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A true story.

I took a walk today to see if I could find Little John. I got to the park and took a shot of the rubber tree he used to sleep under. It turns out that writing from memory has its faults. This does not seem to be a rubber tree. More on what happed today... but first...

I am going to finish this series in this post as planned. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Please stay with me on this one because I will use your advice one way or another.

The first photo taken at the park

Little John is just one of many that I chose to meet, talk to and get to know. John is not a young boy. He was about thirty-five, six-three and well over two hundred pounds when we met, mid-forties now.

You are all curious what happened to our friend. As it turned out, I had continued to support Little John through the summer, though less often. I went there to keep him going at, arriving at odd times because the kids were out of school. When school resumed, I saw him ever Friday and kept him going. John got his ID and manged to get some work bringing people in for several businesses in the neighborhood.

One Friday late in the school year, I got to the park and it was closed. This is a huge park! I walked the five or six blocks around it. No way to get in. They closed it in one day.

They had put up steel barriers completely encompassing the park and John was nowhere to be found. The kids and I walked along the bright yellow sheet metal walls to the bus stop and they asked, "What's going to happen to Little John?" I said, "We have to find him."

That did not happen.

Weeks went by and our friend was nowhere to be found. He is remembered only in our prayers and in the series I have written here on Steemit. Our walks home were a bit sadder without a good deed, money given, well spent. Just a walk home and not knowing if he had been arrested, relocated, or worse.

The park reopened the following year with all new sidewalks and stairs. The two benches that John used to sleep on are gone, replaced with tables and stone chairs (photo). Even if Little John were here, there would be no place to sleep when it rains.

Months later, my youngest was with me on our way home, and we saw Little John in front of an apartment building about four blocks away from the park. He was clean, no beard, with what appeared to be a cell phone in one hand.

We looked at him from the corner. He was about a block away and did not see us. I wanted to take time and find out how he was, but my oldest was in route from high school. I could not get one child and miss the other. I did not have time to make a detour that day, no time, but I started to look for him again. I had gone to that neighborhood many times while the park was closed, and every Friday since as the park reopened, continuing until my youngest graduated grade school.

I only have an image of him at the apartment building, one of many. He looked good. No more sleeping on the streets.
The planned ending.

The end.

I just got back from the park.

The above tells the end of the story as far as I knew after losing contact with John. I walked several miles to get to the park today, passing by those apartment buildings and walking up and down the avenue. I took pictures and even a video. I could not find the woman that ate with us that first supermarket day in part three, that awkward day.

I now have it on good authority that her name was Norma. I also factually know that Little John was living in an apartment with Norma all that time while I had been looking for him.

I am leaving out what / who I did find at the park. I am grieved to my core.

Did I mention that I spent hours at the park today?


Update: Little John is telling his story on Steemit

Read the Spoiler or go to his steemit account "La Vida de Juan" - @LVJ


Es una historia muy interesante y con un final inesperado como usted mismo dijo que sería. Que bueno que haya dejado la vida de la calle, espero que esté haciéndo las cosas bien y le esté yendo bien. Gracias por compartir esta historia con nosotros, está llena de enseñanzas.

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hi @done

I have followed the story.

If this story ends, I see that you will continue to go for walks in the park and will meet new people like Little John.

It's a point everyone should think about when we meet people like Little John.

I have a feeling everyone will soon meet the Little John. When you do, you will see what broke my heart when I met him.

There are many fate out there for various reasons and helping a person mean a lot to the person who gets that support, I mean not just giving money or food but really talking to them.

I take your words with me on the road @done

I see your heart has got something that can not be bought for money.

Thank you for posting more in this series @done.

Regarding the pondering of the perdicament regarding Little John's choices.....you gave him freedom to do with the funds as he wished which is important to any progress of the individual's motivation even if it meant those funds were funding a questionable habit, yet not the kind that would prohibit him acquiring a job.

And yet one must be able to discern when support becomes enablement.

Yes....to pull back on the frequency of visits yet not cutting ties was a wise choice....actually for both of you.

