SteemWorld Update ~ Stake Desired Tokens With A Click / Improved Votes Overview / HF 21

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I added a new Stake Tokens button in the Balances section, so that we can stake multiple tokens at once. Of course, also STEEM can be powered up there:

When clicking on that button, there will show up a selection dialog, in which we can select the tokens that we want to stake:

It was a bit tricky to get this to work when staking many tokens at once, because there is a limit in Steem's custom_json operation, so I needed to split them in chunks of 10 tokens and broadcast each of them in a new operation.

Improved Votes Overview

I added column headers and the vote time in the table, so that we can see when each voter has voted on a post and we can sort the list by the desired data:


Thanks to @acidyo for the input!

Hardfork 21

Today (in about 30 minutes) the new HF will be active and I hope that SteemWorld will function as it should. If there should be any issues, I'm here to take care ;)

A few things still need to be changed on the site (especially predicted vote amounts and displaying the effective downvote power/mana), but for now I will take my time to watch the results and to gather ideas. As always, I want to deliver a comfortable and well working solution.

May the Fork be with us :)

Steem On!


Thank you for your splendid work.

SteemWorld is invaluable!

You got a 50.00% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @agrostis!

Such a great update. Using steem-engine to claim and then stake each individually was such a pain. Now instead of waiting days to build up a large enough balance that the time spent was kind of worth it the same transactions are done in less than a minute. Winning. Thank you @steemchiller.

Awesome work as always @steemchiller! The staking of multiple tokens in one operation is a great feature to have.

Let's hope this particular hardfork manages to take effect without major breakdowns... I still remember (nervously!) the circus surrounding the last one...

Yes, but when we were able to start posting again, the rewards were HUGE! (well, bigger than before).

Awesome updates!

You’re doing a great job with Steemworld. It’s exactly the active people like you that keep me excited about ( the future of ) this blockchain.

Keep up the good work! :>)

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Very nice work! Thank you very much for non-stop improvement of which I am amazed from where you get all you energy for!

Have a fantastic week! Have a soft fork!

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I am so addicted to SteemWorld, I'm on it nearly as much as I'm on steempeak!

You will be maybe the only person who can answer these questions for me, see images:

Screenshot 20190827 at 18.34.03.png

See like 11% of curation reward taken for 'payout burn' but compare to this older post:

Screenshot 20190827 at 18.37.14.png
This only has nearly 2% taken for 'payout burn'..

Please explain what is payout burn and why can the percents be so wildly different? Ok math was never my strong suit I see the percents are off because one post is being paid out a lot more than the other but I still don't understand what this burn is.

And on the second image I included a cell called 'Transfer Amount" with a steem value there.. this is listed with all posts too..what is that about?

I'm new to steem so if these sound like dumb questions, they are rather curious questions for me!

Now after the hardfork the Steem nodes return some values (for example the weight of each vote) differently and I need to make a few changes in order to correctly calculate the percentages.

The Payout Burned shows the payout amount that is not being paid out, because people voted within the first 5 minutes after post creation time. The rshares are not really getting burned (I will change the label in future), they are just not leaving the reward pool.

If you would make a post, someone votes on it after 2.5 minutes and there would come no further votes, the burned percentage would be 50%. Normally it is around a few % (your second example looks realistic).

The Transfer Amount is just an estimate of how much STEEM/SBD has been spent for boosting a post. It is not working for all posts, because the bid bots don't return a reference/link when refunding a bid.

I hope this helps :) Many things on my todo list...

Perfect! Thank you sooo much for taking time out to answer me!

Amazing your last improvements @steemchiller, so useful, thanks so much for your job!
I’ve seen that sometimes it asks for the keys twice when using the “claim all rewards” button ... will be great when we are able to choose the amount to stake as well.
Batch transactions! 😁

When Steemworld is fetching the Curation rewards using, the rewards remain at zero! MSP's rpc shows them fine.

Yes, @anyx's node currently does not return the votes weight and the field total_vote_weight in the get_content result is missing.

I guess he is in kind of an after-fork-upgrade phase...

