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Sometimes there is a hidden button that reveals what is about to come next...

If you don't want to click hidden buttons, you can also just visit:

And you will reach the new Worker Proposals Overview:

The overview shows all active (votable) proposals. The LED-like image on the left of each row shows, if the proposal has reached the minimal required amount of voted SP to receive a part of the available SPS Fund on an hourly basis.

As some of you might have noticed, the Currently Available amount is being calculated simply by:

Total SPS Fund / 100

The red status means that the start date of the proposal is not yet reached. Even if the amount of voted SP for those proposals will be displayed as '0.000 M', it does not mean that they didn't receive votes already. It's just so that (currently) the total amount is not being calculated by the Steem nodes for not yet started proposals.

When you click on a row itself (not on the links), the content (post) of the proposal will be displayed:

To close the Post Viewer, just hit Esc on your keyboard or click on the X button.

When you click on the voted SP amount of a proposal, the Proposal Votes Overview will show up:

The rows are sortable by clicking on the desired column header. In this case it is sorted by 'Influence -> descending'. I added a few extras to make it all more self-explanatory.

I guess this will come as a surprise to many of you:
Your witness proxy decides, which projects you are able to support!

As shown above, some of the numbers are being displayed striked through. This is the case, when a voter has defined a witness proxy in his account and that proxy didn't vote the same proposal.

Don't ask me, why that is and if it makes sense at all, but it is how it is. So, in my opinion it does no longer make much sense to set a witness proxy as long as one wants to support proposals that the proxy does not want to support. Do you see the problem?

If you have multiple accounts and want to vote for all of them at once, that feature could be of use, of course. Otherwise I would recommend to reset your witness proxy.

As I know that many people would have asked me later, I added a context hint for those cases:

There is another case that I want to explain here:

Here the voter has set a proxy and the final proxy has also voted the same proposal. So, the voter's influence is not lost in this case, but of course, it could be in future, if one of the proxies should decide to set a different proxy or remove his vote for the proposal.

As some of you may not know, you can set a witness proxy and that proxy can also set a different witness proxy. The maximum length of what I call a proxy chain is 4. Don't ask me, how I managed to still make the data load quite fast. It was really fun for sure to build this, I tell you.

In the meantime I added a small summary in the dialog:

If all of the following voters of my proposal would reset their witness proxy, I would already earn with the SPS:

@likwid, @exyle, @nextcolony, @mattclarke, @slider2990, @bdvoter, @ash, @preparedwombat, @freiheit50, @ericet, @backinblackdevil, @scrooger, @masterthematrix, @alucian, @chrisrice, @ankapolo, @zelenicic, @georgeknowsall, @artemisa7, @dunsky, @jonknight

Let's do it!

Voting for proposals is not yet possible on SteemWorld, but this will be added in the next few days.
More to discover soon ;)

If you think that I bring value to Steem,
please vote for my proposal:

Thank you for supporting my work!

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The linking of Witness Proxy and Proposal voting was not explained and it doesn't make sense.

It took me months here to understand what voting for a Witness means. Proposals are much easier to understand. There is no need to couple these distinct actions.

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I agree, would be better to have a distinct SPS proxy setting for that and a set_sps_proxy operation for the RPC nodes. This would require to add an additional field like sps_proxy in the get_accounts result and the list_accounts method would need to be updated to be able to search for accounts ordered by sps_proxy.

I hope something like this is planned for a future hardfork.
At least we (all) now know how it works.

Well, probably not surprising, but I disagree, and I would be opposed to such a change. The original spec for SPS stated that voting for proposals would work like voting for witnesses. And it was not an accident that we didn't create a separate proxy process for proposals. Adding the need to set multiple proxies for two very similar kinds of voting just means more things for a user to manage. In practice, I don't think most users should be proxying their vote anyways. The two main cases where I think it makes sense to proxy your vote is 1) when you have multiple accounts (this applies to a number of large stakeholders) and 2) when you're no longer actively involved in steem and are just holding a passive investment. In both of these cases, you're probably going to want both to proxy to the same place.

No hard feelings, you guys did a great job with planning, developing and testing the SPS. So far I didn't see any major issue coming up and it seems to work stable.

