Stop.Token/Top30Proxy Update

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Hi @stop.token/@top30proxy supporters,

I want to be fully transparent. @stop.token has unvoted inactive witness "Jesta" and voted in witness "CADawg".

If you don't want to support my witness, but still want to get stop tokens, proxy to @top30proxy, which only votes the top 30 community witnesses.

Stop.token Proxy: contributing 5166.901 SP. Sending 51.66901 STOP Tokens
@cmurai23 contributing 4.206 SP. Sending 0.04206 STOP Tokens
@bwar contributing 3084.245 SP. Sending 30.84245 STOP Tokens
@armsracer contributing 47.358 SP. Sending 0.47358 STOP Tokens
Stop.proxy Proxy:
@roar2vote contributing 15.188 SP. Sending 0.15188 STOP Tokens
@cadawg contributing 8438.942 SP. Sending 84.38942 STOP Tokens
Top30Proxy Proxy:
@raindr0p contributing 12.863 SP. Sending 0.12863 STOP Tokens
@danielsaori contributing 13174.117 SP. Sending 131.74117 STOP Tokens

~ @cadawg


I think I want to have 1 STOP token, how do I get it, sir?

Sent you 1!


Thanks you sir..

Not a problem!

Are you registered as a witness?
Let me choose it

@cadawg Is there another way to get stop tokens without proxy?


Hey @cadawg, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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