One of the parts of the story that was extremely interesting was how you navigated the acquiring of shoes for Little John without putting him in an akward situation.......so very thoughtful for you not to accompany him yet make all provision for ease of obtaining them.....and still giving him the choice to do it or not.

Options....in this experience as I see it...you were giving him options to make positive decisions in order to get out of the pit in which he found himself.....and of course as the story demonstrates these things take time.

Regarding this series piece today......the timing of the park closing and his independence seem intertwinned.....and in the end sometimes the most we can do for someone is pray. Learning to depend on God's timing, His work in the individual. There is only so much man can do....the rest is up to God. The principle is....Man's extremity is God's opportunity....leaving the matter in His hands when we have done all we can do.

Thank you for opportunity to think on these things.

Wishing you and yours all the best.

Thank you @done for this series.



Hi @done I Read The whole story and I confess that moves me and touches me deep inside.
I come from a country that It's really difficult to understand. Despite having an economic situation extremely backward in many respects I assure you that there are no beggars sleeping in the streets. I migrated, with my family, about three years ago to Argentina, and I was shocked to see all the people who Are In Situation of street.

My job is nearly 22 miles from where I live, so I have to take various means of public transportation to get there. One of them is the train, and it happens, that there is a woman with her two babies lying in a hallway of the Station, begging. Sometimes I've given her some money, but I feel that more than money, what she need is affection and sensibility. I realize that gradually we get used to these situations and this is not right.

It is not right to have kids sleeping on the streets with nothing to eat. It's not right for them to learn to steal and not go to school. It is not right for older people, who dedicated their entire lives to contribute to a society, to be relegated to oblivion in his adult life.

I've been on the platform a short time, and I know it will hard to progress in it, but there are people like you and many others, which have the heart and temperance to do the right things. I am very impressed the way you teached your kids about real life out there. I am sure they are now good persons. Finally you done a good thing, you recover a good man, and nobody will take off that satisfaction.
(sorry for my english, I speak spanish, LOL)
Thank you for reading my comment.

I see lifelong beggars in the streets as well. It bothers me to see parents using their children to get more pity. When you see Little John, you will know why I could not walk past him. He was the most pitiful of the pitiful though I never saw him with his hand out.

Have a nice day with friends. Hope you can find Little John

unexpected end dear friend @done. But it fills me with hope that "little" Jhon is fine.
I will join you to pray for him.
A hug, blessings.

Hola @Done de toda esta historia que he podido seguir me alegra mucho que el pequeño John lo hayas visto limpio y ya no este en la calle, esto es un buen indicio de que tu acción humanitaria dio fruto. Saludos buena historia que nos ofreciste.

Happy to hear that John now are look good and staying in to an apartment,that was the right place for John..

Thank for sharing us this story @done you realy awesome man,from 1-7 i realy inspired about you and John story..

Hope to see more..😊😊

It is unfortunate that he could not see little Jonh again, but on the other hand, I want to think that since he saw him in good condition, although he was from a distance, he managed to leave the streets and at this moment he is well, I hope that lead a good life and God let you never have to go back to the streets.
Greetings Mr. @done, his story was excellent, I really enjoy it very much.

You are forgetting that I was at the park today. How did I know he had been living with Norma? (Mystery)

Muy buen trabajo de principio a fin, es satisfactorio pensar que aunque uno no supo como se dió el cambio, esté se dio y para bien, que bien que John pudo reorganizar su vida.

Tus acciones se miden por los resultados. Indudablemente tu eres parte muy importante en el cambio para bien del Little John, eso es bueno veo que tu corazon y tus acciones son proporcional a tu grandeza de hombre humilde que con solo la ayuda de emociones tanto física como mental prestada logro hacer ver en John un mejor hombre. A veces necesitamos ese espejo en nuestras vidas.

Gracias amigo. Gracias en Nombre de [email protected] los pequeños John

Qué bueno saber que tu arduo trabajo fue satisfactorio, y esa es la satisfacción de la gente que le gusta ayudar, ver bien al prójimo. Mis respetos.

