Steemvoter Pro Tips : Four things I like about Steemvoter that you should too!

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Today we thought it would be fun to go over a few of the reasons why we see our service as being extremely valuable for growing your Steem account from a user's point of view.

We went and asked a very experienced blogger named @techslut what she liked about the service, and she had so much to say we decided to let her write the rest of this article.

Take it away @techslut !

Hi, @techslut here, thanks for giving me the opportunity to ramble on a bit (a lot)!

I curate a lot. Most days I make over 100 votes on posts and comments. Every day I discover new authors and artists and I find myself at 2AM scrolling down my feed so I don't miss out on the content (and curation rewards) from Steemians on the other side of the globe.

Luckily for me, I work with the awesome @buildteam who run the @steemvoter service and a premium subscription is part of the "employee dental plan". Personally, I see it as more of a mental health benefit.

For those of you not fortunate enough to be on the @buildteam, there's discounted promotional pricing avalable until the end of January. So if you're going to give premium Steemvoter services a go, now is the time. I would.

Here are a few of the benefits of holding a Steemvoter account:

Maximal Curation Rewards

With the current curation payout algorithm, the highest curation rewards are for those voting at around 20-30 minutes post age. So unless you have waaaaay too much free time on your hands, maximizing your curation rewards can only be done through automation.

The Smart Feed

I don't know if other Steemvoter users do this, but I use my Steemvoter logs to catch up on posts I've missed while AFK by Steemians I really don't want to miss in my crowded feed. So instead of setting the Ginabot to send me a notification for their posts - I can upvote them automatically and then view the posts (and comment) when I can.


With Streemian being officially dead (RIP), Steemvoter is the only service that can help me reward authors I like and earn curation rewards. Sure, I can have a script running somewhere to autovote on a list of authors, but making it reliable will probably cost me more than a subscription to Steemvoter. Which I get for free cause I am lucky.

FOMO reduction & Out of Office mode

Missing out on high quality posts and curation rewards sucks. Especially if you're away from Steem for more than a day. Using Steemvoter as a kind of "Out of Office" voting service is useful even to small minnows without much SP, but still looking to make some curation rewards while away. And when you're coming back from that vacation away from Steem? You got your smart feed in the Steemvoter logs.

I am pretty sure there are other cool ways to use Steemvoter for a more effective curation experience, but I'll let the awesome @furious-one educate us all in the comments.

Time is running out! Get discounted Steemvoter premium service for only 1 SBD through the end of Jan. 2018!

To see our post on this amazing offer click on the link below:

Not Signed Up? Join Steemvoter Now

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I enjoyed reading this. Thank you @steemvoter and @techslut.

What the @buildteam should create ASAP in my opinion is a Steemit RSS feed so that we can easily share and repost our Steem posts to other platforms. Streemian's RSS feed service was great, that is until it stopped working a while back :(

Thank you :)

OMG I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you! :) I was looking for this for a few weeks already. Is there a website I can bookmark that has all the cool Steem apps all in one place?

There's steemtools but it's kinda out of date so one must search and seek out solutions.

I was missing an RSS feed for steem, so I asked the wonderful @doriitamar to build it for me. And he did. He also documented it on Utopian. This is why the Steemit community is the awesomest.

Yeah, steemtools was not showing any working RSS feed apps. Thank you for letting me know about this one.

The Steem community really rocks! :)

Hi again @techslut, would you know by any chance of an app that auto shares Steemit posts to the steemit subreddit? IFTTT does not seem to work for me for some reason. Thank you in advance.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hmmm... does hootsuite support reddit? I use it to automate posting to Facebook and Twitter. Or perhaps Buffer?

"awesomest"= 2funny

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

SUCH A NICE JOB! @Techslut....Anon will be so please if you review some of his blog

Just wanna ask is that real just pay with 3sbd per month, n u can play with bot easily by charge no extra?

I still do not understand the function of this steemvoter ..

Steemvoter lets you select the authors that you want to upvote, when you want to upvote their posts and with how much of your SP. It automates your curation algorithm and helps you maximize curation rewards.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I must say that steemvoter is the single most significant reason I stayed with and remain on steemit enjoying this community - it really keeps me not only engaged and interested but earns me that little extra as I STEEM along toward dolphin-hood! Thank you @buildteam ! You earned my upvote and resteem here hands down!
♥¸.•°”˜˜”°•.✫ B★E★A★U★T★I★F★U★L ✫¸.•°”˜˜”°•.♥

Nice, keep growing!