Maybe my wording was a bit rough, but I still think that it would be better to have a separate proxy setting for that. An alternative solution could be to prioritize the direct votes, so that there is a way to vote for proposals, which the proxy doesn't want to support.

In practice, I don't think most users should be proxying their vote anyways.

I agree. Some witnesses had something like 'set us as witness proxy, if you trust our work and you don't want to keep on track what all the other witnesses do' in their post signature. I guess many people don't know that they cannot support any SPS worker as long as they are proxying their vote. You know that most people don't read the technical details as carefully as developers do.

Maybe my wording was a bit rough, but I still think that it would be better to have a separate proxy setting for that. An alternative solution could be to prioritize the direct votes, so that there is a way to vote for proposals, which the proxy doesn't want to support.

In this case, I think the better and simpler thing to do is to drop their proxying and cast their own votes.

That is one of the positive effects of the current logic. More people with proxies set will begin to inform themselves about how it all works and they may want to make use of the new possibilities too, which is only possible by resetting the proxy... :)

Hmm, I wasn't aware of it, but that "set us as witnes proxy, if you trust our work and don't want to keep track what all the other witnesses do" sounds like a particularly terrible suggestion. To me, there's a big potential conflict of interest in having witnesses also being proxies. It's almost a shame I can't downvote witnesses for that :-)

HUmm.... the down voting witness is indeed interesting. After all, I may want to prevent more a "problem" that "promote" a good thing.

I desagree absolutely.
Having witness proxy linked to SPS voting has broken some of my other accounts proposal voting to a non desired direction(sorted now ofc). That’s not good at all, at least to me.
I don’t think setting a witness proxy implies not being active on the community.
I’m fortunately monitoring the proposals stats regularly and spotted something was wrong, then read this post and noticed the’s not a light one, it’s actually a mess in the proposals votes and have affected the stats of my chosen ones.
This is not one would spect although it may appear reasonable.
I stick on a separate behaviour or at least a massive communication to users how this works for the proposals system. It caught me unaware, I have not enough time to read deeply the tech info and I think I’m the average user here.

My suggestion is that the UI's (e.g. steemit, busy, steampeak, etc) should just warn a user if they try to vote with a proxied account that their vote will not count until their proxy is canceled.

That would be awesome...I would include it in the steemproposals site as well.

Steemit has opened an issue to make this change in their UI:

That’s a cool start to sort this out. 👍

So as a user (example) that does not want to vote, but wants two types of "profiles" of proxy to vote, that user is doomed to choose either one or the other?

I am pretty certain that users that vote for witnesses like me, have a completely way of voting for proposals, again, like me! For me it does not make sense that proxies fill the same bucket. Even if that means less participation. For me, a different problem.

In regards to the work involved. I am fine with the current strategy as long the separation of the proxies is planned and will be carried over in the next HF or soft.

Oh je, das mit dem Proxy war mir gar nicht bewusst. Aber ich denke das es bei mir wohl keine Rolle spielt, da meine Zweitaccounts ja auch für Dich stimmen. Eventuell werde ich heute Abend diese Stimmen zurück nehmen.

@mattclarke proxies to me. I'm now supporting the proposal. Thank you for all that you do on steemworld.

Thank you!

@steemchiller, is there a best manner to receive help in using features on the steemworld website? I've made comments on your posts in the past, and I usually get a courteous response, so here goes.

I have been trying out various avenues suggested to me to create an account, many of which send me an error without explanation for the reason. Recently I paid 3 steem to create an account using steemworld, and it was also unsuccessful. Was able to sign the transaction using keychain and received this error message: "KeyChain returned no error text."

Not able to sign the transaction with steemconnect.

Still have 1 account tickets available I wish to utilize.

Thank you to anyone who responds with assistance. Been a fan of steemworld since the beginning, and I would like to support it by using the account creation feature.

It looks like SteemConnect does not support the operation create_claimed_account (a 'new' operation that came with HF20). This has been the case for KeyChain too, but it worked in my last test. I just needed to update the extension. Do you use the newest version? Chrome/Brave or Firefox?

