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When I first stumbled upon Bitcoin I instantly saw a use for it, for the idea to eliminate current services around the world such as Western Union and other payment processors. Obviously the markets and price action caught my interest at first as well and I wasn't really in it to make the world a better place, more so to enrich myself first and then maybe see how I can help making the world a better place. The more I read about the discussions around it, why it worked, where the innovation and invention was and why it was a big deal it started to dawn on me.

Trust. Trust is a weird thing in the world, there are a lot of things we believe we trust until the floor is suddenly removed from under our feet. People trust the governments and the banks because of laws around them, it's just how things work and how they've worked in forever, but when there suddenly are some actions that make all of the above powerless the trust is quickly gone. If you ask people in certain countries about the trust they have in their governments or banks it will quickly get controversial, we've all read the news of how quickly things have gone south in certain countries and in the end the people that have suffered the most have been us, the people. That was one of the big things that Bitcoin was set out to solve, not having to rely on trust, trust instead being placed on math which is a lot more trustworthy than most things created by the people and help up by the same people.


Looking at middlemen services around the internet at the time we all understood why they existed, most things had to do with trust and escrow services. In order to send your payment to person x living in country x you needed a service that would take care of the payments, ensure you'd get what you paid for and at the same time guarantee that you'd get your money back if something went wrong along the way. It's all fine but as a lot of other things in the world they were powered by greed, companies either being a monopoly where they knew there was a need for them but not many other contenders around could increase their costs at will and so they did. The amount of money they made from simple things such as people sending money abroad was staggering, you'd think there would be easier and less costly ways but there weren't and companies attempting to do better often didn't make it as far because the giants made sure they wouldn't so they could remain in their thrones.

It's the same everywhere and in every section really, the internet was new, a few people saw opportunity and made moves quickly. Then they were too big to fail and made sure the smaller ones starting out would. This is where I saw Bitcoin thriving and eliminating all these services altogether.

Over the years I have to admit Bitcoin and crypto in general are still lacking in utility and using the advantages they provide fully, but that's just something that takes time. At the same time a lot of projects and services arose such as exchanges that became really big and made it harder for smaller ones to get up to where they were at, this power allowed them to do the same mistakes other services before them did. Change the rules, fees, vision and other aspects of their services which most of the time ended up costing the regular people. In some ways it ended up costing them deeply, such as Mt. Gox and whatever is going on with Bitfinex's alleged hack. I think people need to start learning what decentralization and true trustlessness really means and I am hoping we see decentralized services rise to the occasion to show them that things can be done in this manner now instead and will be a lot more secure and in favor of the people.

Having said that I see the same mistakes going on on Steem as well, we're still in the early phases so I understand why there is a need for these services and why people will keep using them, but I for one want to be part of the solution to eliminate these in my eyes unnecessary services completely. I'm all for creating for profit businesses on Steem but they should be able to give you a service that is worth the fees you are paying them. Games and other entertainment ones are clear why they will cost you and have fees, over time people will realize how cheap it is to host these businesses and services on Steem, similar to how cheap it is for witnesses to maintain their servers after the Steemit team has been working on lowering the requirements needed to run them.

My plan with @ocdb was not just to give the underrewarded authors a way to continuously grow their stake on Steem by providing original content, it was also to show how relatively easy it is to create a service which doesn't need to be taking a x % cut each time for what it does. Unfortunately there are many here today that do and continue doing so and it mainly costs the delegators and users. Again we have the power to remove these services, they exist right now because we use them. Maybe there are not enough of other options out there right now but they are coming and I for one will make sure they will continue coming even if it costs me to get them there because that's what decentralization is for me. Services and projects that don't constantly keep taking a fee and making it more costly for SP holders and users instead empower those users and stake holders to the maximum of what our blockchain and its current rules can.

It is looking brighter though, I see many of these vultures decreasing in size, those having created them decreasing in stake and distribution thriving. I am looking forward to Steem not only making news about being feeless in transactions, but also most of the services right now riddled with unnecessary middlemen being feeless as well.

