SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #14

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Account Creator

The new Account Creator is now available in the Tools section:

Claiming new accounts

If you have enough resource credits (RC) available (currently ~ 5000 SP required) you can claim an account simply by clicking the 'Claim Account' button. The pending claimed accounts are being shown above it.

After claiming an account the number will increase by one and your RC will be decreased by the required amount. In principal, you then already own a new account but its properties (name and keys) are just not defined yet. You can claim as many accounts as you wish (as you have RC) without the need of creating them at the same time. One pending claimed account can later at any point in time be used to create one Steem account.

Creating new accounts

Payment method

There are two different ways to pay for a new account:

  1. By using an earlier claimed account
  2. By paying the fee that is being set by the top witnesses (currently 3 STEEM)

Paying with liquid STEEM is not yet available but will be in the coming weeks.

After defining the name of the new account there will be a status text displayed next to the 'Account Name' field, that shows if the name is valid and there is no existing account with that name in the blockchain already.

To generate a random master key for the new account just click the 'Generate' button. The resulting private and active keys will be shown in the table below. By clicking on 'Create Account' there will pop up a confirmation dialog that asks if you did write down the master key to ensure that you will have control over the new account later. After confirming and providing your current private active key the new account will be created.

Update: Using STEEM to claim an account now possible

I uploaded a new version today and it is now possible to claim accounts by paying the 'account_creation_fee' in STEEM (currently 3 STEEM):

I moved the payment method to the claim process so that it's possible to claim accounts without creating them directly. In case of a temporarily occurring cheaper creation fee that's a better solution for users with < 5000 SP.

In the making

  • Finding/Building a trustable open source solution for using private keys on SteemWorld (I won't use SteemConnect because it leads to a few accounts having active key privileges for thousands of Steem accounts in future. Something like @yabapmatt's Keychain would be a way better solution)
  • Web service for loading the data in a more efficient way and for enabling me to add many cool new features in future
  • Improved coming curation rewards overview
  • Details for coming rewards (number of posts/comments, maybe a pie chart)
  • Different views in the Posts Overview
  • RC costs calculation


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much love,

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Lieber Chiller,

hast du die letzte Zeit noch einmal etwas an den Kriterien des CSI geändert?

Ich frage, weil der gestern bei mir so abrupt auf 2.1 abgestürzt ist.

Ach, wenn ich gerade am Fragen bin. Ich wollte dich das schon längere Zeit mal fragen.

Liegt es an Steemit oder an deinem Server, dass es seit einigen Wochen recht lange dauert, bis ein Vote, das ich vergeben habe, in den Account Operations angezeigt wird?

Oft aktualisieren sich die Account Operations auch nicht. Erst nach einem Neustart deines Tools sieht man, dass doch einige Kommentare oder Votes hinzu gekommen waren.

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

Moin @double-u,

der CSI wird wie bisher berechnet und geändert habe ich daran nichts, ich habe aber eine Vermutung, woran das liegen könnte. Es werden (aktuell noch) immer nur die Votes der letzten 7 Tage betrachtet und das kann dazu führen, dass der Wert von einen auf den anderen Tag stark abweichen kann.

Wenn man zum Beispiel am Montag ganz viele verschiedene Accounts gevotet hat und den Rest der Woche dann vermehrt die selben Autoren und sich selbst, wird der CSI am darauf folgenden Dienstag den vorherigen 'super Montag' nicht mehr beinhalten. Daher möchte ich den Zeitraum in Zukunft auch auf 14 Tage oder sogar einen Monat erhöhen. Das geht allerdings erst, wenn ich meine neue API fertig habe, was noch ein paar Wochen dauern wird.

Die Sache mit den Account-Operationen hängt mit der Umstellung auf RocksDB zusammen, die auch noch nicht ganz abgeschlossen ist. Ich vermute, Steemit wird die Daten in Zukunft etwas mehr synchron zum aktuellen Block halten, aber aktuell sind es noch ein paar Minuten Unterschied. Ich hatte in einem meiner Posts mal erwähnt, dass ich mit meiner neuen API (und einem besseren Server) die Operationen von meinem Server laden könnte, wodurch es nur noch eine Abweichung von 30 Sekunden oder so wäre.

Dass gar keine Aktualisierung stattfindet, habe ich noch nicht beobachtet, vermutlich aber hat es auch mit der Umstellung zu tun und wird sich in den kommenden Wochen von selbst erledigen. Wenn nach 5 Minuten keine neuen Operationen erscheinen sollten, könnte es noch andere Gründe haben. Mal sehen, wie es ab Samstag aussieht, wenn die Anfragen an die Steemit-Nodes auf Hivemind-Instanzen weitergeleitet werden. Die Umstellung wird am kommenden Freitag (07.12. / 23:00 UTC) stattfinden.