When I'm done with my current stuff, I will try to create 2 accounts with KeyChain (one with a Chromium based browser and one with Firefox, because in the past there have been big differences regarding Steem API support in KC between those two).

I will come back to you later ;)

Okay thanks.

I'm using Chrome for my KeyChain extension. There was a Chrome update today I just ran.

I got it to work with KeyChain in Firefox and Brave, but I needed to change something on my side. Normally the requestBroadcast method accepts the operation data in the same format as the SteemJS API does, but this is not the case for the field json_metadata. I guess they changed something in their serializer.

Anyway, after refreshing the page it should finally work now :)


Thank you. This is a great service.

Lieber @steemchiller,

irgendwo habe ich gelesen, dass du die SPS-Kriterien geschafft hast.

Wenn dem so ist ... Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Ich möchte noch mal auf einen Kommentar von mir zurück kommen, da ich annehme, dass die Sache eine Kleinigkeit ist, die du sehr schnell ändern könntest. Ich hoffe, ich vermute richtig.

Hier war meine Frage:

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

Hi @double-u!

Ja, ich habe es geschafft und ich freue mich sehr darüber. Um ehrlich zu sein (wie ich ja schon erzählte), kann mein Konto auch unbedingt etwas Unterstützung gebrauchen... Die ersten Einnahmen werde ich also auf jeden Fall direkt auszahlen, aber in ein paar Wochen kann ich dann auch einen Teil davon aufpowern und die Community damit unterstützen.

Die Sache mit dem Aufklappen der Operationen wird erstmal so bleiben. Eventuell werde ich dafür noch eine Option in den Einstellungen hinzufügen (oder per Strg + Klick), aber bei vielen geladenen Daten führte das Zuklappen zu merkwürdigen Phänomenen (blinkte mehr als gewollt), daher muss ich das bei Zeit nochmal prüfen. Vielleicht hatte es auch mit meinem Browser zu tun. An sich gefällt es mir so, wie es jetzt ist, sogar besser.

Ich bin noch nicht dazu gekommen, dir im Chat zu antworten. Du weißt ja sicher, dass einige Menschen länger brauchen, um zu verstehen, wie man mit anderen umgeht. Mach dir da mal nicht zu sehr 'nen Kopf wegen denen. Wir sitzen ja alle im selben Boot und das ist es, was am Ende zählt und uns alle für immer vereinen wird.

Wenn man mit Dingen beschäftigt ist, die man liebt, kann einem sowieso nichts etwas anhaben und das Gute kann dabei nur wachsen. Versuch mal ein paar Tage alles Negative zu ignorieren und du wirst sehen, wie sich deine Realität zum Positiven verändern wird ;)

LG, Chiller

Voted in favor of your proposal soon after your initial post @steemchiller!

Glad to see you are getting some support, and getting closer!

Your campaign (which is being supported by a large number of people in the community) seems to be showing at least one "bug" in the system: On the SteemProposals web site, a project (evidently) can't display more that 300 supporters... so even though the actual support is far ahead of this, what is SHOWN to voters is this:


This was as of a few minutes ago. In reality, I think you are only missing about 800K's worth of votes...

I think @dmitrydao needs a ping for to be let known of this bug.

Fixed. Thanks for catching this.

Sorry, supporting a closed-source project without any concrete deliverables or QA/QC with community funds is a non-starter for me. It's a great project, but you are drastically changing your funding model by drawing from this well. Your operations should reflect that.

As I mentioned earlier in a few comments, SteemWorld will be open source next year, but I need some time to prepare for that.

I added the following to my proposal post, so that no one will miss it:

Since quite some time already, I am in the process of preparing my code to be published on GitHub. As I want to deliver a clean and secure solution for the whole Steem community, it's hard to say exactly, when SteemWorld will be completely open source, but I am doing my best to get it done until Q2 2020.

It's not really clear to me why you can't publish it now, if your plan is to open-source it. Is there some proprietary code that needs to be removed first? Or are you just concerned that the code is "messy" now? If the latter, I don't think this should stop the process. In any case, as an aside, if you do open-source it, I'll add my vote to the proposal (note that this isn't a promise of long term support, that would depend on future progress).

