SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #9

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1

Happy Forkin'

With the coming Hardfork 20 there is an exciting week ahead and I'm glad to see many improvements arriving us in just a few days from now. The fact that we will again receive SBD instead of STEEM with our post rewards (as long as the 'SBD Debt Ratio' stays below 10%) will be one of the first noticeable changes for many of us. Thanks to @timcliff's pull request this change may even lead to a higher STEEM price in the long term as he explained in his related post.

Keep in mind that you now may want to vote new posts 15 minutes earlier in order to receive maximum curation rewards, since the payout for curators of coming posts will be calculated with the new logic introduced in HF20 ;)

May the fork be with us!

In the making

Hardfork 20

Preparations for coming changes in HF20

  • Curation rewards calculation, liquid SBD / STEEM post payouts, SBD payouts for beneficiaries and support for new operation types.

Account creation

  • Planning to implement a new tool to be able to create Steem accounts on SteemWorld. Thanks to @paulag for bringing the importance of such a feature to my attention! It may take some time, but I will do my best to get this running soon ;)

Block / Transaction Explorer

  • This important but still missing feature will be implemented in the coming days. The details of each account operation now contain a new 'Transaction Info' field, where we can see the block number, transaction id, transaction index and operation index. The numbers will be clickable so that we can jump directly to the Block Explorer to be able to see all details of the related block / transaction.

Improved Recent Posts Overview

  • Planning to add different views (list, miniature, date) and a possibility to find / navigate to older posts in a more comfortable way.

  • Improving the post refresh logic to take some load from the connected nodes. Only refresh posts when needed and there have been coming in related account operations.

Recent changes

Outgoing Delegations

  • Since the old 'edit delegation' image button did not contain a textual description for its purpose, it was not clearly noticeable that one can edit an existing outgoing delegation by just clicking on it. I changed it to a normal text button and additionally added a new one to be able to directly remove a delegation with a click:

  • When clicking the 'X' button to remove a delegation there will pop up a confirmation dialog:

Inactive Witnesses

  • The witness overview now shows the status of each witness. Strike-through names indicate that these witnesses are currently not using their real signing key and therefore are inactive:

Page-Refresh Improvements

  • As the site grows, it becomes more and more important to only refresh the visible areas on the page in order to keep it fast and stable even on older devices. I've already made some changes regarding to this in the recent days, but a few more are about to come soon.


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much Love,

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Still have delegations tab in endless loading state.
Chrome & Safari.




Still have delegations tab in endless loading state.

Here is what I see when I open your account on Chrome:

Is there something blocking the connection to on your device?

Really appreciate all your hard work on this, @steemchiller. SteemWorld is the best third-party Steemit blockchain app by far, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the time and effort you devote to updating it. :)


Same here. I would be devastated if he stopped his steemworld page.

Thank you so much!!! Danke, Danke, DAnke!!

I have a question. The other day, a name showed up red and I have no idea what that means? I think it was a person who voted on a post. Does that mean anything?


We've recently had some issues regarding the number of available public Steem nodes and therefore didn't always have a stable connection to retrieve the data. When a name turns red it means that the account could not be found on the Steem network. This may occur again at some points in the coming days, but as soon as most nodes have been updated to the new version, it should no longer happen.


Thank you so much. I was just wondering if that was a new feature I didn't know about :)

Thanks so much for this update, @steemchiller. Even though and especially because the amount of time I can spend on Steemit is more limited recently, I usually open up SteemWorld right after opening up Steemit. It helps to bring me up to date on what I need to know quickly. Thanks so much for all the hard work you're doing to manifest all the updates!!!

Also, didn't realize your ankle was hurt. Sending Angel healing and Blessings to help it get to 100% soonest.

May the Fork be with you too!!! ;)

hey, @steemchiller.

Looks like things are continuing to progress here. I like the idea of the proposed changes/additions you're making. You've got to be the most actively assessing and tweaking developer of a STEEM related app I know. And I'm appreciative of all of it.

I hope we're able to get through HF 20 without another mishap, just like it's intended to do, though I am wondering what the change over to RC from bandwidth allocation will look like, as well as the two you mention. Unintended consequences seem to have a way of worming in to complicate things, so we'll see.

Since the Top 21 witnesses already reached a super majority and we're still rolling along, I'd say we're in a better spot this week than we were at this time last week.

How are things going? You didn't really mention that this week, so I hope things are well/improving. STEEM seems to be attempting to go up along with the rest of the crypto market. Hopefully, that and our added attention to these posts are helping.