LG, Chiller

Vielen herzlichen Dank für deine umfassende Auskunft!

Wieder mal eine erstklassige Arbeit! Deinen Account Creation Claim Button habe ich schon ausprobiert. Natürlich hat er funktioniert. Du bist so eine ehrliche Haut, dass ich deinem Tool sogar meinen private Key anvertraut habe. Aber wie ich gelesen habe, baust du bereits eine noch bessere Lösung als das kindliche Vertrauen in den großen Meister :-)

Herzlichen Gruß und Dank aus München!

Thank you for creating SteemWorld: my on ramp to @Steemit & for explaining how to create new accounts. @SteemChiller

Super Arbeit, weiter so 👍

I use your tool every day and I'm very grateful for all that you have done.

I don't have enough SP to claim an account, yet... When I can pay with liquid Steem I will buy one and see how it works, I have a great idea for an account name hehe.

I live that in Steemit devs work together and support each other to create better versions of their tools. I'm excited about the present of this platform and also about its future. People like you make it a better place!

I uploaded a new version today and it is now possible to claim accounts by paying the 'account_creation_fee' in STEEM (currently 3 STEEM):

I moved the payment method to the claim process so that it's possible to claim accounts without creating them directly. In case of a temporarily occurring cheaper creation fee that's a better solution for users with < 5000 SP.

That's awesome I will try it out soon!

Posted using Partiko Android

so people claim accounts,, why? to use them for apps later? pardon my ignorance

You can also give them to a friend that is having problems with the verification/approval process or just doesn't want to wait.

Posted using Partiko Android

Happy to stop by with a vote! I love Steem World and use it every day. Such a handy tool to quickly check my vote status, rep score and all sorts of fun things. Thanks for developing this awesome product for us!

Agreed! daily stop for me also!

Posted using Partiko iOS

100% vote as always. Delighted you are considering @yabapmatt's Keychain.

hey there you! hehehehe nice to see you here ;)

and another certain app is keychain ready too :) woo hoooooo

It is weird to think of this person sitting by himself, somewhere, creating a multi-faceted complex program so as to make life easier - or maybe at times, just more interesting, for countless persons who start off using the program with pleasure at all it does for them, but then, time rubs the sharp edges into dull, smooth edges, as we start to take it all for granted.

This little post, at rare times it informs, but also, it reminds us that there is a person devoting himself to creating and improving a tool for us, with only a rare 'thank you' given in return.

In the hope that I never forget to be grateful (and say) thank you, I look forward to hearing from you again and learning of the new little gems of usefulness you've added.

Thank you

As always, thanks for the great update @steemchiller!

" Something like @yabapmatt's Keychain would be a way better solution"

According to @yabamatt’s post:

”Finally, the Steem Keychain Chrome browser extension was born!”

I’ve looked into this before and have always been “locked up” at this point. I do not claim to be a developer, but I really do everything I can to stay away from Google. Not easy to do, but I make every reasonable effort …

Would they ever consider putting in the effort to have an extension to the Brave browser? If think that idea might have some merit, at least enough to discuss it and if you have any sway with the principals on this Keychain project @steemchiller, you may wish to suggest it.

The only other input from me this month is selecting a value other than 5 in the number of posts dropdown box does not hold. When I come back, it has always reset to 5. Not a big deal to me, but thought I would bring it to your attention, in case you are ever bored with nothing to do … 😉

All the best to you, even in this dreary market, until next time!

I’ve looked into this before and have always been “locked up” at this point. I do not claim to be a developer, but I really do everything I can to stay away from Google.

I know exactly what you mean and the same goes for me. I deleted my FB and G accounts lately, rooted my android device and disabled all G services. The app store can then no longer be used, but there are already alternatives available. I don't use many apps anyway and those I use are open source and the APKs can be downloaded directly.

Brave and G Chrome both are built on top of the Chromium web browser and therefore support the WebExtensions API as Firefox and Opera do. I'm not sure if the process of registering these addons without having a G account is possible, but I can tell you more in a few days ;)

All the best @roleerob and thanks for your bug report regarding the posts limit!

Excellent feedback @steemchiller ...

"Brave and G Chrome both are built on top of the Chromium web browser and therefore support the WebExtensions API as Firefox and Opera do."

... as I did not know this. Now I know why you "get paid the big bucks" ... 😉

Seriously, I am heartened to hear we are like-minded on this critical topic in our time. While it may be "resistance is futile," I am not willing to go along with it, without doing what I can ...

Conceptually, at least, this topic is a very important (to me) reason why I decided to "jump in" to the "cryptosphere" in general and the "Steemisphere" in particular, as I had not been online, prior to May 14th ...

Until next time, keep "fighting the good fight" @steemchiller! 💥👍😊

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you. Your view of community and voluntary actions is an inspiration, trusting enough of us using your valuable tool will compensate you enough despite the many who will not support this despite using it and being able to use their share of the reward pool to do so.