It's the latter and I really have a problem with publishing imperfect code. It all started with a small toolbox, but it grew quickly to a big codebase, which I'm still cleaning up over the time. It took me weeks already and I know that many developers won't bother to do this, but I want to complete it, before publishing the whole thing. So far I made good progress and I think that in a few months I'm done with it.

Of course, this kind of work is important but not highest priority for me and I don't do it the whole day, because there are many other things that also need to be done.

On the client-side I didn't work with arrow functions in JS from start on and I mainly used simple {} objects instead of classes, statics and inheritance. A few years ago there was not much browser support for all the things we now can use in JS, but that's no excuse for me. I don't want to keep the code in kind of a deprecated state. Publishing it now would cost me more time than cleaning it up prior to that.

For the server-side I developed a blockchain parser in PHP, which is still being used (until I can switch to my planned SDS). It parses the chain, stores blocks (for later replays) in compressed SQLite databases and builds the dbs for the mentions, incoming delegations, delegation history, witness stats, transfers search etc. It also contains a request handler class that handles the requests coming from the clients on SteemWorld and a simple ticker API that caches the market prices for currencies and many cryptos.

I assure you I'm sitting here more than 12 hours a day 7 days a week to get all this done. That's no problem for me, because I did this for many years already and I have always been kind of a creative freak. I developed my first stuff when I was ~ 14 years old. I am now 34. I worked for 8 years as software developer in a medium-sized logistics company, collected a good amount of money for my dream of being self-employed and lost it all shortly after I started my business, because of a huge mistake with highly leveraged gold trades.

So, that's a part of my life story. I won't give up on this one, because then nothing else would make sense anymore.

The organic community obviously loves and respects all the hard work you have put into this invaluable tool, thank you for all your hard work, and no mind to the gatekeeping trolls.

SteemWorld will be open source next year,

Great. Please come back with another proposal then. Until them, I'm reluctant to support spending limited community funds on closed source development (which does not mean I will never support it, but its a serious obstacle).

Done and done! I set it to @qurator who is also supporting you all the way! Good luck and thank you for Steemworld!

Got my vote for your proposal the moment I read your announcement. Total no brainer.

Great post as always @steemchiller. I didn't even know you had built this new interface. Must've missed that somewhere. Great new tool and I really appreciate how clean and well designed it is!

Is it possible to create a link to this new website somewhere inside the main SteemWorld interface we are all accustomed to using? I looked and didn't find anything, although I may have missed it somewhere

I didn't even know you had built this new interface. Must've missed that somewhere.

I'm not a guy who talks much about the stuff he is doing, so it can be that I didn't mention it here. There have been many things in the pipeline that will soon see the light.

As I'm already preparing for the mobile version, the pieces of a huge puzzle will soon be put together and people can then navigate through tags, vote posts and comment directly on SteemWorld.

Did you ever try to open this post here on SteemWorld like:

;) Not 100% finished but the difficult parts are done.

Is it possible to create a link to this new website somewhere inside the main SteemWorld interface we are all accustomed to using?

Didn't you see the button that I mentioned at the beginning of my post?
Think 'System Info'... ^^

Hmmm @steemchiller ...

"Did you ever try to open this post here on SteemWorld like:"

";) Not 100% finished but the difficult parts are done."

... the honest answer is "No," as I never knew we had that option. "Flunked " that test ... 😧

And ...

"Didn't you see the button that I mentioned at the beginning of my post?
Think 'System Info'... ^^"

... yes, I did see that, but your original message said "hidden" which it certainly was from me, as I obviously didn't look everywhere, but did not find it. Having used SteemWorld for well over a year, this is one part of it I have seldom ever used. "Flunked " that test too ... 😏

Thank you kindly for pointing these features out. I will remember them (hopefully ...)!

Ok, I admit that the odds for having someone answering my first question with 'yes' cannot be very high... ^^ I just wanted to leave a link here, so that some interested Steemians can see that there are more things happening in background than I talk about in my posts.

Having used SteemWorld for well over a year, this is one part of it I have seldom ever used.

It's always good to receive such feedback, because I live in that world daily and it makes it sometimes hard to know, if people see the same things as I do as developer.

What I learned during this conversation is:

The link needs a more prominent place and should be labelled 'Show worker proposals' or so....

