SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #7

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1

Don't walk down non-existing stairs!

I'm a bit late with my 'weekly' post because I broke my left foot after drinking a bit too much and jumping into nothingness. Lesson learned, alcohol sucks. Resetting mind to previous state in progress...

As the markets do slowly come back to their real value and STEEM trades still below 1 USD, priorities regarding my development on SteemWorld have changed a bit. I'm glad that I didn't order any new servers as I had planned a few weeks ago because I would not be able to pay the bills without powering down much of my SP. Nevertheless I needed to power down again and my SP did not grow for weeks now. I should definitely post more...

I'm thinking about how to increase my earnings and maybe I should implement an own post editor on SteemWorld. I could add my account (or as beneficiary and take 5% or so from the authors using SteemWorld. Anyway, working on the client side is the only thing I currently can do because most planned features require at least one new server. What do you think?

Updates / New features

Amounts for incoming votes

The 'Account Operations' section now shows the $ amounts for incoming votes:

STEEM/SBD Conversion

We now have the STEEM conversion feature available in the 'Balances' tab. As stated in the dialog, it should only be used when SBD (median price) is trading below 1 USD.

Notification for invalid mentions

We now get informed when we added a link to a non-existing Steem account in our posts:

Sortable tables for delegations

After changing the default sort order to 'delegator, ascending', a few users contacted me because they liked the previous order by 'delegation time, descending' more. Now we can change it by clicking on the desired column header. A second click toggles the sort direction between ascending and descending:

Invalid hotlinks blocked

Some users do use a direct link (hotlink) to images on Pixabay (which is not allowed by their terms of use). To avoid making such requests I now show an own 'invalid hotlink' image. You should always download the desired images and upload them to a public image hoster (like Steemit's own

CSI experiments

I activated the CSI again and am going to watch the resulting values for a few weeks, before I will implement the calculation on the server side. It is not meant to be a rating for voting behaviour and I see it more as a freely interpretable voting score. The number will be higher for users who spread their votes to many other accounts. I won't publish any recommended values and leave the judgement to the people instead.

The weight of the given votes is also being considered. One self-vote with 100% + five 10% votes for other authors lead to a self-vote rate of 50%. The formula for calculation is the same for every account and it will be published in future.

Animation for account tooltips

The spinning arc is kind of a progress indicator and shows us when the account info will be loaded. New users, who didn't read my recent posts, can now see that there is something happening when they move the mouse over an account's name and therefore the function becomes a bit more self-explanatory:

Node details

I thought it would be a good idea to show which witnesses support the network by offering a (stable) public full node, therefore I added their account name here:

Isn't it funny...

Sometimes I get a nice comment like

Great work, man! You got my 100% upvote!

and I'm thinking

Yeah dude, now I'm finally gonna become rich :)

My eyes get bigger and I take a look at the amount of the enormous vote that must have hit me. Hmm, I can't see it yet, shows 0.00, maybe that monstrous amount caused a bug in my tool...

Reality hits me when I change the number of visible decimal places to '4' in the Settings tab. Wow, I can see it now and I was enriched by an incredible amount of $0.0001 ...^^ Steem's vote dust threshold will surely eat your gift before it can ever reach me, but... Thank you :)

Of course, me and many other Steemians have also been at that point in the early days and know exactly how it feels when the own vote does not yet leave a reasonable $ amount. Better times will come when we don't give up, participate in communities that share the own vision, write well-thought comments and trust the magic of our own dreams.

I assure you, losing 75% of the own vote's value because of STEEM making a deep dive reminds many of us today to how bad that feels ;)


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. We are the creators of our world.

Much Love,


Thank you for posting @steemchiller.

Appreciate all the bells and whistles at Steemworld......a very useful tool for Steemians.

Do take care of sorry to hear you have broken your foot.

All the best to you and this lovely project.


Thank you!

Steemworld greatly enhances my experience on the SteemIt platform, I would be lost without it.

Hope your foot heals quickly!
Have a great week!
Steem on,

Thank you so much for using our service! Congratulations! This round earned an ROI of 17.79% with total bids of: 0.813$

You just received 86.00% upvote from @onlyprofitbot courtesy of @etcmike!

