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Project Introduction by:
Rick Miller
Original draft August 2016
A tdv.witness Project

SteemTrail: An Introduction

Since my introduction to and the STEEM network, back in May 2016, I had the opportunity to immerse myself into the community and several projects aimed at expanding the user base. However, I have found the retention of the current user base to be an equally important objective that needs effective planning and resources allocated to assist in continued growth. So, in July 2016 I started outlining a plan.

With that said, I proudly introduce the plan. Welcome to SteemTrail.

The SteemTrail proposal provides a two phase approach that is aimed at user engagement in the curation of categories/tags, and increased voting of users across the platform. Correctly implemented, SteemTrail will organically grow each category/tag(s) by providing incentives for those who vote consistently and seek out new members to support the category/tag(s) they prefer.

The members of the community want to engage. They want to feel like they are part of the growth and success of and STEEM, so they help current curation projects by submitting posts on other authors behalf. SteemTrail allows each member to support post in categories/tags they like, and more than likely post in. The members just need a more specific project to focus on. And in doing so, we will see organic growth take place right before our eyes.

SteemTrail: Curation Experience

The experience I have acquired in the curation of posts on the platform began as an original member of Team Smooth. I was given the opportunity to participate in this project July 2016, and gained valuable knowledge about STEEM and I was required to find buried posts that had the potential to trend but just didn't get the exposure a well known author may get. This project introduced me to other members who also had a talent for finding great posts that could potentially trend. With this group we formed a curation project called Robinhood Whale.

The objective of the RobinHood Whale project is find buried post that have potential to trend. However, instead of @smooth receiving curation rewards, the RobinHood Whale would receive them and grow as an account for the community. For every author that was featured, the RobinHood Whale gained another supporter. This project is currently going strong and has featured hundreds of unique authors in a few short months.

My experience with these projects have given me more insights and ideas on ways to make curation of posts more direct. SteemTrail is that idea.

SteemTrail: Phase One- STEEM Power Trails

The STEEM Power phase is the first phase of SteemTrail. I have reviewed the Top 500 STEEM Power holders, and have found that over 50% do not vote and receive curations rewards that reflect that of an active voter. With a delegate voter system in place, these 50% could allocate 5-10% towards a category/tag curation trail or a curator that manually votes (voter delegate). This would not consume any of their time, they would use the curation trail services of to delegate their vote.

The Top 500 is only a part of this. The lack of voting is platform wide because it does require time each day to perform, and most people simply do not have the time. Using a voter delegate solves this problem and is a simple process. The process not only helps the platform, it provides curation rewards for members each day.

The members who are wanting to increase STEEM Power by getting curation rewards can join a voter delegates curation trail and watch as rewards come in daily. The curation trails will have accounts setup that members can join. When the members join a curation trail, they will select the trail that services their STEEM Power. This is done to allow smaller voters to acquire curation rewards as well. Larger voters voting before smaller voters result in zero rewards for smaller voters.

The accounts that members can join are based on STEEM Power:

1k and below

Update of Phase One:

Phase One has been running for two months now with success. For those participating in this phase, the STEEM POWER generated through curation rewards has increased 200-800% for each participant. The organizing of votes based on STEEM Power will be implemented in the coming days.

The current curation team for phase one consist of of myself and two(2) other curators. This allows for three(3) shifts voting 24/7. This team will grow as funds are available to recruit more curators.

The project uses to organize the trails. SteemTrail is currently testing alternatives to be added to project.

SteemTrail: Phase Two- Category Trail

The Category Trail phase gets me excited when I think about the possibilities. The concept of category trails will assist in each category growing organically across the platform. As these categories grow, user engagement increases not only in voting but in seeking new members to join that category. I envision current members discussing how great the Travel category is on and not just the website that has hundreds of categories.

The categories will now have members taking ownership of them, participating in their growth in memberships and rewards. So, instead of having one huge community, we will have hundreds of communities with members growing them.

SteemTrail will select curators for each category. These curators will have posting keys for the category trail account so it can vote and post about category stats. This account will grow by author and curation rewards. I see each category having other accounts based on STEEM Power as the category grows.