Hi @steemchiller,

I was looking at the new "voted after" data and all the times are incorrect. With the circular graphic of relative amounts, the times are all the same at 33 minutes. In the tab for curation rewards, the times are calculated from when the post was made to the current time (up to 6 days).
Sorry to give you more work.
Gee... I'm having trouble posting this comment. I keep getting an RPCError: INTERNAL ERROR
I keep trying over and over to post this... been at it for well over 3 hours!

With the circular graphic of relative amounts, the times are all the same at 33 minutes.

This seems to be a node related issue. Try switching to a different node in settings ;)

In the tab for curation rewards, the times are calculated from when the post was made to the current time (up to 6 days).

I need to make a few changes, because the nodes don't return the votes weight as it was before (I need to recalculate it first to get the correct amount of unclaimed rshares).

Many things on my list...

Many thanks for the reply. I guess the HF messed up more than what they expected and the witness nodes need to be updated now? Would they even know they have a problem if they are not told that their node is not putting out correct data?

Thanks for this update mate.

I would say the stake all is quite nice. Thanks for finding a way to do it. Love the ability to check box some of them only if i need. More SBI coming tonight (UTC+13 timezone).

Here we go =) this deserves at least 5SBI (probably more, but I currently need to retain some for a bounty).

You just keep making steem better! I wish you were a top twenty witness.

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Nice work

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Man! I don’t know how you manage but you are the king of devs! Thanks again!

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Happy HF Day! :D Thanks for making SteemWorld more and more and more useful :-)

God bless you! I was just about to suggest that!

So kurz vor dem HF noch ein Post, wow!
Die neuen Angaben bei den Votes waren mir schon aufgefallen.
Ich hoffe, du nutzt die Auszeit für etwas Ausspannen. :)

I'm ready for hf21! The time thingy was a really nice add, me likey!

Genial - jetzt geht auch das Staken schneller. Danke!

My last vote, comment and resteem before HF 21 :-)

I think the calculation is not 100% correct. With this example, there were only 2 min before payout.


I thought the nodes would deliver the real (based on reward curve calculated vote weight), but that seems not to be the case. Now, instead of changing it at the root, all frontends need to calculate it and again change a logic that worked perfectly before the hardfork. That sucks.

Jetzt ist die curation Berechnung ganz zerschossen. Ich habe zahlreiche Posts wo mir 0 curation angezeigt wird, der Post steht aber über 10$...

Ich weiß nicht, was hier gerade passiert, aber es sieht so aus als wenn die HF noch nicht abgeschlossen ist. Wenn das meine Firma wäre, würden jetzt Köpfe rollen. Ich halte mich noch eine Weile zurück, aber es fällt mir schwer die aktuellen Geschehnisse weiterhin als reine Zufälle zu sehen.

Ich glaube ich habe des Rätsels Lösung gefunden. Witnesses haben noch nicht geupdated auf den patch. Der patch geht doch erst live wenn es eine supermajority gibt oder?

Update: Es liegt warscheinlich doch an 3speak mit beneficiaries. Alle posts die 0 sind, sind etweder tatsächlich bei 0 oder sind 3speak mit beneficiaries posts und weit über 0 STU.

was meinst du steckt dahinter?
Nodes haben nicht richtig replayed? Another bug?

Ich habe mir mal Deine Votes angeschaut und denke, dass Dir da eventuell andere mit größeren Votes zuvorgekommen sind und Du deshalb keine Belohnungen erhältst. Ist nur so eine Vermutung von mir.
Danach habe ich mir mal einen kleinen Account (@meins0815) vorgeknöpft und habe festgestellt, dass er trotz seiner geringen Power, in den letzten 7 Tagen, für fast jeden Vote mindestens 0,001 SP an Rewards erhalten wird. Vielleicht ist ja der meinsi mal so nett und verrät er uns sein Geheimnis ;)
Eventuell kann es daran liegen, dass er hauptsächlich Beiträge bewertet, welche keine hohe Auszahlung bekommen. Ich werde es mal testen und dann eine Empfehlung für garantierte Curation Rewards abgeben. Kann aber ein wenig dauern ;)

Gute Idee, aber du hast da einen Denkfehler. Selbst wenn man als letzter votet oder andere große Accounts vor mir gevotet haben, bekommt man trotzdem ein wenig curation, wenn man so viel SP hat wie ich. 0.000 SP ist völlig ausgeschlossen bei Posts die >10 STU haben. Wenn das tatsächlich nicht ausgezahlt wird ist das ein ganz grober Bug der schnellstens behoben werden muss.