Thanks, as always.

fantastic stuff and thank you for the shout out. It would be fantastic to have that account creation tool available, there is going to be a grab on these account creation tokens and well it be nice for everyone to have the same opportunity and not just the top few.

@steemchiller I cant say it often enough, you rock and i love steemworld.

May the Fork be with you too, @steemchiller!

For several months, I have had steemworld and steemit open side by side... makes the whole Steemit experience much more enjoyable, and pretty much makes all other "helper tools" obsolete.

Good work!

I just found another account with a super high CSI xD
@cheneats, a very good curation hunter, has a CSI score of astonishing 2,642.5

Thanks. Full 100% and resteemed :-)

Good to hear from you again @steemchiller and get the "latest, greatest."

"Since the old 'edit delegation' image button did not contain a textual description for its purpose, it was not clearly noticeable that one can edit an existing outgoing delegation by just clicking on it. I changed it to a normal text button and additionally added a new one to be able to directly remove a delegation with a click"

Yes, I see this! But, I hope my issue wasn't the cause of you doing this extra work. I just needed to understand the interface. But ... I do like this change though! 😉

"May the fork be with us!"

Yes, good humor! 👍 😊 Hopefully about this time tomorrow, we'll still be in good humor ...

Greatly appreciate all you do for us and our Steem blockchain @steemchiller. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Back "out on the curation trail" I go now, working with you and others, for a better tomorrow ...


Thank you @roleerob!

But, I hope my issue wasn't the cause of you doing this extra work.

As developer I always see the things from my 'nerdy' perspective and not always are they as clear to others as I see them. You were one of the first who made me think about it and since then I have been asked a few times, if there is a way to edit an existing delegation... ^^

I think it's important to hear the voices of the people who use my site in order to take it to the next level.

Have a nice week ;)


Well, I certainly appreciate that @steemchiller, but also wanting to protect your valuable time and not appear to be a pest ...

I have no argument with your philosophy though! Hope you have a good one as well. And that our "fork in the road" tomorrow doesn't cause you any extra headaches ...

Thank you. Not sure if it is possible, but do you foresee being able to tie into the UA scores down the road. I don't use Steemconnect or any of the apps that want my keys and would be awesome if I could somehow access the score despite this. I asked them if they would make them public without having to log in but they ignored my question.


A lot of people here want free access to the data without having to use a private key or register for their service. That's exactly what I told them recently and I won't implement any UA-Data (as they wish) as long as that is not the case, but there are a few more things I take into consideration. A more professional/human behavior when speaking to other people on the platform is one of them.

They call it a DApp, but it's not, because it is not decentralized. SteemWorld also is no DApp, therefore I don't promote it as such. To be honest, I'm currently not sure if my delegation to their service will stay for much longer. I have a bad feeling about the whole thing. For me it's a voting service without the need to make a transfer to receive a vote, not much more.

The rich become more rich, even easier, faster and more hidden than before, minnows receive a few cents and will be struggling with a low ranking for a long time. Most of the people with the highest ranks are at the same time the ones with the highest income and the ones that are not may find a way to build a fake network to push themselves up. I think it's nearly impossible to judge all people through a fixed algorithmic formula. Maybe I'm wrong, but I will stay cautious.


Thanks for replying so quick. I too am unsettled by some of the behavior I see some here implementing to try and meet some set of data points to achieve a higher score with them. To me, that goes against the very principles of social interaction. I would never modify my behavior here so some score would be higher. Seems to me, at least for some to be very manipulative, although to be fair to them as I have no access to their site it might just be people taking it out of context.

I really appreciate the way you conduct yourself and what you offer here. You trust that your work brings value to people like me (it does) and you allow for us to compensate you with upvotes, trusting enough of us will to allow it to fund the costs and perhaps make some money for the time you are putting into it. Your trust in the community is part of what this is all about.


To me, that goes against the very principles of social interaction. I would never modify my behavior here so some score would be higher.

Exactly! The same goes for me. I can't understand why people are no longer following specific accounts just to reach a 'higher' level in a centralized system. That's not my way and it will never be. I'm a human and not just a predicted, manipulated number. Reminds me to Mainstream Media where a few political correct dictators try to define how a good person needs to look, act and be like.

Gute Arbeit mal wieder.
Weiterhin gute Genesung.

Thanks again for the steemworld service! I still use it every day and find it to be the most useful steem tool out there. Thanks a ton and keep up the great work! I'd love to see it working on mobile as well.