It is gratifying to know that the effort given to a person in need was not in vain, it is a pity that I have not yet sought you to thank you for the support received, but it does not matter "the work is done". Congratulations.

Amazing @done thank you for sharing a trur story park 1-8.
I like your story @done.
I'm waiting for the next story
Good job and good luck @done.

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good write @done
thank you for sharing
I am a new follwer for you

You are such a good and kind person @done because of your concern to an individual with needs and you transformed him into a better one too I suppose.

I am very happy for my friend John as he got light on the road, I just hope this is not the end of his good deeds. I am an independent teacher and I explain to students even if they don't have the means to pay me. God bless you always and may your beautiful family take care of you.

Go a final a little uncertain, but it is nice to know that the effort and willingness you had to help John served, as several times I have mentioned monetary aid is very necessary in these cases, because money certainly moves the world , however, there is something stronger than money and ideas are, it is intangible, not like money, however it is more durable, with clear ideas in mind, the actions or decisions that are made will be based on something that we believe and feel that It's worth it, because of this I say that I found it a very nice story and without a totally happy ending that makes it more interesting, because everything must be perfect like in the movies, I think all this experience helped both John and you @done, thanks for sharing the little john's experience with us.

I thank God, that all love has not yet cooled ... your story inspires many, even those of us who are Christians, sometimes we limit ourselves to helping others for lack of recourse, but it is a simple excuse, you just need to do it.

I expected to see a picture of John hahaha, I was curious, I casually wrote a publication today that talks about love to others, if you wish and you have some time to read you can visit my blog, I will not leave the link.

Thank you for sharing this history.

I actually just took a picture today. I had not seen him in over two years. Much has happened. I am very troubled by what has happened (the parts I left out). Please pray for him.

Today, you heard the ending I had planned to write. It is all true.

Father receives all the honor and all the praise, you are the provider of all things, you are the almighty God creator of the heaven of the earth and everything in it, in this hour I place it before your presence before John, you know your heart and thought, in this hour I ask you to release it with your power, break the chains that bind it and you, God, make it free, in the omnipotent name of Jesus Christ, I ask that God touch him and from this moment he feel your power and your presence, have an encounter with him, heal your mind and body to give testimony to men, so that it is evident that you are a living God, I also ask you for all the people who have helped John and those who want to see a change in him, give them peace, that peace that surpasses all understanding, have done what they can with their strength and I ask you to reward them, their word says that if they have done it with one of these little ones they have done with you, now it's up to you, God, to do what man is It's impossible. for you god is possible Because you are powerful, all this I ask in the almighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Thank you for asking for a prayer for John, I will continue to pray in intimacy with God. I hope to receive good news, that God will do.

You really love people like Little John, and we know that in these big cities we meet very often, sometimes some people are afraid to get close to Little John, but that is not what we imagine, we hope the future will always be better

Una historia impresionante con un final feliz-afortunadamente- , al menos mejoro su vida e hiciste una buena obra. Espero tus proximas aventuras, es agradable leerte che.

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wao, pensé que el final no llegaría aún... De hecho, pensé que hoy verías a John. Lo importante es que el final resultó muy bueno. John se restauró y tú, fuiste un ángel que Dios puso en el camino de John para que saliera de ese mundo de oscuridad donde estaba. Fuiste un maravilloso instrumento y estoy segura que John nunca se olvidará de ti.

Esas cosas llenan de alegría el corazón... saber que ayudaste a alguien y todo salió bien.😊

Me imagino que hoy fuiste al parque a ver si conseguías otro John para ayudar.... Que Dios te indique cual es... 😉

Sigue tendiendo la mano al necesitado, te aseguro que no te arrepentirás. Dios te bendiga!

De hecho, pensé que hoy verías a John

I hoped that I would not see him. I don't know how to bring you all up to date.

I imagine he was very happy to see you. How is he? You can make a special publication, to update us ... Of course, it took a long time. It must have happened a lot ... but it would be of the most relevant!

He is not doing well. I will be creating an account for him and teaching him to use Steemit. Let's get John off the streets again.