I am using it for a while now and I can say that it is extremely helpful. Even if I miss my friend's post I know that it is doing the job for me. Good work, keep it up!

Actually, I have a lot of suggestions for future developments, if you are open to this. Just let me know how to share them :)

Join the discord. Link is in the post. Also, I am a huge fan of yours. Just FYI. :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am already silently there for ages ;)

PS: thanks for the nice message ;)


Chat me up on the discords if you feel like it. If I am awake and not busy, I will reply.

I will try. I am very busy at the moment with both life and steemstem duties... But I will find you, at some point :)

thank you

I use Steemvoter to support some friends, but most of my voting is manual. I don't worry too much about curation rewards.

I'll tell you why I care about curation rewards. More curation rewards means more SP. More SP means I can give bigger votes and / or delegate SP to newcomers I onboard.

Exactly, thank you for doing this, at least you don't upvote yourself up, i hate to see people just upvoting themselves, i prefer to give other people upvotes, earn SP and upvote some more less known people that give out good content. still i though we should only vote around 11 times per day, because of the voting power...

I upvote my own posts and rarely upvote comments. Mostly for visibility. My votes are usually in fractions. Between 5% and 100% of my vote. Comments usually get 1% just for fun. If I only threw around 100s my VP would die very very quickly. So I prefer to spread the love with 100+ little votes than 10 big ones.

Exactly as i do, upvote my own post (0.01$ but it still counts) but never my comment, even though i dont know how to change the percentage of VP... i still don't have much SP so it probably won't make any difference
Thanks for the info, you got a new follower :D

You'll get to adjust voting percentage on steemit when you hit 500 SP. Have patience. Followed back. Also, I checked and my self upvoting percentage is: ~ 5.22 % self votes, last 7 days.

Yes, but I find the effort to reward ratio is not that great for me. If I had 10x the SP it might be. For now I concentrate on rewarding others. I do okay from my posts and comments anyway.

I am lucky to be the recipient of a generous delegation aimed at helping the community and rewarding quality authors. If curation rewards were the ONLY reason for me use Steemvoter I probably wouldn't. That "smartfeed" cheat though, and the ability to give love and rewards to authors I know deserve it? That's why I support automated voting. It is in no way a replacement for manual curation, but it helps save time for people like me who vote a lot.

I've delegated a lot to others so they can help the community. I'm prepared to do more of that.

Out of my "natural" 4,000 SP, 3,000 SP is delegated out to other community members. I check my list every Saturday and try to add another newbie or two. The joy of seeing them discover the vote percentage gauge when hitting 500 SP - PRICELESS! <3

Hi Ilana.. Today is my first day on steemit, and I have no idea how to go about it. Can I ask for your guidance?

Not asking for upvotes, just some guidance on how to go about it. I am ready to put in the efforts to make the community bigger and stronger!

Will appreciate any feedback, and tips!

I would start with the guides and tutorials on @sykochika 's profile. She's put in the time and effort to organize all the information in a document linking to all the guides. If you have any specific questions - look me up on the discords and I'll try to help.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Every 0.001 SP counts :p If it's not worth the effort, I would at least have setup a curation bot to run when your voting power is full

You choose between the two or perform two function either you be the author or you be a curator, this made me love steemit and fast rising in terms of exchange against uSD.

I am both author and curator. I love being both.

The same here!
Experience has shown that a mix of manual and auto-vote is the best solution for me.

May your business grow.

Sounds interesting,... so some automatic solution is the way how to upvote? I thought it should ne your personal interest and manual work how to read and support others.. or am I wrong? I am pretty new here so I appreciate any feedback on my post or some help or advice how to do it in more effective way.

Definitely a combination of manual and automatic upvotes is the best way for many. Imagine your favorite author, whose posts you want upvote, keeps posting at night, when you're asleep like a baby. Sure you can upvote it later but what if you miss her posts - the author will be missing your supportive vote in that case. And more - you'll be hogging all curation rewards from the author.

nice to know, following you for more tips! thanks

Just tried to upgrade my account to premium and it asks for 3SBD per month and not the 1SBD as you have in the post above?