Hast Du gesehen, dass meist Beiträge welche auch Downvotes bekommen haben, nicht ausgezahlt werden? Versuche doch mal, diesen bestimmten Nutzer, erst nach den ganzen Downvotes zu bewerten. Sonst verschenkst Du nur Deine Stimme und niemand, selbst Du, hat nichts davon.
Deine Votepower nützt Dir aber manchmal nicht viel, wenn Du unter 10% Bewertest, denke ich, kann so etwas schon mal vorkommen. Leider ist auf der ganzen Chain keine gute Erklärung, speziell zu den Rewards und deren Berechnung zu finden, damit man weis wie man es nachrechnen könnte. Ich gehe also auch erstmal von einen Fehler aus.


Das Geheimnis kann nur SteemAuto sein. Auf Minute 5 eingestellt. Überall wo ich manuell irgendwann hintennachgevotet habe ist nix bei rausgekommen soweit ich das sehe.


Das könnte richtig sein. Aber auch die Tatsache, dass diese Beiträge nicht nachträglich geflaggt wurden und sie keine besonders hohen Stimmen bekommen haben.


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Das kommt mir bekannt vor und ich bin mir ganz sicher, dass dieses Problem schon vor HF21 da war. Ich habe dem aber nicht so viel Beachtung gegeben, da mir die CR im Grunde nicht all zu wichtig sind. Bei @ew-and-patterns habe ich den Eindruck, dass er eventuell mit einem 0,055 Vote, nach knapp 5 Minuten, einfach zu späht war. Aber bei @lordbutterfly ist dieses meist nicht der Fall.
Wenn es wirklich so ist, das der Fehler schon vor HF21 war, sollte den Entwicklern das Problem bekannt sein. Es sind schließlich keine dummen Leute.
Durch die Änderung der Höhe der Belohnungen, achten viele Nutzer jetzt vermehrt genau darauf wie hoch der Mehr-anteil an Belohnungen für sie ist und deshalb bemerken viele die eventuellen falschen Berechnungen.
Im Grunde sind es meist nur recht kleine Summen welche sich in dem Gesamtergebnis kaum bemerkbar machen und wurden somit als akzeptabel angesehen.
Also ich denke wenn dieses wirklich der Fall ist, sollte es schon öffentlich bekannt gegeben werden, denn ich habe hier schon einige Kommentare gesehen, wo die Leute schon eine Verschwörung der Wale mit Steemit vermuten. - Und das ist nun wirklich nicht das was wir jetzt auch noch gebrauchen können.

Hey @steemchiller, thank you for your work! I really do appreciate what you do for steem users.

Massive staking is a really useful function: thanks!

It would be great to add a filter in the "selection dialog" window to filter only the tokens that allow the delegation of the staked tokens.
This is because, as suggested by @abh12345, I also created alt accounts for each token, to which I would then delegate the staked tokens.
I would manually carry out the "transfer to vesting" to the alt account for the tokens that do not allow delegation.

It would be cool to be able to set up an automatic routing, but maybe it's asking too much... LOL

Thank you for your constant commitment to making our life easier even on #newsteem, @steemchiller!

A huge hug, resteemed and $trdo

..R E S P E C T, M A N!!!, what a masterpiece!! day you should tell us wherefrom you get so much energy....thanks a lot..up...resteemed..

This is epic! Thank you! 🙌

Great work, and this is a really nice update, thanks.

Great work. It’s awesome. Thanks! 🦋👍♨️

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Great work with Steem World updates. Your hard work is really appreciated, thank you very much.

Super! Herzlichen Dank mal wieder LGG

One more awesome stroke. Many Thanks for making Steemit more simpler and accessible.

Keep Steemin!

Thanks for your support.

May the fork protect you too ! 😂

HOORAY I love you for the claiming and now staking multiple tokens at once. You're awesome.

