SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #7

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1

Don't walk down non-existing stairs!

I'm a bit late with my 'weekly' post because I broke my left foot after drinking a bit too much and jumping into nothingness. Lesson learned, alcohol sucks. Resetting mind to previous state in progress...

As the markets do slowly come back to their real value and STEEM trades still below 1 USD, priorities regarding my development on SteemWorld have changed a bit. I'm glad that I didn't order any new servers as I had planned a few weeks ago because I would not be able to pay the bills without powering down much of my SP. Nevertheless I needed to power down again and my SP did not grow for weeks now. I should definitely post more...

I'm thinking about how to increase my earnings and maybe I should implement an own post editor on SteemWorld. I could add my account (or as beneficiary and take 5% or so from the authors using SteemWorld. Anyway, working on the client side is the only thing I currently can do because most planned features require at least one new server. What do you think?

Updates / New features

Amounts for incoming votes

The 'Account Operations' section now shows the $ amounts for incoming votes:

STEEM/SBD Conversion

We now have the STEEM conversion feature available in the 'Balances' tab. As stated in the dialog, it should only be used when SBD (median price) is trading below 1 USD.

Notification for invalid mentions

We now get informed when we added a link to a non-existing Steem account in our posts:

Sortable tables for delegations

After changing the default sort order to 'delegator, ascending', a few users contacted me because they liked the previous order by 'delegation time, descending' more. Now we can change it by clicking on the desired column header. A second click toggles the sort direction between ascending and descending:

Invalid hotlinks blocked

Some users do use a direct link (hotlink) to images on Pixabay (which is not allowed by their terms of use). To avoid making such requests I now show an own 'invalid hotlink' image. You should always download the desired images and upload them to a public image hoster (like Steemit's own

CSI experiments

I activated the CSI again and am going to watch the resulting values for a few weeks, before I will implement the calculation on the server side. It is not meant to be a rating for voting behaviour and I see it more as a freely interpretable voting score. The number will be higher for users who spread their votes to many other accounts. I won't publish any recommended values and leave the judgement to the people instead.

The weight of the given votes is also being considered. One self-vote with 100% + five 10% votes for other authors lead to a self-vote rate of 50%. The formula for calculation is the same for every account and it will be published in future.

Animation for account tooltips

The spinning arc is kind of a progress indicator and shows us when the account info will be loaded. New users, who didn't read my recent posts, can now see that there is something happening when they move the mouse over an account's name and therefore the function becomes a bit more self-explanatory:

Node details

I thought it would be a good idea to show which witnesses support the network by offering a (stable) public full node, therefore I added their account name here:

Isn't it funny...

Sometimes I get a nice comment like

Great work, man! You got my 100% upvote!

and I'm thinking

Yeah dude, now I'm finally gonna become rich :)

My eyes get bigger and I take a look at the amount of the enormous vote that must have hit me. Hmm, I can't see it yet, shows 0.00, maybe that monstrous amount caused a bug in my tool...

Reality hits me when I change the number of visible decimal places to '4' in the Settings tab. Wow, I can see it now and I was enriched by an incredible amount of $0.0001 ...^^ Steem's vote dust threshold will surely eat your gift before it can ever reach me, but... Thank you :)

Of course, me and many other Steemians have also been at that point in the early days and know exactly how it feels when the own vote does not yet leave a reasonable $ amount. Better times will come when we don't give up, participate in communities that share the own vision, write well-thought comments and trust the magic of our own dreams.

I assure you, losing 75% of the own vote's value because of STEEM making a deep dive reminds many of us today to how bad that feels ;)


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. We are the creators of our world.

Much Love,


Thank you for posting @steemchiller.

Appreciate all the bells and whistles at Steemworld......a very useful tool for Steemians.

Do take care of sorry to hear you have broken your foot.

All the best to you and this lovely project.


Thank you!

Steemworld greatly enhances my experience on the SteemIt platform, I would be lost without it.