We have a promo going on - you can purchase premium account for 1 SBD/month until the end of January

I want to but this is what it says on that platform?

"Want more voting rules and other benefits? You can upgrade to premium service for 3 SBD per month per Steemit account."

Yea, the admins haven't changed this text (too late now anyway, sorry about that). As long as you send the payment to @steemvoter account and in January, it's considered as 1 SBD /per month. In the memo include word premium and the steem account name you want premium on.

Ok, thank you for the information, really appreciate it.

First time i heard about steemvoter, might give it a try when classes restart, but atm i prefer to give people i know and follow upvotes, unless steemvoter does that for me, how does it work, can someone give me a quick basic tutorial?

I am reestem, this is very useful for me and I want my friend to read it. thank you


wow ide bagus

What is in it for me really? Will it help me build my community? I am looking for something that will encourage my community to grow. Thanks @steemvoter

I know you are responsibility all site of steemit
So, I think to work together…

@steemvoter I followed,commented & signed up in steemvoter


Good to read your post. Good service overall. Keep it up @steemvoter

vote up me to!

nice post, i will try and hope this can help me on steemit

Hi I would like to add my account so I can do Premium with you could you please explain how ? thank you

Subscribed. Finally none of my friend will say that I haven't upvoted the. Problem solved. Thanks

I QOUTE: “ Every day I discover new authors and artists and I find myself at 2AM scrolling down my feed so I don't miss out on the content (and curation rewards) from Stegemans on the other side of the globe.“
This is really what everybody is doing 🤣🤣🤣

I am not addicted! I have steemvoter to automate my non-addiction!!! :P

Very good marketing answer 🤑🤪

Yes, I am a marketer. It's mah job.

Nice 👌🏾

i will happy if you join your steem voter guild

thank you information, i already use it

Good post friends.

Nice post

I tried to register but then it said it needed a PIN. But where can did it send that pin to?

The pin is sent to the e-mail address, that you specify in the same window. If you didnt get it, check your e-mail spam folders, jsut in case.

Ah, it was in my junk folder indeed ;)

Nice post

What are the rules? I can see how many each class gets, but dont see what they are or what they mean.

Rules are where you define, who, when and how much to vote.

Thank you. That makes sense.

Really this is helpful. Well done @techslut

Excellent with full of useful information. Thanks @steemvoter

Upvoted and resteemed.

thanks for the insight into the smartfeed feature @techslut! I didn't understand the point of this bot at first, but I think it just sank in (hooray!) :D

Took me a bit to figure it out too. :)

Nice.Keep it up.Best of Luck

Hi newbe asking, how does steemvoter work?

Good app nice one bro 😍

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Everything said by @texhslut made sense. I'll sign up right away.

So lit bro 🔥🔥more fire🔥

Great article, thank you @steemvoter and @techslut! Though I joined Steemit on 1/11/2018 I only came across Steem Voter on 1/15/2018. After some research I quickly joined. I just wish I found Steem Voter sooner. I feel there should be more blogs that promote Steem Voter and I'll be sure to Upvote and Resteem this post ASAP!
Danny Zale ~ @factcheck

You have received an upvote from STAX. Thanks for being a member of the #steemsilvergold community and opting in (if you wish to be removed please follow the link). Please continue to support each other in this great community. To learn more about the #steemsilvergold community and STAX, check this out.

Thanks for advise!
BTW, how can I subscribe if I don't have 1 SBD?

Correction: the amount of voting rules a free account can have, depends on his Steem Power. For details, consult the following table


Thank you, @furious-one65

Free subscription is free and you get to have 5 rules only. To have more rules, you need to pay.

We live in a world where the rules change faster and faster, do you agree @techslut65? ;-) Thank you anyway! <3

Great opinions

Thank you for sharing this, I am new to steemit and I am determined to learn a lot of things about this network!

Thanks for sharing these tips.

steemvoter adalah sniper dan saya senang melihat bahwa dia terus memberikan nasihat yang baik

Curious about this whole process. Investigating! Thank you

i use my steemvoter to support some friends of mine. thanks for the information

Welcome to Steemit my friend, I hope you do very well, I support you with my vote, and I hope your support in my first publication and in those that come!

Follow me! I will follow you!!

