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RE: Steemvoter Rescue: Last Leg of Funding - Deal in Sight!

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Is it strictly a donation, or do people who contribute SBD to the effort have some equity stake in the project?


I put it down as a donation, all of the funds are going to Marc, he has essentially been running it for free for two months, users have had the service pro bono, so small donations are kind of like backpay in a way. We haven't worked out any equity splits at this point, I'm concerned it would add a layer of complexity and slow development. The biggest donations are my own accounts and the third being Pharesim who doesn't really have time to be involved. I think what I would like to do for now is include those people who donated directly in a private channel so they can contribute ideas and be the first to know what we are planning, that could be a good start.

Cool. That's fair. I'm on the lookout for opportunities to invest as various community members roll out ideas for business apps on top of Steem. I still haven't found a model that is working, but I'm sure models will emerge as projects and experiments mature organically...

May I suggest you make contact with me on i have the same username there. @steemsports is going to roll out a web frontend and we are planning on taking on the global betting market, we are quite serious, it already has a working model, just needs a push to moon!

Steemvoter also has potential once we work out our business model, it's a bit of trial and error at the moment in terms of revenue.

I'll contact you on Steemchat. Won't be able to connect until later this evening (I'm in USA Pacific time zone). I'm a big fan of Steemsports both as a player and as possibly (the beginnings of) a business model. I'd love to have the opportunity to learn more of your ideas and discuss collaboration, if that makes sense...

Perfect sense, drop me a message and I will reply when I see it. Looking forward to it.