Steemvoter Guild: "Nominate-a-Friend" for the Guild Vote (Friday May 19)

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Previous winning post - How overpopulation is the root of poverty in India (and the rest of the world) by @maya7

@maya7 is a new Steemit user who only joined a few days ago after being introduced to the platform by her son. In this post she discusses some of the problems facing her home country India today, and how these issues have a common cause: overpopulation. We think that the first step in solving a problem lies in recognizing that the problem exists, so it's great to see @maya7 raising awareness and starting a conversation around this important topic. Steemit is the perfect platform for bringing power back to the people & empowering individuals to better their circumstances, and we are happy to help out with today's guild vote. Steem on @maya7!

Now on to today's nominations...

The "Nominate-a-Friend" Steemvoter (SV) Guild program.

So how does it work? Simple ... reply with a comment to this post with the link to another Steemian's post you think deserves the daily Steemvoter guild upvote, you are welcome to motivate in the reply why you think they deserve it.

The reply with the highest upvote $ value will be the winner and the post nominated in that reply will receive the guild upvote, which as you may have seen from previous posts, is a generous upvote from over 500 guild members, giving $30 dollars or more to the author depending on starting value.

Please make sure your nomination follows these guidelines:

Basic Guidelines

  • You cannot submit your own post or that of your other related accounts that you own or share ownership in, if you are found or reported to do this and substantially verified, your and your related accounts will be blacklisted from future guild vote eligibility.

  • No religious, NSFW, racist, trolling, fake news or inappropriate posts will be considered, in which case runner's up will be selected. @steemvoter has the final word as to which post is selected for the daily vote.

  • We will not vote the same author in a seven-day window.

  • Cut-off time: We will choose the highest value comment nomination within 48 hours of this post becoming active. Please only submit posts that are still within their 7 day voting window, and allow enough time for the guild vote to be done before their payout window closes.

  • This is not about curation rewards for the guild members and getting in early on the vote etc, it is purely to reward the deserving author.

  • @steemvoter will consider this a free market experiment and we will facilitate the voting of the post that the community wants voted, without checking for PLG of content, photos and artwork. At our discretion, blatantly inappropriate posts will not be voted on however.

  • This is a beta guild project and terms are subject to change at any time.

Let's make Steem great ... together!!

The Steemvoter Guild

If you are not already a part of our SV Guild please support our service and the authors we uplift by signing up at; add your Steem account and make sure the "Guild" checkbox is enabled for each account you load on the dashboard.

In addition, you will be able to use our bot service to select your own authors to auto-vote; the guild vote is an additional daily donation to a deserving Steem author.

Steemvoter is a public curation bot with an easy to use interface, it truly is a bot for the people, making automatic curation on Steemit easy with just a few clicks.

This is a payment post! Thank you for allowing us to use your Steem accounts to upvote this post by virtue of your free subscription to our bot service!

Anyone not signed up at is welcome to do so or just vote this post to help the project.

And if you missed it, be sure to check out our Steemvoter Week In Review for Apr. 22 - 29 for previous guild vote winners & Steemvoter news.

Should you require any assistance please contact @thecryptodrive or @cryptomancer in the channel on

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I would like to nominate a dear friend of mine who just very recently (few days) joined steemit! I think there is no really need to "justify" my nominee at all, just look at his latest post (and his works in general) and you will know why! I bet you will be impressed!


Congrats, your nomination was selected for the guild vote! Their post should be voted on by our guild within the hour.

I would like to nominate @aashishkandel for his great post about the art of learning which begins with the introduction of learning, how it's different from earning, how learning is the ultimate earning, how he encourages to learn more and more etc.
He joined steemit two months ago and he has now achieved first big milestone of 100 followers which is depicted in very beautiful manner in his last post and he is already on the way to 200 followers. I hope it may encourage newcomers to get more engaged in the community .
He is one of the most active person here, and he is heavily found in comments. He promote new and great steemians and appreciate them in their comments. He has been highly undervalued as he owns only 70 steem power but he is highly loved by the community. I think it's time we celebrate his effort :)
link here

Congratulations @steemvoter!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 1 with 1016 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 7 with $ 477,6

I missed the snow but does not mean I cannot nominate this post from @webdeals.
I miss the SUN!


thank you my friend :)


You're welcome

I nominate my singing friend @steemitcitizen! We convinced him to show us his voice in his newest creation!
Encourage him so he doesn't' give up!

I'd like to nominate @ianmoore. He's a very talented vlogger who makes videos of high quality that I think deserve more exposure.

This is one of his last posts I want to nominate:

The next post is a bit old, but it's a good example of how much effort Ian puts in the making and edition of his vlogs:

I would like to nominate this post of @dreamiely of "Why Building a 'Following' is Equally Important" us steemians will find this interestly true 😊

I would like to nominate @rotfoot and his c-130 Arial photography series.
He is a friend of mine, but he has a lot of shots to share that most people wouldn't be able to see otherwise.

Today I would like to recommend a awesome guy, who recently joined Steemit. He is a developer and a specialist which explains many difficult topics related to blockchain in very simple manner:

I would like to recommend his last post:

IMO we need on Steemit more technical guys like him, which can explain in simple way different complicated things! :)

I would like to nominate @lennartbedrage for this amazing piece of work "The Ripple XRP Effect - Fundamental Analysis." 14 hours of research and all original analysis for the layman.

nice...i upvoted you

This is a dope way to appreciate other creators, nice post!

Greatest,, i wanna like her too.

Upvoted and RS. Damn nice post!

Am registed in steemvoter as geologistoman anot recieved any power yet from it