Hope your foot heals quickly!
Have a great week!
Steem on,

Thank you so much for using our service! Congratulations! This round earned an ROI of 17.79% with total bids of: 0.813$

You just received 86.00% upvote from @onlyprofitbot courtesy of @etcmike!

Want to earn more with us? Our APR can reach as high as
15% or more!

More portion of profit will be given to delegators, as the SP pool grows!

Comment below or any post with "@opb !delegate [DelegationAmount]" to find out about current APR, estimated daily earnings in SBD/STEEM

You can now also make bids by commenting "@opb !vote post [BidAmount] [SBD|STEEM]" on any post without the hassle of pasting url to memo!

* Please note you do not have to key in [] for the command to work, APR can be affected by STEEM prices

This Amounts for incoming votes is realy awesome! Will it also appear in the outgoing votes?

Also tried delegating though SW and works really nice :) Way easier than what I was using before. Well done! And a big thank you!

Will it also appear in the outgoing votes?

I'm not sure because it would overload the list a bit. Maybe I will add an option in settings for that ;)

Understood :)
Would be cool if its possible. Thanks and get well soon! :)

Hi Steemchiller,
I am to late to upvote this post, but not this comment.
Thanks for a great tool!

I would also like to see the $-amounts on my outgoing votes

Done. Can now be activated in Settings -> View:

Wow... you da man! :D
This is brilliant! Thank you!

P.S. Since @qurator staff relies on your site a lot, we will be sending some love to your posts too. You fully deserve it!

Hi Steemchiller,
I am to late to upvote this post, but not this comment.
Thanks for a great tool!

Thanks for a great tool! Following you. :)

Hallo @steemchiller,
hoffe mein 0,09 $ Upvote auf deinen Beitrag hat den Bug nicht verursacht, aber ich hab gerade einen gefunden.


Tritt in Firefox (61.0.2) auf. In Chrome passt alles.
Lg @nissla

Vielen Dank für die Info! Ich habe gestern etwas geändert, das vermutlich der Auslöser dafür ist. Nutze selbst Firefox 61.0.1 auf Linux und in der Version funktioniert noch alles. Werde ich mir nachher mal anschauen. Nutzt du Windows?

Gerne :)
Jopp, Windows 10

Das gleiche wollte ich auch gerade schicken.
Feuerfuchs Käfer kann ich bestätigen.
Windows 8.1 mit aktueller Feuerfuchs Ausgabe.
In Chrome ist alles wie gehabt.

Feuerfuchs Käfer.png

Ich finde aber, diese Optik hat durchaus was. :-)
Könnte man direkt was draus machen..... ;-)

I am also seeing this when using Firefox 61.0.2 on Windows 10. I am happy to assist in your testing/debugging.


Thanks man! Is it still there when you refresh the page?

yes, it is still there

I've now tested it on Windows 10 with Firefox 61.0.2 and it works fine for me. May be related to graphic drivers and the shadow functions I added yesterday. Can you take a look into the developer console (F12) and tell me if there is any error text being shown? Thanks!

I just got home and tested it and it works fines now. Did you make any changes after I notified you today or was it only require a reboot of my PC on my end? Anyhow, thanks for your attention to this minor annoyance. Keep up the awesome work, and take care of that foot.

Yes, I made a few small changes but I didn't find any related problem in my code, was just playing around with the shadow effects... But I'm glad to hear that it now works on your end :)

Hi, bei mir sieht es auch so verändert aus. Dachte schon, ich hätte mir einen Virus eingefangen :-/

Also, ich kann's nicht für Firefox 61.0.2 auf OS X 10.10.5 bestätigen, bei mir tritt das nicht auf.

@steemchiller appreciate all the hard work hope your foot gets better soon thanks so much!

Very nice @steemchiller, tanks!

Buildteam is @thecryptodrive, not Mark. All these guys starting with "the" are confusing. (I'm not sure how the nodes should be credited, since @reggaemuffin is also involved. Maybe they'll come along and tell you.)