Thank you!

  ·  16 days ago (edited)

Please forgive my linking this to our last exchange @steemchiller, but just "dropping in" to wish you a well deserved ...

💥 🎯 Congratulations! 🎯 💥

... on having your proposal approved! Hopefully, you will be getting your first "paycheck" in the very near future (if you haven't already)!

When do we get the invite to the "party at SteemChiller's house" (non-alcohol, full wits about us version ...)? 😉

Seriously, I was very pleased to see this. I don't know of anyone more deserving. All the best to you going forward into a suddenly much brighter tomorrow!

You can always count on me to provide "the good, the bad, and the ugly" feedback @steemchiller. Just the way I am uhhh ... "wired ... 😉

As for the placement, I will take some responsibility for not finding it. It would be dishonest to say I made an exhaustive search for it. I looked under the "General Data" and "Account Details" buttons, thinking it would be in there somewhere. Sort of like looking for links to Witnesses ... 🤔

Same as I did! ;-)

Ich hatte mich durch dein Proposal erstmals mit diesen Dingern befasst und mir die Infos mühevoll zusammen gesucht. Am meisten war noch bei Steempeak zu erfahren. Aber dieser Post mit den Illustrationen erklärt nun alles. Danke dafür - wieder einmal machst du Steem übersichtlicher!

Dafür ein !BEER

Hopefully you have received my upvote. Resteemed :-)

  ·  24 days ago (edited)


Some ideas/suggestions that might be already in your "pipeline", but just dropping them by:

  • Add tokens support for "Coming Rewards"
  • On Balances add support for total tokens value (or per token table values, staked/unstaked)
  • On Stats add another table in the bottom with configurable 5 tokens voting power in respective Tokens amount and total value (like you already have when selecting)
  • On top table add a column where user can select which tokens to select for rewards history. For example after SBD...
  • Create the option to hide columns (like SBD and "Prod. SP") from the top rewards table (most users are not BPs and SBD will never show until price of STEEM rises).
  • Compare "user" feature: Ability to have a quick view similar to "diff -y" (side by side) of users tokens, staked and/or unstaked, delegated, 100% vote value.

Hopefully my mind will come to more ideas I see on other tools... and I will try to express them to you, so we get more value for your work and the same time we get a more valuable tool.

I voted using the links in your previous post through steem connect. Went through process as requested. After reading this post and some comments I am now unsure if my vote worked as I am not too clear.

Can you check if my vote worked and if not what I need to do to fix? Let me know.

And again all the best with proposal. You deserve it. Great work. I fully support your work and use steemworld all the time.

Thanks for your vote! It is now being counted, because you've reset your witness proxy.

Ok. Great.glad to help. Hope it works out.

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Hey, @steemchiller.

Great additions to Steemworld. Things just keep getting better and better.

re: witness proxies

There always has to be some hitch, doesn't there? I hope folks you've listed figure out what to do. In some cases, the proxies are or at least include the people being proxied. Hopefully you'll get some movement soon.

Great work, you maybe saw my comment about proxy voting.
The steemproposal's own website is unclear as to how such votes are added and it does look like that a proxy-giver could vote twice - once by themselves and once through their witness-proxy-holder.

Your own site and analysis clarifies this. So... sorry, couldn't vote twice ;-)

But it is extremely unfair that a proxy-giver's vote is annulled by the proxy-holder - that needs serious changing.

The steemproposal's own website is unclear as to how such votes are added and it does look like that a proxy-giver could vote twice - once by themselves and once through their witness-proxy-holder.

Yes, that's really a bit confusing on there.

But it is extremely unfair that a proxy-giver's vote is annulled by the proxy-holder - that needs serious changing.

At least people need to know about this, so that they will reset their proxy, if they want to (effectively) vote for proposals. I will keep an eye on that and I think I will mention it in my next posts again.

Looking forward to the SPS on Steemworld. I love how you have continually tried to keep everything in one convenient place! Keep on keeping on my man!

Thanks to your post and my monitoring of the proposals stats could spot the mess is going on... I set my other accounts proxy settings to my main account so this won’t happen in the future.
Who would have thought this could happen?... I think there’s not enough info for average users like me that witness proxy was linked to the proposals voting system. This is not a good at all in my humble opinion.
Thanks for your clear info on this @steemchiller, hope the rest of your voters sort this ASAP, you deserve largely to get this proposal approved and hope it will come soon.

I think that you will make it and get the your proposal approved... I feature I would like to see on steemworld would be an integration with other popular dapps actions, like steemmonsters and nextcolony. Probably it would be added later but with you craftiness I'm sure you would be able to make steemworld the preferred page for every steemian.

Best regards

@exyle is actually one of the founders & managers of the proxy I use, @blockbrothers.

Yes, they made an announcement today and they will support SteemWorld :)

Thank you @exyle ;)

Nice @steemchiller.

I'm happy you are going to get some money for your work 😊

Let's do it!
Voting for proposals is not yet possible on SteemWorld, but this will be added in the next few days.
More to discover soon ;)

Looking forward to that!
Always a pleasure to support your work. @SteemChiller

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I'm sorry I didn't understand what I need to do? Can somebody please explain it simple. I'm self tough english

It's all good now ;) Your vote didn't count, because of the defined witness proxy in your account, but now it is ok.

And to think there's people against funding your proposal...

fucking stupids

At the time of writing this, I have been here for 15 days and love your steemworld tool.

It was useful in determining how effective my voting is.
However being a new account with only 15 SP delegation I don't expect to make much curation rewards, but I would like to make some.
I have noticed that most of the curation rewards shown do not end up in my wallet and wonder why that is?

Below is a screenshot of supposed curation rewards of 0.007 SP lets see how many actually pay out. Its Thursday 19th 8:30 pm NZ time, at the time of taking the screen shot

only two of those actually paid out and it look like the rest of the 0.062 will not pay out ether

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Muss man dich als Proxy setzten, wenn man dich für das Proposal gevotet hat? Weil ich würde gerne @taldor treu bleiben.

Der Proxy ist (wenn gesetzt) der Entscheidungsträger für SPS. Solange @taldor mich nicht votet, kommt dein Vote also nicht (effektiv) an. Du kannst entweder den Proxy rausnehmen (was ich nur empfehlen kann) oder jemanden als Proxy wählen, der mich auch gevotet hat (und weiterhin wird...).

  ·  26 days ago (edited)

Wenn ich also den Proxy raus nehme und dich plus taldor als Witness wähle, geht das auch gut für dich? Wenn ja mach ich das gleich so. Sollst ja deine Stimme haben.

Edit sagt:

Der mag mein Vote nicht annehmen auf Steemit.

Wenn ich dich oder Taldor eintrage dreht sich nur die Sanduhr...
Oder bist du doch unter den Top 100 zu finden? Die Liste ist leider nicht länger einsehbar.

Ich bin ja kein Witness und wenn das mit dem SPS klappt, glaube ich nicht, dass ich die zusätzliche Belastung noch brauchen möchte. Du brauchst mich also nicht als Witness zu wählen, um mich per SPS zu unterstützen.

Sowieso macht es Sinn, selbst für die Wahl der Witnesses zuständig zu sein. Es geht ja nicht nur um Technisches, sondern auch um rein menschliche Geschichten. Es bringt uns ja nichts, wenn wir einen Witness wählen, der technisch auf höchstem Level unterwegs ist (ala Elite Security Agent ZZZ, numerisch 262626 = 888 = 6) aber eigentlich nur plant den ganzen Laden eines Tages mit den vielen für ihn arbeitenden Agenten zu übernehmen. Das soll jetzt nichts heißen, sondern ist nur rein theoretisch ;)

Stell dir vor, du würdest den Proxy auf deine Frau für das wöchentliche Einkaufen setzen. Du isst dann über Jahre immer denselben Fraß, der auch schmeckt, aber da im Supermarktregal lag die ganzen Zeit der absolute Oberbringer, der dich in einen unsterblichen Helden verwandelt hätte aber dir die ganze Zeit entgangen ist, weil du dich nicht selbst darum bemüht hast... ^^

Ich glaube, den werde ich mir einrahmen :)

:-) Sehr geil. Ich verstehe schon was du sagen möchtest und gebe dir natürlich Recht.
Rahme es gerne ein, das ist ein lustiger Vergleich. :-)

Nur jetzt bin ich noch verwirrter als vorher, was das Voten für deinen SPS-Antrag angeht. Ich habe dich ja per SPS gevotet bereits. Also muss jetzt der Witness den ich wähle, dich auch per SPS gewählt haben?