Thanks for the continued hard work! Can't wait for update adding more secure key privileges. Though Keychain doesn't support Firefox yet, I believe.

I had to switch back to Firefox due to certain issues with Chrome.

Though Keychain doesn't support Firefox yet, I believe.

That's one reason why I wrote 'Finding/Building a solution'. There are also not all API methods being supported yet.

But your luck is:
I'm a Firefox user, so we need a solution that works for me ;)
Optimal would be a cross-browser addon.

Well, then we'll all be better off by you implementing a way to securely use keys on your own site. :P

I don't often need keys on your site though. Only when delegating.

If you eventually implemented replying to comments though, it would become quite necessary. Often I click to go to Steemit to even read them, but that would be a minor change in the UI to make it more convenient to read and reply on SteemWorld.

Great to see the progress on the account claiming and creation features! Much needed to help onboard potential future users! Thanks for your continued dedication and effort!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi @steemchiller,
I've encountered the site more fluid this week and didn't spotted anything odd.
It even wasn't affected by the "Account Value" bug suffered by Steemit.
Thanks so much for your efforts, keep on!

This work could in the future be the best way to interface with steemit, that can give to new and old users a better understanding of the real socio-economic dynamics behind steemit and a clear visual aid.
If I had a frame on it to publish and see the posts I would only use this superb app. :)
Thanks for this work for the community.

I don't understand that steemconnect thing, could you elaborate?

Posted using Partiko Android

SteemConnect uses delegated key privileges. It does not store your keys but it changes your account settings to permit using your private keys without knowing them. That means, in the case of a hack of the developers account the hacker would have access to thousands of private active keys and could write a script that sends all liquid STEEM found in these accounts to an exchange in a few minutes. Nobody would be able to do anything about it.

Awesome! Thank you very much for letting us know
about the update @steemchiller!! I really love using
steemworld it's so handy dandy!! :-)
Much gratitude for all you do!!

Thank you very much for all your good work.
Hope you had a pleasant holiday last week!

Don’t work too hard!
Things are rather quiet at the moment, but I am still here blogging!

Herzlichen Dank für Deine Arbeit.

Wahnsinn, was Du da an Aufwand reinsteckst und es immer wieder mit sinnvollen Eränzungen schaffst, das Thema noch attraktiver zu machen.

Upvote und resteem sind eh klar :-)

Was passiert denn mit den drei Steem die man da bezahlen muss? Und hab ich das richtig verstanden, dass User mit über 5 kSP praktisch gratis Accounts erstellen können?

Die STEEM werden verbrannt, was dadurch gleichzeitig einen deflationären Nebeneffekt auf den Coin hat. Ja, man kann praktisch gratis Accounts damit erstellen. Natürlich nur solange man genügend RC zur Verfügung hat, aber die laden sich ja genau wie die VP automatisch wieder auf.

Interessant! Zusatzfrage: "Verbrannt" bedeutet gesendet nach @null? Falls nein, wie geht das Verbrennen technisch?

Genau, wenn fee > 0 (nicht mit RC bezahlt wurde), wird an @null gesendet:

_db.adjust_balance( _db.get_account( STEEM_NULL_ACCOUNT ), o.fee );

Ich habe mir das gerade nochmal im Detail angesehen und es gibt noch eine weitere Möglichkeit einen Account zu claimen, nämlich durch das Zahlen der 3 STEEM schon im Claim-Vorgang. Man zahlt dann also die Gebühr anstatt von RC in STEEM und die 'pending claimed accounts' werden ebenfalls um 1 erhöht. Ich denke, diese Möglichkeit sollte ich auch noch hinzufügen.

So kommt ein Entwickler durch eine Frage zu neuen Ideen/Möglichkeiten :)
Vielen Dank @freiheit50!

Boom I so want to test out that account creator! 😅 Anyone feel like loaning me 500 SP so I can do so?

Great work @SteemChiller, I did a #DTubeSnapQ on self votes referring others to use your tool to lookup the details. Was pleasantly surprised to see many people with 0.00% self votes!

Most recently posted about the convert SBD feature, I just love how nearly everything I need is found on your one tool!

Always a supporter!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hufftt it is getting harder my friend, but you keep doing this progress, it is really hard to do so, millions thanks for keeping it updated and improved @steemchiller

$rewarding 100% 13min

Always happy to share my little vote for you @steemchiller; your work is appreciated! And I hope you keep going, in spite of the challenging times in the crypto markets these days.

All the best!

Complacida de poder contar con una aplicación que detalla cada tarea que realizamos en Steemit, me parece fenomenal nos permite administrar de forma coherente los recursos con los que contamos y seguir creciendo en este entorno!! Saludos cordiales!!