I'm so sorry, I thought that He had regenerated ... I hope He cheer up with steemit, and He really change him thinking ... I'll be praying for Him.

@done I loved your story, finally your generosity gave you a great gift, the satisfaction of seeing John off the street and well, I think you should have felt great satisfaction
well done congratulations.

good ending @done
I really like this story.
I'm waiting for the next story! @done
Tank you

A very touched story, and we hope that in this world there are many people like you, even though we don't help him completely but we can join him even though for a moment I am sure they are a very noble thing, thank you @done, what you posted this is really very inspired for all of us.

hello my best friend how are you, are you okay ,, i will try to follow your story, and i will also share your story because the story is very interesting, i really like this @done

Lovely interesting and full of suspense story you shared @done. Awesome serial you started and now everyone is wanted to know who is john.

hello @done I really like the story If this story ends, I see that you will continue to walk in the parks and will also meet new people like Little John These are things that everyone should think about when we meet people like Little John is very good, I am very happy, can follow, you are always @done

good posts and interesting stories, I really like the contents of your story @done, surely many people will follow it

Your efforts, dedication and kindness paid off and it was to get John to have a dignified place to live and so you relate that it is possible that even a job would help him out of the life of homelessness and possibly into a home.
I wish you and John a successful life.
I hope you will continue to write us stories like this one that no doubt some of them leave us with great teachings.

good story, best wishes and friendship, for you @done, I will always follow your story

Have a nice day @done.
I like Your story.thank you @done.

hello my best friend, I'm happy to see you always make people smile if you read your post, because the contents are great, and useful

a good story every day makes a lot of people smile and happy to see something that is good like the story of your heart @done

It is a good deed that you have done with John, must be reorienting him to give light to his lost mind, that does not lose hope of a new resurgence.

It's good that Littlejohn has a friend like you, always worried that he feels better as a person, so we should all be with the people around us. Greetings

I think that for the first time in a long time our character begins to feel treated like a person, I'm sure that his dealings with him changed his life in many ways, but I guess I'll know in the next issue. greetings!

One of the most effective ways to support is not only to give money but also to listen and talk to it.

Nice your post mr. @done
If there is anything I can help I want to be among generous people

Este mundo necesita de gente de buen corazon, que vea màs allà de su ombligo, necesitamos gente màs colaboradora, gracias por mostrar tsnlinda historia done

Your perseverance in helping Little John will be more than rewarded. Your example can encourage more people to act kindly as you show @done

Qué bueno es ayudar, ser instrumento de Dios. Si todos ayudamos en lo más ínfimo a quien realmente lo necesite, el mundo fuese un lugar mejor.

Beutiful storytelling, my friend.
I do believe people cross paths for a reason, so glad to find out about you helping little Jhon. Hope everything is good, nice day.

Felicidades! me parece que fue muy humanitario tu gesto, deberian de existir mas personas con esos valores para que no hayan tantos indigentes en el mundo.

Habias mencionado que irias. Y me encató un final muy cercano a la felicidad, el mundo cambia al cambiar el mundo de por lo menos una persona a nuestro alrededor. Que las bendiciones sigan llegando y el agradecimiento llega de lo alto (Dios).

Estoy segura es una labor que no has dejado de hacer y que has dejado como ejemplo a tus hijos.

Pronto conoceremos a Little Jhon. I Know we will.

Great to read the first part really nice to learn from it will be waiting for the second part of this story
Good story @done
I like it.

That was a great story from the first part great things to learn i hope you keep sharing such more stuff :)

Hello @done, I read all the story you told in your post about Little John, it's amazing that your noble heart has changed the life of this man, I'm glad that thanks to you John is surpassing himself, it's a wonder and apart chain reaction made Norma's life also improve accordingly.

Greeting @done

I'm sure you would miss John,and John would never forget for all what you have done on helping Him.

You will be one of John inspiration..

Wow @done
This has really got my attention to know that there are people in this world that has a kind heart such as you are displaying. I love this!

@done this story is becoming more interesting, good that our friend has a child, is a reason for improvement, you were ginial to encourage him to say that God does not live in the Church, I think the same.
I hope this story has a happy ending. Excel what you have done.
Many thanks for letting us know another part of this moving story
I wish you a wonderful day

First of all, I liked the dynamics, because you manage to keep the expectation in the story, I hope other publications more followed.
The story has an unexpected ending, showing that you are a good-hearted being, I loved reading you, my regards @done.

Hello, I have just read all the posts from part 5 onward. I have been dealing with the aftermath of two hurricanes here in North Carolina USA. I just got power back on yesterday and say the least I have not been able to jump on Steemit.
I would like to say, thank you for sharing your story and I really hope to hear more and more from you.

My heart goes out to you having been without electricity for so long. I pray that the damage can be repaired quickly. I thank you for taking the time. I urge you to take a look at part three (linked above) which sill be relevant to the next post or two. I do not want to dedicate so many posts to one man, but I thought the story was done until a tidal wave of new information came out.

hello @done

until when you have to wait to meet Little John, this story is very interesting, I really enjoyed it.

I also have to be ready to look for friends like Little John.

Wow it looks like this post will end but I really hope to be able to see your post next time sometime

I am happy with the end of your story, thank you for sharing with us. Every story there are lessons that can be taken from him..
Thanks @done

Hi @done
I want to give my personal opinion about you,
Honestly you amaze me the posts that you make always motivate me and also you are a person who is very influential to me in steemit

You make me proud when you are present in my comments to provide an upvote that makes me very happy for you because I believe you are a wise person

I will be among people who always support your posts even though I only have a small part in it

Mr. @done do you know?
If people in my area live always waiting for you from your posts or you are present in their posts

Don't make other people wait too long for your posts because many people are waiting for what you post here

Thank you for sharing all this time with me, please do not make your post as the last post

This time I feel sad because your post must end, don't give up mr. @done keeps making other people proud of you

It is not my style to make others proud of me. I try to stay low key and off the grid. This post was written because there was a clear ending. Others could feel what I felt and see the poor as people too.

There will be at least one more post from me about Little John.

A really story @done

Amazing @done

You have done every humanly possible to make sure this man called little John get back to its normal life and live fine, you ha really shown a good example of kindness, love and bear one another burden.

Its is sad, you lose contact with him for that long! You are good example to the world, there are many homeless people who has no where to call home, they can be found on the street, even like park just like case of little John.

I guess you properly wish to walk within this part when you are opportunities either for memory or to see someone like little John with no hope.

At this end story, little John needs more prayer's like before.

My take in; there is something besides helping in prayer as well, because prayer without work or actions not good at all. I want to advise, if you could possible introduce/Orientate him about a platform of hope #Steemit.com as I can read from many here, steemit is really a platform that give support to many of us; powerless, hopeless and helpless. I wanted to suggest this in the part you discussed with about investing/business, just suggesting from my own..

Nice all parts are done like your name.

Thanks for share..

I feel a lot of secrets working in the park, at the bus stop, and on the train.
The secrets keep popping up. The secret will not be seen unless it continues to observe.
A person's life finds identity through becoming a loss.
Some people get identity through getting abuse from other people.
Some people get identity by observing the surroundings, humans, and the majesty of God

This is a good story, in my opinion.
In this story full with the challenges and mindset. I like it.

Thanks for the story.

Finally an amazing story came to an end,loved reading it.

Very good and very interesting posts, thank you for sharing for all of us. I was very inspired by what you shared and I was deeply moved by this beautiful and noble story

Even though I didn't join this story from the beginning, I was able to catch this story very interesting, so I read it from the beginning of the post. A story that rarely people will and this is very inspired

His story, Mr. @done and the friend @lvj are very moving, thank God that then had a happy ending. You did a great job that surely God will know how to reward especially in health for you and your family. May God bless your good works and thank you very much for all the support you have given to my compatriots in Venezuela, on behalf of my compatriots and for my part, thank you very much.

