Calculating Social Profits

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This post will be my attempt to explain a somewhat abstract concept I've been attempting to polish for a while. In order to understand my motivations behind writing this today, please visit @timcliff's original post, maybe you can partake on this call to action as well.

Steem's true Value

In my view the highest value that this blockchain has brought its users, has less to do with the specifics of the technology itself, and a lot more to do with the social constructs we, the users, have built on top of it. That is to say, that some of the profits we've acquired could not easily be calculated by the size of a crypto-wallet, pending payouts, or the number of times a content creator made it to trending.

This particular aspect might be directly connected with our understanding of social structures and the emotional needs most of us seem to have. Relevance, purpose, quality relationships and being part of a tribe (sort of speak), are not new human necessities, but the very reason why we have thrived as a species.

With this in mind, armed with this somewhat basic knowledge in sociology, we can conclude that the quality of the Steem experience is connected to communities that participate of this blockchain. The role a user serves within those communities effectively simulate millennia of healthy human interactions.

Communities are here already

They are not dependent on SMT's or the Hive upgrade to exist and operate. Most of us would be familiar with the biggest ones, but I submit to you that we may currently have hundreds. The specifics of their activities, their niches and other details might not be as relevant as the social value they bring to their participants.

Regardless of your level of adeptness to social interactions and your voiced preference when it comes to ingroups. It's very hard to make an argument for the strength of the opposite. People who choose to not participate of communities, to not seek out social relevance, struggle a lot more to find the motivation it takes to accomplish meaningful goals.

In this sense, I believe we are doing an OK job, but maybe not good enough, not currently. This is to say, that tribalism at times gets the best of us, and we do not identify the advantages of collaboration across the communities already in active existence. The failed mentality of othering people tends to take over yet again, even in our "simulated" online social structures.

Increasing the Value of Steem

In my view becomes a challenge of improving the user experience, but not only through changes in the code, and prettier user interfaces. The cultural shift that I believe in needs to take place, and it begins at the top, and unlike the economic lies we have been sold regarding trickle down, this mind shift, and subsequent cultural influence, would probably do the job.

Smart stake holders with a long term vision must be able to recognize their own interests in the idea of supporting leaders of communities that echo these values. I believe, that It would be a difficult task to proof to anyone that with code alone we could effectively create the right culture on to the platform, but I'm not closed to the idea.

The Network Effect

A network effect (also called network externality or demand-side economies of scale) is the positive effect described in economics and business that an additional user of a good or service has on the value of that product to others.

Is without a doubt the sole reason why even the most selfish of investors could not look at a blockchain like Steem and dismiss it lightly. Meaning, that as much as we may or may not have the best of technologies, the best development team, the best ideas or even the best leadership, we have without a doubt, the busiest blockchain in the world and the highest amount of wallets to prove it.

The proof is in the pudin as the say, and a click to visit blocktivity would be all it should take to convince you of this very point.

In Conclusion

As a stake holder and as a smart investor, your long term focus, your Utopian vision for the future, should be aligned with the recognition of the power in virtual communities. In the future, our online social interactions will probably dominate our society and become important not only to our economics, but also to the emotional health of humanity regardless of cultural backgrounds and languages of superfluous division. Because, even there, on the language barriers, we are leaning towards a universality of communication.

You want to help Steem grow? You want to help your investment become a source of blessing for you and others? You can start now, you start today being a guiding hand, taking those new users that jump on to the platform and leading them to the communities that will teach them how to grow, how to interact, and how to take part of the right culture and adopt the right mindset.

Then, and only then, we can attempt to calculate social profits, when the conversation and the concept becomes intuitive, simply becomes we are all benefiting from it.

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something Ive been thinking recently is that even though its really nice that people support each other with automatic voting, it sort of blunts the edge of the community interaction because people don't get round to reading the posts and then don't comment, and you start to wonder, well WHY should I make $5 off of a post when no-one has read it? It means that the media is VERY disposable, sometimes even irrelevant. I am not a fan of discord because I find it overloads my brain and stresses me out, but I can see that a significant level of GENUINE community activity happens there, and if those conversations were 'upvotable' and monetized then perhaps there wouldn't be so much need for people to constantly spit out unnecessary posts just to recieve upvotes from bots and people who aren't even reading the material. This might then focus the commnunity on GENUINE LIVE interaction where we all know the real revolutions happen, like in the taverns of olde :)


I suspect, and I could be wrong that because we are basically dealing today with a bucket of unorganized legos, many of the things we default to are simply the best we can currently build, and not the system at its true potential.

On the whole discord part, I could not agree more, and this is why I push towards that and run the initiatives we do in order to help people interact socially. You may have not participated of the discord in a while, but if you would see what we've been up to I think your mind would gain some perspective on the matter.

Inside this blockchain however, I happen to believe this sort of hard to describe distance between a reader and a blog, leaves most uncomfortable with approaching the creator. Meaning, that he/she is perceived as an archetype author and not as a regular human being behind a keyboard.

Now, do I think manual curation is stupid, or ineffective, not by a long shot, but in the scale of a small account it can never be profitable. Meaning, that unless you are able to interact and curate at a hyperhuman rate.

I would really love to have you participate of one of our conversations one of these mondays, I think you would enjoy it.


I would like to. What time do you do it?


10pm Monday night for you.

This is really cool brother, the desire to help one another to grow cannot be over emphasize. Like seriously the new user should be giving a lot of orientation and support to get going on the platform, they are actually having difficulty time not getting along with people because of greediness. For steemit to grow and reach it desirable there is need for effective communication among user as we know that the number of activities on steemit actually dictate the price if I'm correct.

You nailed it...

Social interaction is the most important part of this community. We might be making lots of money through the usage of the platform, but as far as steemit is concerned, no achievement would be recorded if their is no interaction.

Community is the only backbone to all activities on steemit, when people have the deep knowledge of dos and don'ts of steemit, it woukd help in retaining more people.

Lots of people are backing out already, because they don't feel welcomed and encouraged, if the established member of the community like me and you cannot block this hole, the future of steemit is at stake.
Thank you for this super wisdom, you are one of the true leaders needed by this community.