Themarkymark was our rpc node admin but he is planning on transitioning. There will be changes to buildteam rpc nodes for sure.

In my opinion marky deserves every vote so I would leave him in. TCD and I provide funds, marky does the management. But yeah, soon to change™

Huh, learn something new every day I guess. I had no idea he was connected to your organization. Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for your work! Great Job!!!
💯 % Upvote 👍

Thanks for all the awesome sauce!!!

Hi @steemchiller, about the invalid hotlinks:
There's[username]/avatar, which can be used to get user avatars from a central point. If an avatar image link expired form the original image hoster, there's a good chance that it's still available from the steemitimages URL. Maybe that's an option for steemworld as well?

Thank you for that information. I was wondering if there was an easy way to see the user Icon without having to go into inspect element or view source. I appreciate that bit of information.

Hey @steemchiller, I'm been out of steemit this past week, just turned it on and boom! here you are :) So sorry about your foot! Too much alcohol can really mess you up for sure ... there's a thing called moderation you know haha

I know you said, "I should really post more", and I'm sure I'm not the only one that would love to see "Non-steemworld" posts from you. Not sure if you like to reveal too much of who you are, where you live, steemchiller's cool life etc, but I think you'd get a lot of support on those for sure!

You were on fire when you made these changes!! I love being able to see the amounts for incoming votes, and that you sorted out the invalid mentions part too :)

And I had no idea about this:

You should always download the desired images and upload them to a public image hoster (like Steemit's own

You could do a post on that alone and make piles! There are a lot of new (and not so new like me) peeps here who could learn from you, event though it probably seems like old news to you ;)

Thank you again for the updates, this post, and just for being you ... broken foot and all :)

sorry to hear you broke your foot, but what I can tell you is that I have you a full vote and resteem, wish it was worth more. Some really awesome updates in there this week. Love your work. Keep it up

The tool is getting better & better! Just great... it has become my only tool when checking for info and following my accounts.
BTW: with the last update I noticed a little bug (at least on my side) when using Firefox. The red/green square sprite used to show your voting power is in the front, covering the actual gauge... Only in firefox, chrome and, unbelievable, IE are fine.
Cheers & keep up the great work!

Thanks for the info! Yes, some people on Firefox seem to experience this issue. I'm also using Firefox (61.0.1) and it works fine for me. I will take a look into it. Do you use Windows?

IE is fine... That's really a surprise :)

Thought I would pick a comment somewhere in your post and upvote it to increase our small part in helping you @steemchiller.

Since the topic here is focused a bit on browsers, I have used the Brave browser in Windows 10 (64-bit) for months now without any issue. I like using an open source browser like this one and it can be used with BAT (another crypto asset, if you're not familiar with it) to reward the author of websites, like say ohhh ... I dunno ... thinking, thinking ...

SteemWorld! 😊

P.S. Following up on our recent exchange, pleased to report that the increased upvote here is due to a successful use of your little notepad delegation tool, now that I know its purpose! 👍

yep, windows 10 with firefox 61.0.2 (64-bits)...
And yes... IE is a BIG surprise... must even be a first for me :-)

Thanks for the new improvements.
I've been finding the decimal places and display of vote value on the main screen really useful.
It would be good to have a popup regarding what CSI means (I assumed it wasn't referring to the TV show but had no idea until I did some Steemit searches).

Hey @steemchiller, sorry to hear about your foot.
I can't fix that or make the Steem price go back up above $4 but I can help you recover some of the losses that you and all other Steemians have suffered from the market drops.
Join the Crypto Industry Class Action against Facebook & Google at
More details in these posts:

I especially appreciate the convert to STEEM function for SBD. Since that tool is no longer available on the Steemit UI, yours is the simplest!
... you got my 100% upvote, ;) (~$0.02)

hey, @steemchiller.

Whatever you decide to do that will help keep steemworld going is fine with me, including the 5% beneficiary through your own post editor. I didn't see many people responding to that part in the comments I read or ran searches for so I'm not sure how many people caught it.