Thanks for reading and thank you to many of you seeing the same vision as me and delegating to the fully non-profit @ocdb and growing it to one of the biggest accounts on Steem at this moment. I hope I will be able to bring you some new services soon in the same fashion, stay tuned. :)

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I like watching some of the more shady vulture types cash out their stake. They don't realise it ain't so easy coming back most of the time!

I think a lot of these "vultures" are already having a problem now with their profits... since not much steemians are ready to venture their hard earned money and buy votes from them when the ROI is shit which is below than what they invested. One thing that could help a user is to invest more on their SP and that is what every Steemian should do to help boost Steemit´s ecosystem.

I have always been associated m astonished that they can offer a negative ROI and people still flocked to pay for their services. Good riddance to them

I mean it's paying for advertisement which should be okay if you think it's worth the trending time, but even better would be if the owners of the service take no cut thus giving all of the profits to the delegators, i.e. SP holders and making SP an even stronger investment for those looking to sell votes.

It's not like they work that hard daily to earn the cuts they take.

Yeah it's the cut. The eye should firmly be on keeping the value in locked up steem. I guess a lot of them will learn though. It's certainly a different looking market these days!

I see the biggest problem with most of the projects on Steem being their reliance on the inflationary funds (reward pool) as part of their business plan. IMHO, we all look at Steem too much as being free money vs Steem being an alternate currency. We need to take advantage of the current low prices and start onboarding businesses with actual goods and services with no dependency on the reward pool.

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Agreed. This is @oracle-d's plan, hopefully they are making progress, I believe they are. Typical though, that at the best time for these businesses to gather a stake, they are the most reluctant to do so.

Please check out for more info on bringing in and supporting businesses on steem

Yeah, right on! let´s keep moving forward... I have powered up my SP and sold other alts even if just a small amount (of 200SP). I have confidence that we are on the right track. I would like to delegate to @ocdc soonest. Can I please have a link , or can I just use the

I think you should use steembootracker, that easier to use it than through directly steemconnect. Steembootracker will directly guide you to steemconnect at delegation option.

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Hopefully it won't take a cut of the delegation, haha. :P

This is a pretty simple link to delegate to ocdb or any other account:

just change the "1000" to your desired SP, enjoy the ROI and knowing your stake is directly helping distribution of steem. :)

I used to use steemconnect directly when make a delegation but It's hard to remind that link so that's why I use steembootracker or something else. Anyway could I sponsor @ocdb account by become sponsor on @steemitbasicincome and buy it a little share for @ocdb?

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Hmm, I think that would complicate things more for us as we're trying to feed it liquid Steem to pay for the curation rewards and keep it fully non-profit. Thanks for the thought though, I suggest following @ocd instead where 100% of the post rewards go to our curators. :)

Ah... I see, I will set my auto vote on steemauto tommorow and set vote for @ocdb post. 😊

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@ocd* :D


Delegation done! Many thanks for the link. Cheers!

Do you use steemworld @mers? Great all-round tool, easy to delegate through:

I accidentally clicked resteem and increased my delegation. I think there is a bug, lol.

rofl :D

Oh I accidentally increased my auto vote for ocd by an additional 5%. wtf is happening!

Seriously though, we need to figure out how to get new users away from the vultures as fast as possible. When I help onboard new people, if they are friends I'll keep a copy of their keys until they change their PW (I remind them to if they invest 'a lot') for awhile to help set everything up and the stuff they deal with as noobs is harmful where for veterans it is laughable.


The thanks is owed to you my friend as the vision is truly challenging as many seek to game the system for profits upfront instead of creating long term and sustainable value for all!

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The tide is hopefully turning away from promotion services taking as much as they can from the end user, but it is up to the user to no longer use the service before they cease.

Can you believe people are willing to bid for a vote that could be 90% less than their send and thus provide no promotion at all?

I don't mind the services charging a user fee, but the best ones are free and the free ones keep getting better.
I'm interested in this push to increase curation. The biggest problem I see now is the massive learning curve for Steem, it's taken me over a year. It's awesome but simply overwhelming for a lot of people.
I want a box, with a simple lid.

A fixed fee is fine, unlimited not so much.