Congratulations @steemvoter!
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I love @buildteam and I love @techslut. She's BuildTeam member too so I love both more. I signed up for Steemvoter within 7 days of joining. It took me 7 months to come back and use it properly; probably because voting and curating authors matters now with some SP at my disposal.

I will subscribe immediately if my latest SP leases are filled on MB market. Someone please do that!

Just signed up today , going for the 3 free rules to start then go from there

am a newbie in steemit so am going to try this right away.thanks for this information.



Ok thank's or arrtical

keep growing...

Quite an illuminating post. I learned a lot, I guess. Probably I should join it too.

h guys I send you 3 steems for premium memberships and you return the money back to me why? What do I have to do?

thank you for best steem voter

Steem Voter sounds great. I'm Oatmeal. Liked. Shared. Upvoted. Resteemed.

I'm Very new in here. I'm trying to make my profile healthy. After reading your article it will be help me a lot. As a result I become a huge fan of yours. Thanks.

fairly new to the community it feels good to know that Steemvoter has our back thanks guys your doing a great job over there

thank you so much for this information good luck

The curation on my account has stopped since I signed up to your service 5 days ago, are you able to shed any light on this? Is there a period of catch up or something?

Hello there. I registered in the site a while ago and still didn't receive my pin to confirm the sign up. is this normal? Then, I did receive an email saying that my account had too many failed login attempts but still no PIN. As in this email about the failed login attempts there was actually a link to reset the password, I tried to use this functionality. Guess what? Steemvoter also sends a pin to reset your password. and guess what again? No email with the PIN. And it's not in the spam folder because I checked. I feel absolutely frustrated right now. Additionally, I was actually reading the FAQ in the minnowbooster website (I know, stupid me right? Who reads the FAQ?) and almost at the bottom it says something about 500 rules and sending 3 SBD for the premium service. To sum it all up, only after making the 3 SBD transfer, I realized that I was actually making a transfer to a whole different service! Thank you for, inside a minnowbooster FAQ, putting information relative to another completely different service. And now, I can't even register in this different service (steemvoter) so I can in some way actually get something in return for the 3 SBD I transferred before.

Vote back

I am using it for a while now and I can say that it is really helpful. Even if I miss my friend's post I know that it is doing the job for me.Very Good work, keep it up! Thanks

Thank you @steemvoter and @techslut
vote me @muhajircbd

thank you so much @steemvoter and @techslut. I am a newbie in this platform, and your post give me an idea of what should I know about steem. I followed you both and looking forward to seeing more articles from you. Have a good day!

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Thanks for the tips and the article!! Resteeming this!🔥

I attempted to sign up. Got an unexpected error message saying to contact you. Thank you

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

nice post
Please help vote me

Thanks for this, and for the reminder, and yes it would be great to up curator rewards so in turn my reward for others would be better.

will check it out.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nicely written. Finally convinced me to sign up :P Well done @techslut


Happy to help!

Nice, this wou help alot, for those of us who are new, every cent counts, motivates us.

Please! i dont know if am the only one experiencing this...please i need help....Thanks


Hello @steemvoter...
Please visit my post and support for reblog post me @muh-isa. Thanks Verry much

Hey Steemvoter, I wanted to register and filled in email, username and stuff - all was good until the registration PIN got send. I switched the tab, copied the PIN and switched back to fill it in - but there was no more line to fill in, cuz it reloaded. Now my username and my email r "blocked" and I can't even get a new PW. It says talk to support. So here I am (:

I have got a problem when I want to register - sign "Unknown Error, please contact us." Would you by so kind a help me with it please? Thanks in advance.

It seems like the Steemvoter system is down 08:43 Mexico City Time! there are any issues!?

Hi my brother
Please teach me to use esteem better and useful.
Thank you

finally found it

hello, can you tell me please why the value of my rule is always changing, I make it 3600 minutes and it always change to 30 minutes, the only one that I upvote is @qurator , who is messing whith that if I always save the rule ! ?

I enjoyed reading this. Thank you @steemvoter and @techslut.

What the @buildteam should create ASAP in my opinion is a Steemit RSS feed so that we can easily share and repost our Steem posts to other platforms. Streemian's RSS feed service was great, that is until it stopped working a while back :(

Thank you :)

You mean like TechslutRSS?

Just change the URL to whatever you need. :)

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment