The Old Dog Presents: Our Fifth SteemTradeCards For 2018. The Witness We Call Dr. Duty @jesta

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Once again with this card @airmatti and I welcome @wolfje who has written all of the biographical information that you see here. 

Before having a look at this prolific Steem blockchain builder  please note that you can see all of our 2017 cards by clicking here and all of the 2018 cards, films and project information can be seen on our @steemtradecards site!

One of The Steem Blockchain's Amazing Witnesses @jesta

This guy is not a talker, but a developer. 

You barely notice him, but that’s how he does his best work. He’s honest and wants his applications to be practical for all Steemers so that they’ll actually use them! If he notices that he can’t live up to the expectations he’s even willing to refund the users who invested in his applications. What a stand-up guy!

This brilliant builder has plenty of ideas that will keep him developing all the time as he constantly reminds himself to focus on his motto: “do one thing, and do it well”. 

We’re all very curious to see what he comes up with this year, especially once the much anticipated Smart Media Tokens are launched!   Go get em @jesta!   

Let's Take a Closer Look at The Man That We've Dubbed Dr Duty!

Here is @jesta a.k.a. Dr Duty, getting ready to perform his special brand of surgery on the Steem blockchain!

This guy is so busy creating great apps for the Steem blockchain that he didn't have time to pose for a shot!

His accomplishments on our behalf are unsurpassed!

Here is The Full Text as it Appears on The Card!



Location: USA   

You might call this dynamo Doctor Duty! A developer through and through, @jesta has been creating IT wonders since before he could walk! 

This witness is the guy behind killer applications like: SteemDB, chainBB and Vessel and he has much more for us in store in the upcoming year.   

Keep on the lookout for any announcements from this masked man as he forges ahead while sticking to his motto ‘do one thing, and do it well’.        


Posts: Sure he writes an average of under 3.5 posts a day but this guy is a developer not a talker! We’re glad that he lets his applications do the talking for him.    

Followers: Leaders always pick up followers and this blockchain wizard has picked up, on average, a stunning 30 fans per day   

Random Fact: Jesta has many servers running for the Steem network which he keeps humming along as only he can! Dr. Duty indeed!

A Special Mention Goes to the Following Members!


  • @airmatti for his awesome design. I have sent him 15 Steem as part of this ongoing @steemgigs which has already paid out 100's of Steem to this talented artist. 
  • @wolfje for producing the text for this card. @wolfje will recieve 10 Steem for his awesome contribution!
  • @surpassinggoogle for the @steemgigs tag and the opportunity that it gives to so many!

Please Also Support The Animated Version of The Card

@airmatti has also  produced another cool animated version of the card which feature  original music by one of our other amazing Steemers! You can find it here.

What do You Think?

  • Who would you recommend as deserving of a Steemit Trading Card?
  • Are you Looking Forward to Our New Series For 201?

I hope that you enjoyed this presentation of SteemTradeCards Mysterious Witness @jesta

Until next time,  

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


This idea will become big.
And are these cards going to get printed
Or are they going to be digital cards.

We've already printed a full set of the 2017 cards and as each new card is produced in 2018 it goes to the printer. 10 are shipped immediately to the recipient and the rest are stored until we have the full set for 2018.

You can see them here

This is pretty awesome

Wow, never knew he was the one who made ChainBB and the almighty Vessel. Way to go @jesta, keep pushing steem high.
These cards are awesome btw @kus-knee. Now i know who the developer is and i guess there are a lot like me. At least they can get the recognition they deserve.

Yes he really is a brilliant guy!

He is one of best developer and a true steemian @jesta his work is commendable.

Thank you @kus-knee for posting these cards and who better to be on a Steemit card than @jesta. is one of the best ways to keep track of ones account......thank you @jesta.

Wishing you all the best.


It’s been a pleasure. Thanks for stopping by!

Once again you have done your work nicely. I appreciate your good work and welcome to @airmatti. COngratx to @jesta! for the great achievement. Awesome preparation of steemcards.
Best of luck for you work kus-knee :)

Thanks a lot!

Awesome #kus-knee these guys are very talented peoples on here steemit, i really support and appericiate her good work and these information they are provide for this community ☺ keep it up!
I surely will wait the new series! Good luck

Thanks for your support!

really great and impressive work @jesta there is so many talented and experienced people on this community like him and this is the beauty of this community that the minnows like me seek so many things and i appreciate you too for this great post so keep it and stay blessed and thanks for sharing this great work of the legends of this community.

It been a lot of fun working on this series!

yeah absolutely and i hope you will continue work like this.

He's done some impressive work.
I just knew him as the top guy at the witness page.
I didn't know he has had so many accomplishments on the steem blockchain.
Thank you for this info
It's good to know who the top guys are

Impressive @jesta
Diligent and talented people are here on steemit and we are proud of it. Great and keep it up
And yes I'm looking forward to your new series

Thanks for your visit and your support!

Always welcome

This guy is on the top in the witness list.
Congratulations @jesta You yet achieved one more milestone.
I'm really happy for you.
Good to see you on steemcards.

Yes it’s great to have him.

Great to have to too @kus-knee

For a newbie like myself, I must say, this project is quite useful.
I barely knew about the platform a month ago. Having the steemtradecards allows me to get up to speed with all the great content creators and developers that otherwise I probably would have a hard time finding on my own. Thank you Old dog : )

Thanks a lot @the-beard! Yes helps even us to get to know them better. Feel free to use the cards on the billboards of your model city by the way!

We’ll do, sir : )

the cards are great .. what would be the value of a card if one wanted to buy it?

Hi There, @airmatti will ship a set of the the 2017 series for $25.00 including shipping and handling. We accept payment in Steem or SBD.

And if you do not want the collection ... and you just want a personalized card ... how much would it cost?
the same $ 25

You mean to get a personalized card of you or a friend for instance? We haven't been offering that up to know but we have been contemplating it.

It would be a good idea to make a custom personalized card .. if I wanted one, at this time not because I do not have the money yet .. but if I wanted a card with my picture and my characteristic I would have to talk to @airmatti to design it

This is what we call the true spirit of this wonderful platform and i welcome too for writing an awesome biographical information, Great job done

Once again with this card @airmatti and I welcome @wolfje who has written all of the biographical information that you see here.

I am convinced that @airmatti is a wonderful designer with creative themes

Well thanks a lot @kus-knee for introducing us some wonderful artistic minds :)

Thanks for your kind words!

Well he sure is the unsung hero out in here :)

You are sooo right!

Such a mysterious and at the same time famous man Steemit! @jesta was one of my first witnesses for whom I voted. So many useful tools, you will not be bored. Thank you @kus-knee!

Такой загадочный и в то же время известный человек Стимита! @jesta был одним из моих первых свидетелей, за которых я проголосовала. Столько полезных инструментов, вам не будет скучно. Благодарю вас @kus-knee!

Yes he is very mysterious. Let's see if he shows up here.

I also thought about this ..))

He is a very kind guy. He deserves definitely a card in your deck.
Thank you!!!!!!!

Yes it was well deserved!

Typo: Sure he writes an average of...

Not sure why I only got this comment now because we fixed it a few hours ago. Anyway thanks. The double image at the top hasn't been swapped out so maybe that's what your referring to.

When i wrote, the error was on both of the images.
The top image (double) still shows the old text.

this witness card is so cool looks so awesome and fun :D

Thanks a lot!

😍 😍 😍 Another work of art @airmatti, fantastic work!

Hello, @kus-knee!

Thank you for presenting @jesta to us, I've already voted him as a witness. I am grateful for the applications he has created, are very useful and I am glad to find thse things about him. I wish you both success in future projects.

Thanks a lot!


I'll vote for him as a witness, how nice your presentation is, I'm glad to find out so many things about @jesta. I also did not know that he created those apps, congrats for his work and for your nice presentation.

I’m glad that it was both fun and informative.

Very cool getting to know these folks.

Thanks OLP it’s been a lot of fun.

Thanks a lot for this information

That Jesta photo was one of my favourites :D

jesta are amazing people...
This is a recognition well deserved.
Keep fighting for what you believe @jesta

I recommend to @surpassinggoogle
Sure.. I searching your new series for 201..

The original gangsta..

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i wud have been no where close to his work... even if knew what it is all about....

hatss of broveee

This is truly amazing!!!!!! You have done a great job!!!!

Very interesting post. Thank friend for your super post. again thank a lot

best friend!

yes, really interesting post dear

it's good that there are people committed to what they do ...

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..

This cards are amazing!
Congrats to all guys that are working in this project!👏
And to you old dog for your interestings post, like always!
Sei un grande!

One more cool card! This project will have a lot of success! Keep improving your bright idea guys:)

P.S. one more proposal for the next card: @englishtchrivy !

@jesta is totally amazing and gave me a big boost in getting started on Steemit. I only hope I can somehow return the favor someday.