Examples of category trails:


Examples of STEEM Power category trails:


Update of Phase Two:

My vision is to involve every member of the platform and to give equal opportunity to contribute. SteemTrail is currently seeking members who wish to contribute by curating category/tags they have interest in. The goal is to have a minimum of six curators for each category/tag. I have put together incentive plans to make sure each curator receives compensation for their time.

If curating a certain category/tag interest you, or if you are seeking more information please join us on SteemTrail Chat

SteemTrail: Vision

The goal of SteemTrail is to organize curation teams to manage and grow categories on The curation team for each category is also responsible for new member onboarding which includes post formatting, posting guidelines, and fielding general questions about and the STEEM network.

The efforts of the curation team will result in a positive new user experience and increased retention rate on the platform. We can expect organic growth of each category.

This is an introduction to SteemTrail. Thank you for reading and remember to keep on steeming!

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Get to know @instructor2121 by reading his introduction post found here.

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This is a good idea!

you have been reading my mind. You are the first one to mention: user experience, which should be steemit primary focus for now.


user experience and retention. huge in regards to growth.

Very good idea. Upvoted and would love to participate.


Thank you! You can join us here SteemTrail Chat


Cool, see you there


I'd like to work on the Gardening tag with you, @luzcypher, if you're interested in that area.


Hell yes I'm interested in gardening, but you already knew that I suspect. Where, when do you want me?


Seems like a solid plan. I think we will be needing more active members for steemtrail to really take off.


I agree. I feel that member engagement is very important across all projects we have currently on the platform. I want to invite everyone to be a part of this project, and have a part in growing

I also support other projects we have on the platform and do not look at them as competition. It is important that all projects get the support, because in the end its all about expanding the platform.

Love the plan and I am happy to participate.


Awesome Randy! Join us in chat. Going straight into beta tomorrow.

Very nice!, I'll go over this post more later and jump in SteemTrail chat . Thanks for your help even though you are busy with all your projects!


Thanks man! See you in chat

Very good idea. What would be really great, as a side product, is creating some sort of steemwikis, where for each topic (at least for tech/science ones) you make a compendium of the most informative steemit posts.


Great idea!

Congrats for the persistence, clarity and vision. I would love to get involved. Joined the chat and left a message there. Thank you :)


Thank you! I received message and have your Category/Tags noted.

This sounds like an awesome idea! I would love to see better organization for tags. I think there should be categories for posting instead of just random tags to choose or create. I write in the humor category and would love to be involved in curating more humor posts on SteemIt! Great work, Rick! :)


exactly! and you can help grow that tag to create a community that will increase in value. most importantly it is controlled by the community and not a central group.

@instructor2121 do you think it would be good to "couple" SteemTrail to the "Steemitrecipes Daily Picks" initiative? The recipes Daily Picks works in a way like a daily "curation" of 4 food category posts, but there is no whale voting guarantee.

The Daily Pick is currently at its #14 edition, so you can check to have a better idea how it works and why it is in need of entering the "radar" of SteemTrail.


Absolutely! There are several different ways SteemTrail can be used with Steemitrecipes Daily Picks.

Join us in chat and we can discuss.

I would like to contribute to Spanish-Trail


Join us in chat and we can discuss.

I appreciate this initiative. I would like to become a curator for some category in the future.
Resteemed and upvoted.

Hi @instructor2121, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads today and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.


I've just found this, directed here by @kiwideb and I'm also interested. I've voted for @tvd.witness (and a few other names I recognise from my votes lists).

I think, with help from people like you guys, we're going to have a wonderful, vibrant, thriving community here on Steemit. Well done <3

This system is nice but a bit crypto. Even more, I listened some mp3 of the Steemit radio programs and it does not sound too good. I think most of the people look for a source of income in a World falling apart and not s system were to feed their egos. Who cares about our own egos if our stomach is empty? If people could feed themselves using their egos this was going to be the best system around the globe but unluckly we can not use it to survive.

Good to read about the genesis of the trail project. Hopefully catch you on Discord soon.

@mckeown12, check this out! this is what math-trail is based on!