appears, although it is good, he knows it will not be forever, you would have to understand it, because you do not want to sleep in those beneficiary homes, you know what happened there, like the church that did not want to return, in the end many things may be happening inside, maybe the distance is because it is quotient that all this good will not last forever
Thank you very much for sharing this experience
I wish you a great day

It's good to read you so soon. I think the first thing I would do is to find out what our character's life was like before his current state and understand why he left home to attack the problem at its root, there must be many sad memories, heart wounds to heal and these are the points that I think should be treated because while those wounds are there it will be difficult for him to feel motivation to change his current state. Perhaps talk to a family member or someone who can give us references to his situation, first of all must be restored emotionally.

Wonderful that you have quit smoking with it you will lengthen in ten years more life to your old age ha ha ha. Here I have read a number of tips that give you and are very good indeed are taken from life itself. Helping is good makes you feel good, but he is not your son, or your cousin is someone you want to help and the best way to help is to give them the tools to survive alone, because you do not know until when you can help, the life takes many unexpected turns. You do what your heart feels it should do, but the advice I read here from some participants is very sincere, real and of very good quality. You have us following you like in a daily novel, we only wait for news of the following chapter. A hug, good-hearted man. @done

Maravilloso que hayas dejado de fumar con ello vas a alargar en diez años más de vida a tu vejez ja, ja,ja. Aqui he leido una cantidad de consejos que te dan y son muy buenos de hecho son tomados de la vida misma. Ayudar es bueno te hace sentir bien, pero el no es tu hijo, o tu primo es alguien que quieres ayudar y la mejor forma de ayudarlo es darles las herramientas para que sobreviva solo, por que tu no sabes hasta cuando lo podras ayudar, la vida da muchas vueltas inesperadas. Tu haz lo que tu corazon sienta que debe hacer, pero los consejos que lei aqui de algunos participantes son muy sinceros, reales y de muy buena calidad. Nos tienes siguiendote como en una novela diaria, solo esperamos noticias del siguiente capitulo. Un abrazo hombre de buen corazón.

The first thing I will do is find out what the problems of previous life are with the current situation and understand why he left home to get out of trouble basically there must be many happy, sad, and hurt hearts to heal. and this is what I think must be treated because while the wounds are there, it will be difficult for him to change his current situation. Maybe talking to family members or someone who can motivate a situation like this.
Thank you very much @done for sharing this experience.
I wish you a great day.

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Es sorprendente la historia, la acabo de leer completa. Ayudar es inspiración dIVINA, AMAR EL PRÓJIMO aunque no seas tan religioso te abre las puertas del cielo.

Esta tarea de ayudar sólo económicamente ciertamente genera dependencia, esta debe ir acompañada con ayuda psicológica, a la medida de lo posible conocer que lo condujo a ese lugar y dar las herramientas necesarias para que pueda valerse por si mismo, no somos eternos y el día que dejes de estar para él, ¿qué podria hacer? Obviamente a estas alturas quitar la ayuda de un tirón les hará mal a ambos. A partir de mañana se puede tratar de ahondar en su historia y contarle lo que sientes respecto al cigarrillo y tus motivos para dejarlo, seguro te escucha y aceptará con repeto un consejo de tu parte.

Llama mi atención el cambio del gesto de agradecimiento de little Jhon al recibir tu ayuda económica, ¿a qué se debió?

You bring up many suggestions. I had asked him about psychological help, asked if he had gone to the hospital. He did not want to be interned at one of those places. There is no cost for medical care here.

His change in gestures were a sign that he feels differently about money. This is one of the main points for writing this blog. Money brings more problems than it solves. I suspect that others who know Little John had started asking him to buy things saying, "You always have money!"

It is a rainy day today, but none the less, I am planning to go to the park and see if I can find John. If I do, I will try to record a video of him for DTube. If I cannot find him, I hope to hear that he has returned to his country.

Si tienes razón, ya entiendo perfectamente tu punto. Hiciste un trabajo completo con little Jhon, a veces no podemos ayudar a todos. Leeré a continuación tu post para conocer más de esta historia.