Dann soll doch @taldor das bitte übernehmen und dich voten!?
(Normalerweise liest er es, wenn ich ihn erwähne)
Ich habe @taldor genommen, weil er mir von Anfang geholfen hat und er ist ja keiner von den großen Witness. Ich würde auch lieber kleine Zeuge wählen und bin nicht so der Typus, der anderen wegen ihrem Status unbedingt hinter her rennt.

Wenn er nicht reagiert, spreche ich mit @satren über das Vote von seinem Server.
Ich finde es seltsam, das ich scheinbar manuell keine Witness voten kann(Sanduhrproblem). Nur die in der Top 100 Liste und da bin ich prinzipiell nicht dafür. Soll schließlich alles schön verteilt werden die "Macht" über den Steem. :-)
Salve und viel Erfolg das der Antrag angenommen wird!

Good jhob brader. Succes for you

It was not explained and there was no sense to link the witness proxy to the motion vote. What this intended to vote for a witness took me months to see. Suggestions are much more comprehensible. There are no two requirements for these separate activities.

Thanks for the info
I will vote for your wittness.

Thanks, good job :)

  ·  28 days ago Reveal Comment

Good post

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Thankyou for your contribution.

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@steemchiller, would you mind putting a link to the local copy of SteemWorld somewhere at the bottom of the page so that it is readily available to everyone? That would make it so much easier to check for new versions and have the latest version downloaded at all times. Thanks!

Yes, I will add a link in the page footer soon.
For now I've created a redirect to the download here:

The local version detects automatically, if you have installed the newest (major) version and it will show a popup when a new version is available. In the popup is also a button to be able to directly download it from there ;)

Oh sweet! You are so thorough in your work. Auto-updates are the greatest for ease of use, but having the link in the footer ensures anyone that doesn't already have access to the download will have it handy.
Thank-you so much.
I really do hope your proposal for funding gets accepted soon. This is a huge benefit for all of Steem and its users.

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Hallo @steemchiller habe dich als Proxy gesetzt u. Das proposal vote ist natürlich auch bei dir gelandet . Ich habe keinen Plan von dieser Materie hoffe ich unterstütze Dich damit


View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @steemchiller, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Very nice article

I need to keep a bit of STEEM for some time as I have some plans for it, so I will be stopping, for now, the SBI I have been so happily supporting to you. As an alternative method of support, I will be upvoting some of your comments more often.

Thanks for not giving up. Lot's of different pressures and ideals from everyone. And I understand you are not perfect and you will be learning (as I am every day). But I do believe and like your work should be rewarded, even if there are others that say it can be done in less time. It's up to everyone values to value as they wish. This is one huge unique feature of STEEM that many other blockchains don't have (and that I like, no matter the value I can provide).

Keep up the stuff. I am sensing some movements around that are trying to gather forces to help you. With some extra effort, your proposal will get activated soon. Hopefully.

I voted for your proposal

Thanks for the post.

I voted, but I have Asher, as my witness proxy, but I am sure he voted for your proposal.

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The minimum payout is defined as follows:

const MIN_PAYOUT_SP  = 0.001;
const MIN_PAYOUT_SBD = 0.02;

When you check the option Hide Dust Payouts, payouts below the dust threshold should not be shown in the list anymore.

As the current internal price of STEEM is ~ 0.21272 SBD, I'm pretty sure that your example would not reach the minimum payout. Important to know is that the blockchain first checks the payout amount based on the internal SBD price.

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Loved this one mate. I would suggest later, to make it visible both at the same time. Like in an inner circle for the downvote with a smaller % number bellow the upvote. And the upvote percentage can be green and downvote red. =)

It might need some "art" skills to not make too messy... but I think you have those. So, I just leave my suggestion.

Yes and that's one of the next points on my list ;)