If you have discovered a potion so that you do not need to sleep (to work here non-stop), be nice and share it with us, please.


Hey. One question. Im getting 0 Sp on curating 1 account. Only that one account. Can you see what that is about. (Vikisecrets)

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amazing on the staked thing... The claiming was pretty awesome too but this is a good one-two punch that makes it so much easier..

Genial wie immer! Lieben GrußKadna

Much needed. Love these little time savers you are implementing.

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Great service and a wonderful new feature!

Thank You great work. I love the site its really handy. just found this that with many tokens it doesn't quite really show the vote worth. Good work btw.

Thanks for the information @steemchiller

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You should add more SCOT Tribe tags. You deserve all the token rewards for helping these Tribes. I save few minutes and a great deal of inconvenience thanks to your work. Thanks a massive lot :)

GREAT! ... SteemWorld is getting better and better, not that it is not the best already. You are a true solution provider.

Please accept my above humble compliment. Wish you a very lovely day.

Wow - du konntest posten. Bei mir hat es bis grade eben nicht geklappt...

Excellent work I need to read this further to understand the use of the selected tokens. I have also resteemed your work for the benefits of my supporters.

Wonderful work @steemchiller - and here we are, out the other side of HF21 and steeming on. Thank you. Upvoted. Appreciating the incredible "back room work" that makes by steem expereience possible.

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Thank you for taking care of me and giving me security.
I love the overview of the improved votes.
Everything great !!!

Great work as always dude. Multiple staking in one hit. Brilliant. You rock this place. 👍

Wieder mal spitzenmäßig ausgebaut, vielen Dank! Das bei den Votes ist mir gestern schon aufgefallen. Ich melde eine Auffälligkeit: Vor der HF war mein Vote Amount bei 2x 100 % 0.00598 $ und jetzt 0.00704 $, also fast 18 % mehr, und das ohne aufpowern (von winzigen laufenden Rewards abgesehen)! Und der Kurs ist in der Zeit sogar ein wenig gefallen!

Thank you as always to help us non-tech people to maneuver the world of steem!

Thx for all the hard work @steemchiller.
Is it possible that there is still a bug with the curation rewards on the post overview. There are presented at the moment as negative figures. Due to this lots of $ are burned, which isn't!

Edit: @steemchiller I did find the solution thanks to @daan. I did have a wrong steem node configured. I did switch it to the steemit.api and works fine now!


Vielen Dank für das Update und weiterhin alles Gute!

Congratulations! I just stopped by to say that your post has been selected as a daily Featured Post of my personal curation project! You can find the daily Featured Post HERE.
I upvoted your contribution and I put it on the list because to my mind your post is what I call a quality content!
I am @miti, a manual curator that shall make available all his Steem Power to authors deserving of support. Let's make STEEM great again!
Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

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That's great. I see that you are adding features that help tribes, but you are not tagging any of the tribes.

I am a dolphin in the Marlians world, and would love my upvote to give you steem and marlians.

Hope to see you there (or on any of the other tribes) soon. :)

I really like the improvement to the vote overview. It will be very useful. Staked tokens is a very good feature too that saves me time from logging into Steem Engine. As always, your hard work is appreciated. You rock! Keep up the great work and I hope the hard fork will benefit you more. I think it will hurt me as a small contest host, since I will lose 25% of author rewards.

Du hast ein Upvote von unserem Kuration, – Support Account erhalten.

Dieser wurde per Hand erteilt und nicht von einem Bot. Bei uns werden die Beiträge gelesen (#deutsch) und dann wird von dem Kurator eigenverantwortlich entschieden ob und in welcher Stärke gevotet wird. Unser Upvote zieht ein Curation Trail von ca. 50 Follower hinter sich her!!!

Wir, die Mitglieder des German Steem Bootcamps möchten "DIE DEUTSCHE COMMUNITY" stärken und laden Dich ein Mitglied zu werden.

Discord Server an

looks good

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Your updates to SteemWorld are getting better with time! Thank you for making Steem a better place!

Keep Kicking butt my friend. You are doing some great things that help make the steem lives of others a bit better. :D

Steemworld just gets better and better!

Great work! @SteemChiller 👍🏼
Like the votes overview.
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