Dang it, well @done!:)

But gosh, I am here for the first time and really enjoyed your writing skills. I guess I'll have to read no.1,2,3,4,5,6 ASAP to be up to date with the whole story!

Thanks for sharing!

Wow @done
This has really got my attention to know that there are people in this world that has a kind heart such as you are displaying. I love this!

Hello @done, I see that you have entered into a dilemma thinking that you have failed with the help you have given to little John. What if, instead of giving him the money, you reward him for some work? Suddenly you could give him a team to shine shoes and try to make a living himself, or maybe reward him for keeping the park clean, maybe you could pay him to wash the car, I think it's the most healthy so that the situation is not get out of hand and the little me does not become dependent on you. I hope you achieve something good. I wait for the 8th part. Bye

Well, its though, when someone receive more money, sometimes loses foxus. Maybe because that he start to smoking again. Maybe if you give Jhon some litle and easy task, things going better. He need work and having the mind occupied with healthy things. I follow this great history.

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First of all, you must not take your actions as a failure, you are the support but John must push himself. Perhaps your children were not very interested in the material because they were used to having them or because they do not give much importance to that. Seek to give tasks to John, remind him how valuable are the responsibilities and commitments to improve living conditions, thank you for this story.

Hola @done yo trataría de ahondar mas en su vida, saber de su familia (hijo) y que hacia antes de estar en esta situación de calle, para así buscar la raíz de su problema y darle una mejor ayuda, como te dije en una oportunidad estas personas necesitan mas que lo material es ser escuchas y valoradas como seres humanos. Hacerles entender que son importante para alguien y que ha pesar de los errores y caídas que uno tiene siempre la vida nos da la oportunidad de corregir, levantarnos y seguir adelante. Espero el desenlace de esta historia, feliz noche.

Life shows different characteristics in each circumstance, so it is essential to act with awareness and intelligence for each of them. No matter how much "you help to cover john's basic needs", he must understand that his progress is in his hands. Talk to him about what hope he has to undertake a project to get ahead.

Where there is a sense of humanity when they see events like this happening before their eyes

So true. The need is great and many are below the poverty line. Some people say, "Stop and smell the roses." We should also stop and brighten someone's day. Especially the children.

Still it has a lot to cover in this story this just got me hooked to keep waiting for the next one great part of the story

Well there is still a lot to be known in this story thanks for sharing this part was looking forward to it

If I see that around me, it must be touched by my heart to provide assistance to the little boy because I have lived in distress

Very outrageous, children are left to sleep without protection from their parents.
As we know, parents care for their children independently

Excelente historia @done, espero con ansias la continuación de tu relato.

Hola @done realmente muy loable su acción para con las personas necesitadas y grandioso que sus hijos adopten los valores que usted le transmite. Little John dio también lo suyo al mostrarle agradecimiento a su acción. Espero la continuación...

This story is very interesting, it really is a very good work that you are doing. There are moments that inspire you to do that kind of thing and you found it. I congratulate you and I await the 4th part of this story.

Something we have to meet, and something we have to do, good luck and always.

Thanks you @done for you posting, good luck always.

Dear @done. The habit of smoking of Little Jhon returned because having a little more money to spend this makes it possible to have that "luxury". Hopefully you can advise him on the damage he is doing to his health.

Fully agreed,smoking is the worst habit a person can have,it is like calling death

I like this kind of story, it is important to reflect a little consideration for others who really need it. excellent, I congratulate you on such a good post

your story makes me happy and your post makes me feel touched, four days ago, you made me miss you @done ... thank you for sharing my best friend, your story is very interesting

You always make a lot of people smile and be happy, when you post a lot of people who like it, because your story is creative

Cerita yang bagus dan juga menarik ,saya sangat suka sekali dengan ide kamu ,sahabat tersayang @done ,terimakasih telah berbagi tentang story

Honestly, I am very happy to read your story.
What is the reason. I am one of the cigarette addicts, even though I hate, I have even tried to stop smoking, but I myself smile.

Hi @done, I'm starting to work with cryptocurrencies and I loved it because I think that with them we of the new generation can improve our lifestyle and as for Little Jhon I just hope that his new habit for smoking is something temporary.

Very good posts, my best friends, interesting and good stories. I really like the contents of your post stories

hello my best friend how are you, are you okay, I am very moved to see and read your ppstingan, greetings and greetings to you, my best friend, @done

The solidarity of fellow human beings is very much needed in groups because if we share with each other it might help those who are in trouble for money, housing and others

Creo que es algo muy lindo lo que estás haciendo por el @Done o al menos la motivacion que te da para poder ir superandote poco a poco, espero con ansias la proxima parte, saludos

A smoker comes to the doctor's practice, then the doctor advises him not to smoke and says:
Doctor: "How many years have you been smoking?"
Patient: "30 years I smoke"
Doctor: "One day how many packs of cigarettes do you spend"
Patient: "Two packs of cigarettes usually"
Doctor: "How much is the price of a pack of cigarettes?"
Patient: "10 Dollars"
Doctor: "Try to see the big building over there!" (While showing out the window
Then the patient sees it.
Patient: "really a beautiful building expensive"
Doctor: "Try to count one day you spend 2 packs of cigarettes at a price of USD $ 20 and for 30 years you smoke. You will be able to buy the building, if you keep it"
Patient: "Doctor smoking no?"
Doctor: "no"
Patient: "Have doctors been able to buy a luxury building"
Doctor: "No"
Patient: "Same as me"

Yes. The Patient smoked $219,000.00 of cigarettes. Not quite a skyscraper but with that amount, there are luxury condominiums available.

Hello dear let say that is awosme as i told you before the writing style are definitely special and great congrats waiting for the other parts

(I hope you understand Spanish, I did not write it in English because the Google translator changes the words and sometimes it changes the meaning of what you want to say, if you do not understand Spanish, you let me know and I'll put it in English ... but I use is the Google translator)

wao, es dificil... pero sabes que es mejor enseñar a pescar que darle los pescados..... porque cuando les damos los pescados, se crea la dependencia, y luego es dificil la independencia.

Lo mejor es aconsejar a John, explicarle lo bueno que sería que lograra un trabajo, lo malo que es el fumar, lo importante que sería conseguir un alquiler. El problema es que el lo entienda.. y también explicarle lo importante que es para un ser humano su independencia...
(espero que entiendas español, no lo escribí en inglés porque el traductor de google cambia las palabras y a veces cambia el sentido de lo que se quiere decir)

We have the same phrase in English Give a man a fish...

I can explain things to John and I have done that. He seems to understand what I tell him, but he continues in his old ways. It is a problem. Don't worry about the language.

Bueno, es que es algo progresivo, poco a poco, recuerda que es la vida que llevaba, y poco a poco es que se irá desprendiendo de ese viejo camino, solo necesita mucho consejo. Para algunas personas es fácil dejar viejas costumbres y para otros es muy difícil... Sé que tal vez te angustia el hecho de que no cambie de un día para otro, pero cada persona es diferente y cada quien tiene una forma diferente de procesar y asimilar los cambios.

Great to read the first part really nice to learn from it will be waiting for the second part of this story

hi my friend @done, i just opened steemit and i am late to see your post, even though i also got a little understanding about what you said in this post, the results are very good and hopefully success always, what we already want right

hello my friend @done I really like your story and most of which I can fill in your posts are always useful, I'm proud to be your friend @done ,,

good and cool posts, the story is very useful for many people ... hopefully you are in a state of success always yes my best friend @done

hello my best friend @done, I've read your post and my results are very interesting, I really like everything about what you discussed about this,

the story is very useful for many people ... hopefully you are in a state of success always yes my best friend.
Thank you @done for posting a true story part seven.
Good job @done

Good posts @done, the story is very useful for many people ... hopefully you are in a state of success always yes my best friend @done.

Humans are created by god with the same degree born from the womb of a mother, so we do not need to distinguish between us and others, help each other, support, and also understand each other's conditions experienced by an individual in his family or group

When we have succeeded in getting happiness it is appropriate that we also try to help others get the same thing. I appreciate what you do for little john and I hope you will succeed..
Continue @done

Thank for sharing @done
Some ordinary people through life with many trials and their tears always flow every time

Humans have the same degree but for most people popularity is more important than the quality of others because the rank is more important than others

john is trying his level best in that situation form his point of view never giving up

Humanity never ceases to look and go for the father side of things from our own personal human endeavors and goals to technology that we use, we just wanted to get better than our current state.

I guess that little John just takes his situation not being hopeless after all because of the money he had from you and with that his attitude also changed @done

As I mean continue reading, it doesn't seem nice to me again, this little John has been changing everything, I mean his new character which is picked up, one thing I observed about you is that, you don't give up on something easily, the nice story of this part is when I read you quit smoking, addictive is not something to that is easy to deal with really, have Seen many with addictive stuff, when they go out of old ways, unknowingly they found themselves eating their vomiting! Glad you give up on smoking, and you are not impressed by him, to smoke back, even though you feel it, but not to go back with smoking again.

As per give and take! I think in this aspect, you need to change his mentality by orientating him what you want him to do, how he can be independence to take care of life own his, I remember you early mentioned about something like investment what did he thought about that, but I think he didn't going along with you in spirit, he should be the one to properly remind you about to teach him how to catch fish in the sea and not just waiting you are coming to feed him with first(sorry to use that words) but honestly that should be his main thinking and not picked up old life!

But, as early said, you are not a type of person who will give up easily, with your time, advices and orientation perhaps he may pick new life style.

Eish next part I will see what will happen, I just hope this little John will not throw your efforts into Moody and make you feel badly...

With more advises, and interaction perhaps you may change him to better..

Thanks for share.

I saw your reply on the blockchain - after searching - I see you are behind by one post. This series has been written by memory. The man i s real. He really did get an apartment with his friend Norma. That was all I knew up until yesterday.

I spoke with him at length yesterday after writing my post, and finishing the series. He is not to blame for what has happened, but he is now worse off than the day I met him.

Oh didn't know noticed that.

But if I get you correctly, life of little John has gone worse compare to bad white it was? Oh that is really sad!!!

I should check up your post to see the latest one...

@done, in my opinion in past Lottery was an Crazy aspect because everyone were participating in it so that they can hold effective money in less time, and in my opinion some people became successful and some ruin their life in Lottery. And great to know that you've left smoking and i think it is an effective decision.

Addiction is really painful aspect because it's an process where people say to themselves as today it's last day for this activity and from tomorrow i will bring the new change, but in most of the cases there is no Tomorrow Of Change. But if we see more Will Power incase of Addictions then for sure people can come out of the addictions.

And yes, in life, less is more and when we have less then we see more importance in our Holdings and when people hold more and more then for sure the phase of Importance depletes because most of the times we hold or we buy things which are actually not our need but we buy it because we hold Attraction towards it and that's why after sometime we lose excitement in these aspects.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Advertising was invented to make us want things that we do not need. Accumulating such things is truly useless. I have been free of cigarettes for over six years! Thank God :)

Good to hear that and in my opinion you have strong will power. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

interesting story, I like this dear friend of @done

Spent the last several days in Vermont, didn't manage to get online again until yesterday- but I have to say I'm excited that the rest of the story is here for me to binge read! On to the next...

I ended the story, then I had to find out if he was still alright. I went to his old hang out, the park. Well, you will see.

So that's what you sound like :) I watched the intro and the Christmas one. Did you record him at the park where you met him, or is that a different one?

good news from your story @done and interesting,

I think you help John more by teaching a trade, making him earn a living on his own, since, as you say, he will become more dependent every day. Excellent story, I look forward to the next chapter.

Hey @done ya maybe look for a job or another place for him to stay for your little john is better idea for his long term life, than invite him to your house if thats not make you comfortable, and help him out not to dependency from you, but without left him behind alone. Great you smoke no more, thats one of great part of this article!

The wealthy look down on you for meeting someone with no money, and those with no money look down on him with envy and contempt for meeting you. It seems that others feel good when they criticize their peers but we are all human and we are prone to be in wealth and poverty but love is something that cannot be bought, not love of truth and is what really has value in this life.! I'm already curious about the other part of the story!
I applaud your posts for motivating people around the community, from your posts. @done honestly I want to cry when I first see it, it's really unfortunate if there is someone who has no place to live in this day and age.
And I hope you will occasionally give upvote in my post someday, I am very amazed at how you share with others, thank you

This stage of the story is very interesting, it shows a bit of the conflict that john feels when he is in this situation and how to face it, he feels confused in believing or not, and to thank God or not. waiting for the next part you are doing great i felt like im a part from this story

Good @done that you have accumulated a good amount of cryptocurrencies and you have known how to invest and now you are returning in good works the benefits achieved. I am glad that you have left the cigarette habit in time and that your experience lights up to help your friend Little Jhon to escape from the breach where he is.

Greetings Mr. @done, I would like to think that little John, is the exception to the rule ... and if you continue to help him resume his life, get a job and leave the street, but, looking back on the previous stories, I do not think that happen, so far has not shown real signs of wanting to leave the street, although you have helped financially, according to what you describe in your stories, there is evidence of interest in progress, from my perspective, that is the great problem of those people, seem to have given up, and get used to living that way, from a certain point, for them it is easier to live like this, without any compromises, surviving day by day from the charity of other people and now, earning your sustenance through work is not an option, but, as I said before, there is always the possibility, even if it is minimal, that he is the exception to the rule. Particularly I want to think that it is never too late, and that it is always possible to reconsider and return to the road no matter how devious it is.
Happy and Blessed Night Mr. @Done.

Hiii @done that is really great to know that you stop smoking and get rid off this bad habit, i appreciate for this deed. and the story you shared about john is awesome serial. I am waiting for its fact.

Es más difícil sacar la pobreza de la gente que a la gente de la pobreza, si bien ayudar a una persona que lo necesita, es más que hacer bien una responsabilidad para quienes podemos hacerlo, muchas veces cuando la ayuda se hace permanente se crea el hábito de esperar a recibir y no tratar de valerse por sus propios medios, se crea la dependencia, al igual que el cigarrillo o el juego, esperar a recibir sin esforzare por ganar lo que se recibe, se hace un habito. Algo de eso se puede ver en mi país, el gobierno ha acostumbrado a mucha gente a recibir beneficios por los que no se han esforzado, y ahora los usa para controlar a esa gente, claro en este caso se actúa de mala fe, por parte del gobierno, pero aun cuando se actué tratando de hacer un bien, el constante dar, sin exigir un poco de responsabilidad o esfuerzo por cambiar o mejorar, conduce al hábito y el habito al vicio. Esa es mi humilde opinión al respecto.
La verdad que decir que hacer es difícil, Pequeño John es un adulto, como adulto debe asumir responsabilidades, sin embargo su forma de vida lo ha llevado o obviar esas responsabilidades, tal vez exigirlas en este momento a cambio de continuar ayudándolo, sólo lleve a que se aleje, pero en realidad eso demostraría también su interés en cambiar. Condicionar la ayuda no creo que sea la mejor medida, pero como dije antes el dar, aun con buenas intenciones sin pedir un poco de compromiso con mejorar de las personas, suele conducir a la dependencia y el vicio.

Que bien por tu decisión de no fumar yo jamas lo he hecho a mis 43 años, y eso de jugar te cuento que tengo un decir muy apropiado.. El que juega juegos de azar por necesidad pierde por obligación.

Cool @done!!!

posts that are very useful for many people, especially for ourselves. thank you for posting very well

The same thing happens to Littel John as to my clients in the different activities to which I dedicate myself. When you give them a product or service for free, they don´t value it. It is the same example that you put of the children that the more they receive, the more they want but the less they thank.

The problem you have now with Little John is that you misused it to receive the money without demanding anything in return, he assumes he deserves it, if you stop giving him the money, for him the bad guy will be you. I think that as you already adopted it, now you must put it to do something, maybe deliver some merchandise to sell or give some task in exchange for money, not the money without the counterpart.

First of all I congratulate you for the decision you made to stop smoking, as every vice this is also harmful to health.
As for John, I think you do a lot to help him, and I think he knows it and thanks you, but many times people not only have to give them things but teach them how to get them, ie, not give him the fish but teach him to fish.
I am sure that you will know how to guide him towards success and prosperity.
I love your story.

It is unfortunate that the world has been modern but there are still those who have no place to live, the rich become kings and the poor become servants of the king

Congratulations for your post. I appreciate your post. thanks for sharing
The views of people seem to have been blinded by property, rank, rank.
They do not respect small children who need help from everyone around them

Thank you for sharing useful stories, I'm happy with your story.@done

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I don't like smoking and don't like people smoking beside me.
And cigarette smoke really bothered me
Smoker's bad breath can disgust me.

In Indonesia the price of one pack of cigarettes is US $ 1.5

@done Cigarette if my opinion is a length of paper slinder between, 80 to 120 mm (varies depending on the country) with a diameter of about 10mm containing tobacco leaves that have been chopped. Cigarettes are burned one end and allowed to simmer so that the smoke can be inhaled through the mouth at the other end, and cigarettes are a danger to health thank you.

@done there are quite a number of reasons that make cigarettes a truly real enemy. Starting from the bad impact in terms of economics, to social and health. I just stopped smoking because I am very much my wife and child. Thank you

@done basically People with middle to upper economic level who are said to be far from cigarette smoke even more often we hear the news of chronic diseases than the lower class people who are close and close to cigarette smoke, stop smoking.

The views of people seem to have been blinded by property, rank, rank.
They do not respect small children who need help from everyone around them

@done In the case of health in cigarettes is indeed provoking debate. But, it's good that smokers also know other factors that cause illness, for example from lack of exercise or an unbalanced lifestyle. Because basically, health matters for humans are a matter of how to live a balanced life, not friends.

@done One of the most dangerous effects of smoking is lung cancer. Chemicals in cigarettes have the potential to damage cells in the lungs that can form cancer cells. Other serious diseases that can threaten are bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema. For long-term use, cigarettes can cause osteoporosis because toxins in cigarettes can damage bones by stopping the work of construction cells and stop smoking.

@done Cigarette if my opinion is a length of paper slinder between, 80 to 120 mm (varies depending on the country) with a diameter of about 10mm containing tobacco leaves that have been chopped. Cigarettes are burned one end and allowed to simmer so that the smoke can be inhaled through the mouth at the other end, and cigarettes are a danger to health thank you.

@done For pregnant women, toxins from cigarettes interfere with the growth of the placenta and cause premature birth and low weight when the baby is born, depending on how bad the mother smokes, So, it is highly recommended for pregnant women to stop smoking.

@done For pregnant women, toxins from cigarettes interfere with the growth of the placenta and cause premature birth and low weight when the baby is born, depending on how bad the mother smokes, So, it is highly recommended for pregnant women to stop smoking.

I have read and I was very touched by what was told to him this was a good and very interesting motivation

Good and very interesting posts

A very good story, making the power for us to be better, thanks @done for sharing

Posts that have interesting life motivation and inspiration

Thank you for sharing a very valuable and meaningful lesson, this is very interesting and wonderful

I really like what you said in this post, here we are taught to be the best that is not expensive and easy

Stunning and cool posts

This is really a very interesting post for all of us and is a very good reflection and guide

very extraordinary and I really like reading this article very touching

Hay que enseñarle al pequeño John que tiene que aprender a trabajar para ganarse el pan con el sudor de su propia frente. Saludos.

I can't think clearly about this, a super modern world, super sophisticated technology, but I don't appreciate people of low rank

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Very outrageous, children are left to sleep without protection from their parents.
As we know, parents care for their children independently

Good post @done
People's views on the poor are very different, as if they would demean those who have degrees below them

Nice you post @done
Part seven