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Title: [Video Podcast] - #SebastianRaw Episode #1 - My Mums greatest lessons

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Author: @sebastianjago
Joined Steem: December 2016
Reputation: 62
Location: Earth
Followers: 92
Posts: 398
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Curated by: @cryptoiskey and @thecryptodrive (witness)

@sebastianjago is a lifestyle coach who has joined Steem in December 2016 to share his wisdom with the community, his latest post is a great one about family values; too often we let the fast-paced pressures of modern society take over and destroy the fabric of the nuclear family, it is important to keep up with simple rituals such as all eating together at the dinner table to help maintain the family bond, respect and unity. Spending time unplugged from the TV and technology can only strengthen a family.

Thanks for this wholesome post!!

Keep up the great work and helping to make Steem great! Enjoy the SV Guild upvotes, which should come through within the hour.

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Thank you for the mention and support. It is appreciated. This is a great initiative.

Myself and my steembot-army apreciate the service!

The Steembot-army is very the idea!!!

I have just posted about my cointelegraph interview about steemit I hope you find it interesting :)

Hey, that did very well... good job. Your post made nearly $70, we are looking to vote posts that are valued under $20.00 at the time we select it.

Thanks for sharing the fruit of your research, namaste :)

@steemvoter I've tried to create an account at your webpage, but it never sends the PIN code mentioned on the page. I used the same alias on your page as here and since I had to reboot I can no longer enter any pin that may come trough. Nothing stuck in spamfilters or clutter folders.

I have also sent a message trough mail to the address advices' on your webpage that states that you read. But no reply from that either.

Please advice.

Also pinging @mallorcaman

Hey there, I have deleted the account on the system so you can try again. Best to use Google Chrome, and enable cookies if you can. Firefox has issues. Let us know how it goes second time around.

I used Edge to sign up before, but did as you said and tried Chrome instead. Still no e-mail after submitting the form. The form shows me the "Sent PIN" field, and no other errors. But it just never arrives. Nothing in junk or clutter folders. Can you confirm that the e-mail has been sent out and hasn't got stuck in a queue on your end?

Hey, I'm going to refer this to @marcgodard he handles the technical side of things. I will get back to you.

Ok I have manually verified your email, try login now and see if it works.

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