Hi @done, this is your very good and interesting experience, we are very inspired by the story of Little John, but I am sure you will be a little relieved when you see this great development, Little John looks very nice and comfortable and we hope what we worry that doesn't happen to Little John.

Good luck @done thank for sharing post you are the best member

Among those of us who like to read and you who are good writers, leave us wanting to read. And I'm sure this happens to us every day. There is a void without your writing. You must keep doing it and more with these themes that touch the soul. Do not really abandon the art of writing because you do it well and achieve integration with the social. You make the reader sensitive and this few today achieve it. Kiss @done

This is really a very interesting post for all of us and is a very good reflection and guide

I will wait for your post which will continue to work on @done

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I really feel like my friend John, even though I'm not in a street situation your vote helps me move forward and take a little breather, I appreciate the vote you give to those who visit you, you are not selfish with your voting power, keep it up for the good of this community friend @Done

Wooo, the story took a little expected, you saw him clean, without a beard and a cell phone, gives a good hope, perhaps the renewal of the square, not having a place to sleep (even if that was wrong home) , I force him to look for new alternatives, and perhaps he left his comfort zone, and soon he will give us a pleasant surprise

I really did not expected such an end, I thought when you were writing that you saw Little John shaved, clean, with cell phone, I thought that it would be may be in some other movies, he is in reality not poor but was pretending for any reason and it was an experiment. But it is really pity you did not have a chance to speak to him afterwards. The park does not look attractive anymore, it was more natural with wooden banks,a lot of green lawn but now more stone and concrete, not really attractive.

But thank you for that story, keep us really attached to Little John :)

hi @done, introduce me @aulia1993 from Indonesia.

I have followed the story of Little John. the story really inspired me. and I think you are a kind person. you're worried about little John. and thankfully now little John looks better. he also had a place to live in the apartment. his appearance was neat too.

I like your writing @done.
I whiting next your story.

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lol lol and re lol this is a movie or just happens on TNT. He was living with the woman from the Supermarket? I can not believe it. What a good ending to this story hehehehehe. I'm happy for the work you did. At least little John changed his life for the better and I think you had a lot to do with it. I congratulate you.

Feliz fin de semana bro, saludos desde Venezuela. A hug.

@done, Really mixed emotions story for sure and in my opinion the game changer is the Renovation of that garden because that brought the actual shift in my opinion. And yes, if we buildup an connection with someone and if they went in invisibility then for sure that produces the essence of worry for sure. And due to Renovation of the place where Little John was sleeping he moved out from their and reached to the next destination.

And in my opinion CHANGE is constant in life and to change particular situations we have to bring an change in our life and in that way our process of destination changes. And life creates many stories in many lives and i believe and in my opinion every story is created with particular reason and hold an meaning in particular dimension. So, keep doing the great and kind work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

We hope Little John will find a new life and spirit and hope that someday if we meet again he will change and unlike yesterday only slept on the park bench

Y llegamos al final de la historia, donde hiciste un cambio, estoy segura que tocaste los corazones de los muchos que te leyeron, llevandoles en mensaje se tu el cambio, comienza por ti, cualquier detalle es un gran cambio. Casi puedes escribir esta historia y hacer un gran libro donde el protagonista es la vida misma. ¿Y ahora que vamos a leer si ya cerraste este capitulo? Ya veremos, estoy segura que tendras muchos seguidores no solamente por lo generoso que eres, si no por que escribes con sentido y un buen mensaje.
¿Sigues sin fumar? Mucha fuerza para ti y Dios te bendiga.

And we arrived at the end of the story, where you made a change, I'm sure you touched the hearts of the many who read you, taking them in message if you change, start with you, any detail is a big change. You can almost write this story and make a great book where the protagonist is life itself. And now what are we going to read if you already closed this chapter? We'll see, I'm sure you'll have many followers not only because of how generous you are, but because you write with sense and a good message.
Are you still not smoking? Much strength for you and God bless you. @done

A very noble and good life experience, you are very fortunate to be able to share and make people happy like Little John, they will be inspired and the spirit to rise and be the best

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