Three Genies and a Mushroom Walk Into a Bar...

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Three Genies and a Mushroom walk into a bar.

The Genies turn to the Mushroom and say, "We are powerful Genies, even just one of us could defeat you in combat, provided we strike first. The odds are in our favour, given we are three." They stand tall as they boast of their superiority.

"Ah, but see, I can cancel out your power to reduce it to one,' said the Mushroom.

"Joke's on you," the Genies say, "for our Summoner, Alric, grants us one extra attack power to our magic."

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"And I get one extra health power,' replies the Mushroom, 'from my Summoner, Lyanna. Therefore, I can still defeat you."

"Only if the odds are in your favour. If we strike first, we defeat you. And we are still three, only one of us will be defeated by the time you are defeated."

The Mushroom ponders for a moment and then reminds the Genies who they are.

And they reply, "Correct! Together we can grant you nine wishes."

The Mushroom replies, "My first eight wishes are for you to grant me replicas of myself."

So the Genies create eight replicas of the Mushroom. The Mushroom then wishes for the three Genies to merge. So the three Genies merge into one, becoming one level 2 Genie. The Mushroom merges with its eight other replicas, thus becoming a level 3 Mushroom.

"Now I can defeat you," says the Mushroom. "You have been fooled. While your attack power remains of two, given Alric's ability negating mine, and your health becomes of four, my health becomes of five, with an attack power equal to yours. Even if you strike first, I still defeat you before you can defeat me."

"Were I the same level as you..." begins the Genie in protest.

But the Mushroom simply replies, "It would not change your health or attack power. Thus my abilities have proven to be more powerful than yours."

And thus the Mushroom wins through cunning, defeating the Genies...

Fungus has always found a way to be persistently and insistently resilient, from foot warts to skin shrooms, you KNOW the Mushroom always wins!

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The most creative opening for the daily rewards I have seen to date! Nice to see someone take things up a step and have some creative fun with it!


Hehe thanks. When I saw the cards, I thought to myself that there had to be a story in there somewhere :p

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Oh, cool! Thanks! :)

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Thanks ;)

So the Vampire is a voyeur?

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Yeah, exactly lol An observer.