Want to earn more with us? Our APR can reach as high as
15% or more!

More portion of profit will be given to delegators, as the SP pool grows!

Comment below or any post with "@opb !delegate [DelegationAmount]" to find out about current APR, estimated daily earnings in SBD/STEEM

You can now also make bids by commenting "@opb !vote post [BidAmount] [SBD|STEEM]" on any post without the hassle of pasting url to memo!

* Please note you do not have to key in [] for the command to work, APR can be affected by STEEM prices

This Amounts for incoming votes is realy awesome! Will it also appear in the outgoing votes?

Also tried delegating though SW and works really nice :) Way easier than what I was using before. Well done! And a big thank you!

Will it also appear in the outgoing votes?

I'm not sure because it would overload the list a bit. Maybe I will add an option in settings for that ;)

Understood :)
Would be cool if its possible. Thanks and get well soon! :)

Hi Steemchiller,
I am to late to upvote this post, but not this comment.
Thanks for a great tool!

I would also like to see the $-amounts on my outgoing votes

Done. Can now be activated in Settings -> View:

Wow... you da man! :D
This is brilliant! Thank you!

P.S. Since @qurator staff relies on your site a lot, we will be sending some love to your posts too. You fully deserve it!

Hi Steemchiller,
I am to late to upvote this post, but not this comment.
Thanks for a great tool!

Thanks for a great tool! Following you. :)

Hallo @steemchiller,
hoffe mein 0,09 $ Upvote auf deinen Beitrag hat den Bug nicht verursacht, aber ich hab gerade einen gefunden.


Tritt in Firefox (61.0.2) auf. In Chrome passt alles.
Lg @nissla

Vielen Dank für die Info! Ich habe gestern etwas geändert, das vermutlich der Auslöser dafür ist. Nutze selbst Firefox 61.0.1 auf Linux und in der Version funktioniert noch alles. Werde ich mir nachher mal anschauen. Nutzt du Windows?

Gerne :)
Jopp, Windows 10

Das gleiche wollte ich auch gerade schicken.
Feuerfuchs Käfer kann ich bestätigen.
Windows 8.1 mit aktueller Feuerfuchs Ausgabe.
In Chrome ist alles wie gehabt.

Feuerfuchs Käfer.png

Ich finde aber, diese Optik hat durchaus was. :-)
Könnte man direkt was draus machen..... ;-)

I am also seeing this when using Firefox 61.0.2 on Windows 10. I am happy to assist in your testing/debugging.


Thanks man! Is it still there when you refresh the page?

yes, it is still there

I've now tested it on Windows 10 with Firefox 61.0.2 and it works fine for me. May be related to graphic drivers and the shadow functions I added yesterday. Can you take a look into the developer console (F12) and tell me if there is any error text being shown? Thanks!

I just got home and tested it and it works fines now. Did you make any changes after I notified you today or was it only require a reboot of my PC on my end? Anyhow, thanks for your attention to this minor annoyance. Keep up the awesome work, and take care of that foot.

Yes, I made a few small changes but I didn't find any related problem in my code, was just playing around with the shadow effects... But I'm glad to hear that it now works on your end :)

Hi, bei mir sieht es auch so verändert aus. Dachte schon, ich hätte mir einen Virus eingefangen :-/

Also, ich kann's nicht für Firefox 61.0.2 auf OS X 10.10.5 bestätigen, bei mir tritt das nicht auf.

@steemchiller appreciate all the hard work hope your foot gets better soon thanks so much!

Very nice @steemchiller, tanks!

Buildteam is @thecryptodrive, not Mark. All these guys starting with "the" are confusing. (I'm not sure how the nodes should be credited, since @reggaemuffin is also involved. Maybe they'll come along and tell you.)

Themarkymark was our rpc node admin but he is planning on transitioning. There will be changes to buildteam rpc nodes for sure.

In my opinion marky deserves every vote so I would leave him in. TCD and I provide funds, marky does the management. But yeah, soon to change™

Huh, learn something new every day I guess. I had no idea he was connected to your organization. Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for your work! Great Job!!!
💯 % Upvote 👍

Thanks for all the awesome sauce!!!

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