Thanks for all your hard work (and I hope your foot is better). I'm glad to see you are getting to the easier way of looking/reading older posts - much appreciated)

So... how is your leg?


Thanks for asking! My ankle is getting better day by day... Not yet 100% stable and not much turning of my foot possible, but I'm making progress.

As always, it amazes me how much you do for all of us without really getting paid for it. Thank you so very much.

I use the site every day.
Good work keeping it up and improving it over and over again.
And that when it was already so good that I didn't see the need for improvements ;-)

@steemchiller , of all the apps on the Steem blockchain, is the most valuable to me. I've given you an upvote, for what it's worth. Wish I could do more.

Wonderful platform, works like a charm. On occasion I have had it say it needs to find another node, which it does and works well with so much information at your finger tips, a big thank you @steemchiller

Good news about SBD!

Thank you - danke dir!

Thank you very much @steemchiller!!
Best steem tool there is, I love using it
everyday! ❤ Hope you are healing nicely!

Thanks for the update. I suppose the new RC system doesn't have a direct impact on SteemWorld's front-end. But I think for a few days at least it will create some confusion to the regular users, until the condensers update their code. What do you think?


I don't think that it will have a huge impact, but I need to change a few things regarding to the bandwidth tab in the coming days. If there should be any issues, I will fix them directly after the fork and provide a new update as soon as possible.

It may happen that users with little SP are not able to perform all actions in the coming days. I think casting votes will still be possible for all users, but more costly operations like 'follows' and 'posting/commenting' could be affected and lead to some error messages. It's difficult to predict how far that will go, but I don't think that it will take much time until it will work stable.

Aprecio tu trabajo. La herramienta es excelente. Sin embargo, extraño o ¿será que desconozco y no la he visto? un apartado donde pueda ver quiénes son mis seguidores mas fieles, tanto en votos y comentarios. Ojalá
en un futuro cercano puedas agregarle esa función. Sería muy valiosa.

Saludos desde Maracay, Venezuela. Y una vez más gracias por el trabajo realizado @steemchiller


Great idea, thanks! I will think about it ;)

Nice account creation will be amazing, since we know your tools will at least show proper error messages instead of [object][object] looking at your dumbass steemconnect

Good job -- as always. Lots of subtle updates.

I love steemworld because it makes complexity easy: thank you very much, @steemchiller!!!

A huge hug from @amico! ;)

Thank you for the hard work and for this great tool.
I still cannot fully reward you (not enough SP to make a difference) but I gave you a full upvote and will resteem this post.

Thank you Mr. @steemchiller, your application is excellent, I use it daily.

Upvoted, though my vote is not worth anything :(
I was just wondering a few days ago how to remove delegation. Thanks for addressing it.
Is there a ways to see who resteems our posts?


Is there a ways to see who resteems our posts?


Aaaah, thank you!

As always, thank you so much for all of your hard work; I hope these "support" posts are helping!

I love the "inactive witness" thing you've added too.

Happy Forking to you, but always remember, spooning leads to forking haha (my son had a t-shirt once with that on it :)

Because of the new HF20 I have notices some huge discrepancies in between SteemWorld and stats. Just wanted to let you know about it, so you may find the way to fix it.

Both screenshots are taken approximately at the same time (few seconds difference), after (hard) refresh of both pages and without any action being performed on the account in the meantime.
SteemWorld stats vs


I needed to change my logic a few times in the last days. At some point it was working for all accounts, but then there came a new update to the public nodes and the values changed again. I'm now calculating it by myself instead of using the voting-power field from the node's request result and it finally works as it should ;)


OMG - I don't envy you at all and wouldn't like to walk in your shoes these days.
However, thank you for the reply and above all for doing all these and providing us with SteemWorld! 😊

Day by day its improving and adding and explore lots of features, delegation and other features can be be great tools for users. Definitely now a days make good experience with its users.

You are doing a great service for the STEEM community.

Beautiful site. Sorry about my low voting power. I am testing @shadowbot and it has been draining a lot of my VP.

Your tool is very useful, thanks for everything!

Awesome @steemchiller, thank you so much for your work SteemWorld !

Thanks for your work 👍

Here is my vote.
Thanks @steemchiller you develop my daily tool 👍

Thank you for the updates and your wonderful work.


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Thank you!

finally some good news😉 i mean that sbd is comming back he he
And thanks for the notification always so i dont miss your posts😊

Meine Upvotes sind zwar (noch) wertlos.... aber ein Resteem hilft ggf.

SteemWorld ist für ein echt wichtiges Tool geworden.

Danke für Deine Arbeit!