Until someone else puts in the time, the effort, cares as much, and shows the talent that you have for providing a large amount of information in a relatively small space that is user friendly and user pertinent, I really don't want to see steemworld go away. :)

This service has become the hottest service on steem platform. Your work is remarkable my friend. Kudos to you for your outstanding work.

I appreciate your work @steemchiller. I've set an auto-upvote for your posts at 100% immediately after posting for some time now. I wish I could help more.

I have a question. For operations that need a higher ranked private key (like Convert SBD, since it's new here), how do you handle them, security-wise? Are they stored anywhere, do they leave the browser?

Thanks for your support!

Are they stored anywhere, do they leave the browser?

No private key will ever leave the browser or be stored permanently. All transactions are being signed locally within the JavaScript of the page. Once you enter a key it will temporarily be held available on the page (in the DOM) but never be stored anywhere else. Only the signed transaction will be sent to the connected node, so no keys are transferred at any time.

I've planned to add SteemConnect or a more secure (own) solution in future. As SteemConnect stores the private keys on the developers servers, I'm still not really convinced that that is the right way to do it. I think stored keys always should be encrypted and in my own solution I would do exactly that in conjunction with a master password.

Nice job on Steemworld @steemchiller. Got a prompt to come here and give a vote of support when I was at Steemworld just a few minutes ago. And I will absolutely gladly do that.

Matter of fact I will go one step farther and put you on my Manuel Trail and make sure I support you and your work with Steemworld.

Great stuff :)

Great work, man! You got my 100% upvote! xD

Yeah dude, I can't see any amount yet, but... Thanks :)

NEW Comment : on 12/9/2018

Hi my best friend - with great respect , your work is still one of the best here in steemit, but it is missing something small, and i tried to configure it till I found it ... can you guess what is it ?

ok ok look to my picture here one picture is better than 1000 words

i hope you got it !!

you need to add ( PLEASE ) the mark of 1005 SP rewards beside the title of the post....

i have changed my setting to get only 100% sp as the steem price is fucked up by btc low price, and as steemit stopped sbd so it is better to go for market to get steem from sbd but the rewards if splitted then if the value less than 0.024 then it will be turned into dust but by 100% sp yea it will not ( i hope ) so when i have changed the settings in my steemits account i could not inspect which posts in my control panel ( your website )

so please can you add it ???




thank yuo


love the new feature that shows if you put a bad user name in a post! I just got a notification on steem world so I was able to edit my post to fix it! you should post a daily support blog and then perhaps you could make 7 times as much? I would click on it every time I logged into steemworld, I try to do so whenever I see a new weekly support post.

Thanks for the update @steemchiller! Appreciate all the extra bits and pieces you keep adding... hope these (not quite) weekly posts are helping you out! They are probably a good thing, though, because it keeps your name fresh with people.

@steemchiller. You have my support and your job is very good! Regards

"I'm thinking about how to increase my earnings [...]
What do you think?"

I'm thinking since a while you should add to your text that you post 3 additional support comments which people can feel free to upvote and support your work.
You won't get 4 times your earnings from this but maybe double.
Also I would be fine with your weekly update and a daily support post with nothing but support.
And then the weekly update.

In my mind you are doing double work or we get double benefit
a) daily use
b) update with all improvements.
But you claim only reward for everything together with this one post a week.

Some hard work and passion for this site is truely inspired while the price is down, but i like the new features. Cheer up for

autsch! saufen und fortbewegung, ja das kann böse enden.
aber ein kleiner unfall kann dich nicht aufhalten, solange das oberstübchen heil bleibt :-)

tolles update
gutes verheilen

LG :-)

Keep up the good work!
100% upvoted and resteemed as usual.

Wie früher schon angemerkt, geniales tool. Verstehe nicht wie man ohne es auskommt... und warum da jemand downvoten kann 😡
Post editor mit einem Anteil für Dich fände ich vollkommen in Ordnung!
Wundere mich, dass ich Dich nicht unter den Witnesses finde

Downvote ging zum Glück nicht an mich. Wollte nur zeigen, dass auch Beträge für Flags mit angezeigt werden ;)

Wundere mich, dass ich Dich nicht unter den Witnesses finde

Solange ich nichts davon habe, werde ich lieber die Finger davon lassen. Ich würde vermutlich recht schnell in die Top 50 kommen, aber das heißt noch nicht, dass man dabei etwas verdient. Die Anforderungen sind mit Steem gewachsen und dementsprechend benötigt man einen sehr kräftigen Server. 64 GB RAM müssen da schon sein und zusätzlich einen kleinen Server für die Seed-Node. Aktuell (mit Berücksichtigung der Zeit, die man da reinstecken muss) ein Minusgeschäft.

Ah, verstehe. Dachte, da ist mehr drin und hätte es Dir auf jeden Fall gegönnt!

Cool, just discovered your service via a @pfunk interview done by @dhavey. Like it very slick :-)

Thank you!

You may want to read Part 8 again as I have rewritten it and made it better :-)


I don't believe you hurt your foot becuse of the alcohol - more likely the alcohol plus you being lost in mental coding caused it (just like 'programs' crash, they do not fail)

Last year peeps were talking about SBD going to $50 - so, maybe there still is some hope it will get to $5 ? Worth hanging on, I hope.

Great update post @steemchiller! You will always have my 100% upvote, whenever you chose to post. Wish it was worth more, but as you say, STEEM along with most of the "crypto universe" has had its better days. Along with you, we hope for betters ones to come.

There are others probably much better suited than I to provide suggestions to you on increasing income. I'm sure you will have a lot of enthusiastic support, for whatever direction you chose to take.

All the best to you @steemchiller!

"I'm a bit late with my 'weekly' post because I broke my left foot after drinking a bit too much and jumping into nothingness. Lesson learned, alcohol sucks. Resetting mind to previous state in progress..."

Ouch! Especially the ...

"... jumping into nothingness ..."

... part. Don't know precisely what that means, but will encourage you to stick with the ...

*"... resetting mind to previous state ..."

... part! Hopefully you are recovering quickly and fully!!

Hey @steemchiller, I simply love you!


The magnificent improvements you make every week to @steemworld, make it even more fantastic!

Greetings for a speedy recovery to your left foot!

I like the animation icon for account tooltip! 🙌

Monetization is the hardest part of it. Maybe some ideas can help and make something out of it.

  1. Daily post about SteemWorld or STEEM stats
    There are already a lot of stats about STEEM blockchain. You have the other side - SteemWorld - stats about what are users interested in. Maybe some useful stats could be created and posted, to see what readers like.
  2. Create some subscription based services
    Like fast access to your database via API or SQL.
  3. Some rating service
    Create some kind of user toplist with scores and post changes daily under other username, like, @steemworld, get free promotion of your service and daily votes. Message users who achieve some new level with link to your post, etc.

And of course, when you find out what works the best, then automate the process and enjoy the process.

I like the animation icon too, didn't realize hovering username will pop profile until the animation icon change.

Great work @steemchiller

I am continually amazed that you come up with data to show us I didn't even know I wanted to know about - until you woke that desire 😜
Ich hoffe das dein Fuss schnell heilt!
and yes, post more often so we can support you better!!!

Thank you so much for your hard work. Your service greatly enhances my experience. Upvoted and resteemed. Hope your foot heals fully and speedily.

I don't know what I would do without steemworld. Sometimes steem wallet just freezes and you wonder if transaction went thru, i go right to steemworld to check. Sometimes i leave it open because i like the notifications

Big thank you @steemchiller.
I am speechless. Steemworld is great and very useful. It makes me understanding my activities in Steemit easily.
I think all steemian should support this good project.
Steem on!

Don't walk down non-existing stairs! Lesson learned, alcohol sucks. Resetting to previous state in progress...

This had me cracking up. Hope your leg is healing well.
I love the new features that you have added. It really sux that you have to power down. The easiest and fastest way to make extra STEEM, is to post. I am sure thousands of people will add you to their STEEMAUTO; I know I would. Hang in there buddy. You provide a great free service to us and I hope good things will come to you sooner rather than later.

I will ponder your question about how you can earn extra income without new development or purchasing new servers.

The usage of the $ symbol is not always that clear ...

In times when the SBD value is not equal to the USD value, I always wonder if it's SBD or USD that is being counted? I also wonder if the value is what I'm getting, or the total amount going to curators, beneficiors, etc.

Thanks for your great support!

The $ symbol is neither SBD nor USD, it basically means 'STU' (Steem Token Unit). Here is a pretty good explanation by witness @dragosroua:

I also wonder if the value is what I'm getting, or the total amount going to curators, beneficiors, etc.

The $ amounts are always gross amounts. When in the process of creating a post/comment there have been any beneficiaries set, they will receive the defined percentage of the author rewards (currently only SP, from Hardfork 20 on also SBD and liquid STEEM).

Currently when the 'SBD Debt Ratio' is > 5%, the 'Liquid STEEM Ratio' is 100%, means we get 100% of the SBD reward as liquid STEEM. As long as the debt ratio is < 5, we receive SBD with the author rewards.

<= 2% debt = 100% SBD
3.5% debt = 50% SBD
5% debt = 0% SBD

But this will also change a bit with the coming HF20...

Thanks for your valuable work on behalf of the Steemit community, @steemchiller, and hope you get better soon!

PS: And thanks for the follow☺️!

Hate to hear about your foot. Been there, done that and know how it feels. Hope it gets well soon and thank you for all that you do.

Love the work you do, even if at times I don't quite understand all aspects of things, but that's just fine with me, the site really helps me out a lot on many fronts. Use it all the time. I hope you can keep up the great works and keep it running in the future. I know it's a LOT of work. We appreciate it.

Yeouch, sorry to hear about your foot too. Mass consumption of alcohol and injuries seem to go hand in hand...or I suppose in this case, more foot in foot. Been there several times. Sometimes on the bicycle as well. Hope it heals up quick.

I like the weekly update, I know my vote is rather small, but still all of the small votes do add up. You have a great product, I know you are concerned about post taking time away, and they would most post I do, even as simple as some of them are take me three or more hours to format and get out. Also more post mean more reading, and it is pretty obvious to everyone that uses your steemworld, and views these weekly post that you do care about your product and take time to respond to all the questions and a lot of the post, just reading them today took me some time and I only responded to one and made this comment.

For growth, maybe a very simple wednesday support/account build up post for us to just drop a vote on. No great depth or thought needed, just a "This is a test support post", try for a couple weeks and see how/if it helps much. And like everyone else sorry to hear about the foot. Hope it heals okay.

One of the best dapps out there for exploring and managing your account. SteemWorld is becoming an essential tool in the Steem ecosystem. Keep up the great work!

Awesome update @steemchiller! Thank you!
I really like mousing over the names to see
who commented, nice to see the little photos
and info, along with the voting amounts.

Hope your left foot heals fast! Watch out
for that fire water :-)

Thank you for all you do! ❤

Always happy to support your endeavors @steemchiller! I'm afraid my little vote won't make you rich, either... but at least it's bigger than dust! You're doing a good thing here... and hopefully the price of Steem will recover to more reasonable levels, soon.

Given how good you are with usability, I would totally support a posting front end with SteemWorld as a beneficiary.

In the meantime, a fast recovery for your broken foot!


I've been using Steemworld for so long now, you deserve every bit of support that I can give. Almost never encountered any issues, really great job!

Well, my 100-percent upvote von't make you rich, so don't get too excited. :) Anyway, thanks again for the work you do.

another great update. keep up the good work. u get my vote every time u release a new post, as without your service the stuff i do would be nigh on impossible XD

if it requires keeping you drunk enuff to break your foot to remain on your behind and write code, then so be it!