Thank you for the hard work you do, @steemchiller. You will always have my full support (even though it's still low value). Upvoted and resteemed. 👍

Have just been introduced to SteemWorld. Looks like it will be really useful.

What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

SO true by @steemchiller. Although even my 100% upvote is very little ~ It's still a gesture of my appreciation for all the work you have done to develop SteemWorld. Resteemed and a token !tip as well. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thanks for all your work! This is, without doubt, the best Steemit tool out there... I use it every day.

Klasse Arbeit, die Du leistest. Das ist viel Wert und ich schätze deine Arbeit wirklich sehr. Weiter so ! 👍😊

Ich finde das Tool echt super, man kann alles nachschauen 😄

Thanks for continually working to make Steem World better. It's a great tool and I really enjoy having it available to check stats. Thank you!

Danke dir - steemworld ist einfach super und unterstützenswert!

Thank you! My voting power is down, but I leave you with an added !tip

Und es wird immer besser. Danke dass du soviel fuer uns alle machst!!!

Hi my best friend.

First of all i have resteemed this post.....

Well.sorry that we did not comment since long time on your posts as the owner of @red-rose mr. Samer is in hospital and i am really working hard in my daily job so i have little time daily to see new posts in my feed.

I have a suggestion to you to cover your expensses that we all who are using your steemworld will pay you some of your expensses by our own will while we are using the steem world site...

Yes true... you can add an embedded block to mine any coin for you by using our hashs when we are on your website steemworld

Of course you will add a note in the site saying that you are using our hashs to mine the cost for your servers.

And you can be very neat as usual to use 1 thread and low speed... this will be smooth mining that we will not mind it.

I hope you hot my point as steem supply is doing the same and everybody is happy.

I wish you prospective future and green steem

On behalf of the real owner of @red-rose account "Mr Samer" i wrote this post...

Thank you

Abu wadda

Keep it up brother! This looks great! I've made a few accounts through CLI now, and it was a bit of a pain in the ass.

Friend. Always count on my support. I know that it is not much worse, the important thing is the sum of all.
Very grateful for your program. thanks for all the updates.

From Venezuela, a country that fights for its freedom. I send you a great fraternal anger ...

Thank you so very much @steemchiller! I love using
steemworld! Such a well organized program!

I really love the Claiming new accounts function: the only thing I miss, are the 5000 SP but, with the black Friday prices, I can also afford to buy them!

Thanks for your continuous lovely effort, @steemchiller: a huge hug from amico|

Thanks for the cool new account creation feature. I love how you continue to improve your tool while keeping it free to the public. I appreciate your dedication. Keep up the great work.

That's a good news for the steemians who holds a sp more than 5000SP. There is always a clear vision with its for make and spreading the platform.

Keep up the good work. Steemworld has become one of my favourite tools and I am often promoting it to my readers.

Danke Dir.

Still the best out there, appreciate it !

Danke für die arbeit👍

Me encanta esta plataforma por lo precisa que es

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Thanks for keeping on delivering such a great tool!!!!

I voted! Keep on the good work😁

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Congratulations @steemchiller!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 5 with $ 129,06

Thank you for this service!

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Yes! I love this tool, very helpful and with great features. I live that it keeps evolving and improving.

This post has been just added as new item to timeline of SteemWorld on Steem Projects.

If you want to be notified about new updates from this project, register on Steem Projects and add SteemWorld to your favorite projects.

Thank you so much!

My small support for your valuable and valuable work, thanks for your great information that you send us

Good work @steemchiller. Greetings

Loving your work!

Interesting... but with the current markets, it's difficult enough in here with a single account, let alone two or three!!! Ahh! Stlil, thanks for this tool! :-D

UpVoted! Thanks for your work man is very useful your tool and you deserve all the support we can give to you. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! I use everyday.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you !

I use your tool everyday! So good!!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Interesting very good idea, will be that I also make a publication to cover my expenses for my first presentation outside my city :( will be the way hehehehe and your project is great

Not quite there to be able to create an account - but the day will come!!

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You got my vote ! Dope work!

Thank you for your service! We thoroughly enjoyed using it, you have our 100% upvote!


100% upvote! love the new ability to claim accounts!!!! :) thanks for that!

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Thank you fr the work you do!

Is anyone else having power down issues or steemworld assertion errors attempting to remove delegations? Please help 🙇🏽 Most of us are on the wrong side of a 13 week wall.

Looks like you entered the wrong key.
Did you use your private active key?

@steemchiller thank you so much for your response and also for your time creating steem world, it is by far my favorite tool for managing and monitoring my account and vp. I ended up getting it done via a steemconnect tutorial and direct line in the url.

I used the same private active key for that I'd been attempting the whole time and it worked. So I don't know what the issue was but it's solved now. I am relieved. Thank you once again.

Edit: Btw I followed these instructions if anyone else is having the same problems: