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In a timberland there carried on a group of feathered creature with father, mother, and a child winged animal. The child is cherished by both the guardians in particular. They were living joyfully. At the point when days pass by father and mother feathered creatures began battling for straightforward reasons.

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The battling was continued going for quite a long time and notwithstanding for a considerable length of time. Child flying creature was so miserable by observing her folks battling. She asked them two not to battle and be cheerful, but rather they didn't hear her out words. It made her exceptionally pitiful. The child fledgling consoles her mom at whatever point the battling about. For the child winged animal mother likewise get persuaded and come back to ordinary. At the point when years go by the mother couldn't coordinate with the father fledgling for quite a while. So she chose to abandon him, however thinking about the child she remains back dependably.

One day the father winged creature went out looking for prey. Around then the mother flying creature took off with her infant fowl from the home to somewhere else. At the point when the father fledgling returned, he couldn't discover his family. He felt so awful and understood his misstep. He let himself know "whether I would have tuned in to my child, it couldn't occur".

He looked them all over. In the wake of hunting down months, he discovered them in a profound woodland living alone in a little home. He went close to the mother winged creature and approached sorry for his oversight. He additionally approached sorry to learn infant flying creature for the happenings. When the mother winged creature additionally was feeling for allowing the father fowl to sit unbothered, so she likewise said sorry consequently. From that point, without reprimanding each other and battling they lived with their infant winged animal cheerfully.

Moral: Live your life joyfully; don't point the finger at others for your mix-ups.

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