;> j/k

adding a post editor might be a good idea to earn you some payback; I have been very impressed with steemworld since i first started using it

So that's what the invalid link means...disconcerting that so many have been doing it.

I say you should wait until Steem goes up a bit and financials are a bit better to get a new server, if you can. You can always develop things in a fork and bring them live after you get a new server.

Thank you for all the tireless work and effort you put into something of this nature. And I agree, alcohol sucks...hope your foot gets better. 👍

I know what you need to make the next logical step for Steemworld:

  • that helps to promote
  • is needed for steem users
  • makes competition for steem users
  • makes some money for you
  • and is missing right now

It's a curator and creator top list.

You are testing CSI score. Visibility as a toplist will make it popular and some noise. We can see who are real curators.

The same for content creators that get the most rewards. However, you can create quality content creators that get rewarded by true curators with highest CSI ratings and not the bidbot users.

And this list is changing day by day, so we would love to see the changes on a daily bases. Then you can automate the process of publishing data and the rest of it.

Keep up the good work of yours buddy

It has become a use of everyday for me to track my account in Steemit :)

Liked the new modification as well

Upvoted. I was curious if there was a way you could either take away the colors you added on the vote box top left corner, or give us an option to not have it. I have a hard time reading the white value against the green background there now.

I guess you are experiencing the same bug that already has been reported by a few Firefox users. Is it still there when you refresh the page?

Refreshing fixed it, and today it is not acting up at all. Thank you.

I hope you will be able to cover the cost and :

I could add my account (or as beneficiary and take 5% or so from the authors using SteemWorld

this idea is good to do as well, I think the user will be willingly support it @steemchiller

Btw, get well soon man, and avoid too much alcohol :D

Was mich wundert ist, dass Du immer wieder Möglichkeiten findest, "SteemWorld" doch noch zu verbessern! Danke, auch speziell für die 5 Dezimalstellen, da der Kurs anscheinend noch tiefer gehen kann, werden die in manchen Fällen tatsächlich erforderlich! :-)

Thank you so much for developing this tool! I use it several times a day and recommend it to all new people that I meet. Are there any plans to develop a mobile / responsive version of the application?

Are there any plans to develop a mobile / responsive version of the application?

Yes. I've planned to offer a responsive version in future. I think developing native apps for all the different systems would be too time consuming for me.

Thank you with 100% ;-) and i wish you a good recovery!

I have an idea for you, it may be outside your specialty but #OneLoveDTube has been playing with IPFS pinning on a server so our DTube videos do not get deleted and play much smoother right from the get go... I have been pushing for a way to post to DTube with mobile, can’t be done on iOS through the browser... our solution was a YouTube - DTube upload script as anyone can post a video on YouTube and the script server would do all the leg work copying everything including the automated subtitles from YouTube.... what about mobile app development? I know it’s a huge project but you asked for ideas.... think of how many mobile YouTube users there are at almost 50% now if they could post both YouTube and DTube using a single app I believe many people would be willing to pay the beneficiary for that!

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Brilliant software tool, still learning, finding even more useful places and info hidden @steemchiller Yikes next time take a bit more water with it!

As usual, you get my tiny tiny vote :) Mentioning your project yet again in another post I'm working on now and I hope to bring in a few more votes for you. You're the shit!

Thanks again for making this wonderful tool, matey! I recommend it to everyone I know on here.

Thanks for updating and maintaining steemworld... it's an awesome tool that I use all the time! Hope your foot heals quickly.

Thank you for what you are doing, I will start following your posts with my votes. It's not much but I guess every little helps

You got my 100% upvote!

Mine is worth just a little bit more than that $0.0001 that you mentioned in your post... but not much more.

Thanks for the work you do.

Thank you @steemchiller for what you do!

Hey @steemchiller. Thank you so much for your effort on continuously improving this awesome tool. It is the best decision making tool for #Steemit indeed. You can count on me to support your work anyway I can. Keep up with the good work, bro!