Keep up he good work of yours buddy
It has become a daily used app for me :)

Hey hello.

Sorry that I am late upvoting this post.

I'll do it on your next comment.

That brings me to the question:

  • what is the meaning of this number?



The number shows how much you've spread your votes to other Steemians in the last 7 days (the higher the more). The self-vote rate is also included. It's not meant to be a ranking, more kind of a freely interpretable voting score. Of course the CSI won't be so high currently because of the recent decline in voting activities.


Aha, thanks. I have thought that it's a ration of some sort. Great. It goes well with my intention to lower the selfvote percentage :)

Keep up the good work. Your service is essential!

thanks for all you do @steeemchiller!

Thank you for creating SteemWorld, @SteemChiller

Hey @steemchiller,
ich hoffe du siehst das hier. Ich wollte nur einen kleinen (ich nenne es einfach mal Bug auch wenn es kein richtiger ist) Bug melden. Ich habe eine Abweichung in der Prozentanzeige der Voting Power von fast 6% zwischen SteemWorld und steemd. Vielleicht kannst du dir das mal anschauen :-)


Danke für den Hinweis! Ich bin immer noch dabei alles auf die neue Logik umzubauen. Die angezeigte Steempower ist im Falle eines Powerdowns auch noch nicht richtig. Die Nodes aktualisieren momentan ein für die Berechnung der VP notwendiges Feld nicht, daher die große Abweichung. Eine alternative Lösung dafür habe ich schon gefunden, aber die neue Logik wird erst im Laufe der Nacht auf meinen Server übertragen.

Auf steemd wird für meinen Account aktuell auch noch 3332 SP als Voting-Weight angezeigt, was eigentlich nicht richtig ist, da ich letzte Woche einen Powerdown gestartet habe und die noch nicht ausgezahlten SP jetzt bereits eine Woche vor der tatsächlichen SP Auszahlung vom Voting-Weight abgezogen werden. Richtig wäre 3092 SP, da dies nur die effektiven Vesting-Shares beinhalten würde. Vermutlich sind die Zahlen auf steemd also auch noch nicht ganz endgültig.

Ich denke ab morgen sollte auf SteemWorld alles wieder stimmen, aber bis dahin habe ich noch einiges zu tun ;)


Gerne :-)

Ich denke, da wird sich durch die jetzt kommenden Patches vielleicht noch etwas ändern. Ist mir gestern nur aufgefallen und ich dachte ich gebe mal Bescheid.
Das mit den SP wäre mir noch gar nicht aufgefallen. :-)

Auf jeden Fall habe ich einen heiden Respekt vor dem was du mit SteemWorld leistet :-)
Solltest du was zum testen brauchen, gib einfach Bescheid :-)

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Excellent Tool and always updated regularly too , Great work you do my friend :)

Hope your foot continues to heal nicely! Thanks for all you do for us!

wow...what a work....thanks-go on and we love it....yess

Good Job, with steemworld

I can not wait more for HF20 :-)

Great innovation for making steemit usage easier. Thank you for everything.

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Thank you for all you do!

Realmente es una buena herramienta pata llevar el control de nuestro blog

Danke dass du dieses geile Tool für uns bereit stellst!!!

A well reserves upvote!! I love Steemworld!

I supported you 😉

Love the site! Thank you.

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keep develop this website , it's too useful :)

Awesome tool and thank you for providing the service. I gave you an upvote. @mightypanda is the one who told me about your service.

Excellent as usual! But this time the implementation of the straight line showing inactive witness is perfect!

Apoyando tu labor con mi modesto voto. Saludos.

Happy to support your work @steemchiller. SteemWorld has become a major part of my daily enjoyment of Steemit, so thank you for that!


Thank you for this awesome feature you have done for all of us. Truly appreciated!
100% upvote

SteemWorld is a great help to me. Thanks for keeping it up even in these challenging times. Lots of info here on this post I was not aware of. HF20 and witness inactivity to name a couple. Keep up the great work.

Upvoted! Wish I could give more, but, the voting power is messed up!

@steemchiller Thanks for all you do for the community.

Thank you for providing this unique and very valuable service.

Dude...can you make an app for this magic ?

Supported as much as I can !

Thanks for the site. Great data. Upvoted.

Excellent updates. Thanks a lot for all your hard work. It's highly appreciated. 😃

Just found steemworld with the HF20 to calculate RC thanks for the good work steemchiller.

Thanks for creating and improving steemworld. I included you in my recent post and I'm very postivie about the hard fork. ☺

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