Thanks @steemchiller - I really appreciate the app and sorry to hear about your foot. Amazing how many feet get damaged because of alcohol! I check SteemWorld several times a day and like the new Update Amounts feature. Keep going......

For me, the validation capabilities of your tool are what I make the most use of. But all, in general, is an all-day tool for me. Thanks for all the efforts and never giving up.

There should be some form of Patreon for Steem. You would be the first I support with that.

Thank You very much for all the work, I'm barely starting to explore and at each click I'm like awesome!!

Thank You!! @steemchiller for upvoting my comment, made my day, as if all the work You have isn't enough already =Þ

Greetings @steemchiller... StemWorld, it's great, it's the first page I open in the morning. Thank you

Thanks for your great job....!

Yikes, be careful! Alcohol sucks and so does coffee, trust me! Thanks for you all your work on steemworld!

Danke für die Weiterentwicklung von dem genialen Tool!!!

Thank you always for the great platform.

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I love steemworld, have been using it for as far as I remember now.
I never checked if it's open source though. If not, why don't you make it as such, and earn via development updates posted on Utopian? We would love to have you!

Hope your foot is doing better...thanks for all you do on SteemWorld. While I'm new, it's easy to see you are obviously putting some serious effort into supplying everyone with that information at the click of a mouse.

Excellent work !This is getting better every update , keep up the great work you do ... Love this tool :)

My vote does not worth much but I'm gladly giving it to you. The work you do made our lives much easier so a big "Thank you" for this.

I'm very sorry for your injury but, as he says, you learn by making mistakes... isn’t it!?

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Das hat aber ganz schön lange gedauert. Ich war schon überzeugt, Du hast das mit den wöchentlichen Beiträgen aufgegeben.

A vote of support for you @steemchiller! Hope your foot gets well soon!

Ich wünsche dir ne gute Besserung. Tut mir leid das mit deinem Fuß. :=(

Always great work! Thank you for your engagement. :)

This is simply the best way to find all the facts and figures you need in on easy stop. Thank you so much for this tool.

I love and will always be there to support.
Thanks @steemchiller.

Hola a todos, me parece muy muy pero que muy bien e importante esta publicación. Muchas gracias y adelante con nuevas publicaciones y contenidos.

@steemchiller would it be possible to add a symbol in-between the name and rank of upvoters in the previous post list?
I pull that information into a data base and it's having a hard time separating the rank from the name. Especially considering not all ranks are double digit.

I don't know what exactly you are doing, but I think you should use the Steem API for that and pull the data directly from the nodes.

Each post has a unique link in the blockchain and you could also pull the data directly from Steemit. When you add '.json' in the address bar of your browser after opening a post on Steemit, you get all the post data in JSON format:

For example for my current post:

In 'post.active_votes' there are all votes with additional details being listed ;)

I just need a list of the names, no extra data. I use this info to track who upvotes and to thank the individuals who do by inputting the names into a spreadsheet, then that days into a notepad doc and using it as a source in OBS.
It used to be super simple using SteemWorld as I would just copy and paste the names. No extra hassle needed. With your current change it added 4 extra keystrokes per upvote. At almost 300 upvotes per stream, that is a lot of extra effort (1181 extra keystrokes for my last stream).
And taking a look at the link you posted, that is a lot more info, and looks like a lot bigger headache, then what I need.
Honestly, the way you had it before you put the ranks in a bubble was perfect. When it was in () I could use a simple sheet function and remove all ranks.

Ok, when you only need the names without reputation you could go to settings and do this:

Would that work for you?

That is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. Was that a feature that was already there and I just missed (there is so many on your site), or....?

Good to hear that it's working. The option has always been there ;)

Confirming I'm blind.

Thank you for SteemWorld, using it daily. :-)

Great work, @steemchiller! I've been using SteemWorld everyday!!!

you got my vote even it is week - resteemed also - i love you and i love your work = = = thank you

Ouch man! Hope your leg recovers soon.... and, eh.. stop jumping while drunk!