There will be less of a learning curve in the future as people arrive via their topic/app of interest. Then they'll get stuck at the wallet part :D

This reminds me when you asked what we liked about steem forgetting the payment effects. In my case, as an artist, that's what I like about the steem ecosystem, I can work, not just see it as a hobby like some. In my country a writer has very few probabilities of having a job according to what he is passionate about doing. Then steem comes into my life, I offer my service (writing original stories), and best of all, steem gives me the opportunity to do something useful with my skills as a writer, I can be a curator of a community.

I don't know if there is another ecosystem like steem, which allows me to do that, by the way, in my first months, I even had the chance to buy clothes and shoes with crypto from the steem ecosystem.

It's a shame the internet service in my country is the worst. It may sound funny but I discovered steem at the same time as bitcoin.

Following your payment part, a transaction occured from my Debit Visa Master Card on auto and then I had to apply for refund, and when I applied for refund then the bank held my money for I guess more than 40 days which was really kind of annoying. But on the other hand I have a good experience doing transactions in the blockchain world and this is one other example how blockchain can help solve these kind of problems.

Nice reading this article and getting a grasp on the steemit community and the dynamics from within. I have joined the platform in December 2018 and few days ago I succeeded reaching more than 900 followers and 1000 steem power.

And to tell you the truth, while my content is not so great, I never thought or powered down and will not do in the near future. I want to get to a level where I feel that I gave to the community as it gave back for me and that's not the moment yet. Hopefully my posts will mature themselves, only if my mind could focus on what is needed. Nevertheless, great to be here!

Now we need to get @aid.venezuela to be one of the biggest accounts (: Definitely a trustworthy project for a good cause!

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Not only in aid.venezuela. Most of the projects there that use steem, promote the blockchain and also some stores accept steem for payment method. I have talked about steem in so many sites and some projects too, but the really problem is that in venezuela you don't gonna find a really investor because economy there. And the blockchain need investors. The most that we can do is post + receive rewards= power up.
If I have the possibility some day of get much money, surely I change all my local currency into steem and try to become almost a dolphin.

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Wow that’s cool that some of the stores there accept it for payment! I didn’t know that. Please post about that in the future, I was wondering how you were converting it into food (:

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We have exchanges like
There we make the changes to VES and use the steem to buy all we want.

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Ok very interesting... And then from that exchange you can withdraw VES to a bank account? Is that how that part works?

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Yes . You open, set up a bank account and you receive the amount in VES in your bank account.

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Well yeah, but if you think about it, people from Venezuela have been relying on Steem for a long time. I'm all for helping people in need but this blockchain needs people to also give back when they take from it, similar to when you sell Steem there is someone else on the other end buying it. Unfortunately it seems that no matter how much rewards people are making from Steem they aren't helping in spreading the word about our blockchain or helping others get to where they are today as well. I keep constantly hearing about other cryptos on other platforms that are helping Venezuela but considering the amount they make here and how little noise they make outside the platform it is not a lot.

Hoping things will change, I know it may be a controversial subject in that country and that many would prefer to keep it a secret since it may get them in trouble with the law or something that they are using crypto.

In my opinion, when people find out this blockchain is helping so many people not die of starvation, that will be one of the best promotions possible. The leader @zaxan is also walking around with shirts with their logo on it which also has the Steem logo on it and surely he is explaining that the assistance is all due to Steem. They are also stacking SP gradually to be able to sell votes to smartsteem so they aren’t just selling everything per se. but I see what you mean (:

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when people find out this blockchain is helping so many people

Well it's been doing that for close to 3 years already. :P Yet only thing I hear outside of Steem is about how Nano and Dash donations are helping the people there, similar to how Coinbase made a lot of fuss about their donations when in reality Steem has been rewarding those users 10x-100x more monthly for years. Good to hear about the promotions, although I would recommend selling votes through projects that don't enrich the owners.

Yeah when I said people I mean lots of people who aren’t on Steem already (: I’m curious which platform would be better for them to sell their votes? It was my understanding smartsteem was about as profitable as it gets for the end user. And yes Dash does have a huge presence down there too but it has also been around much longer and has funded some of that progress thru their treasury model which Steem could use also. And for what it’s worth I have never heard of Nano being used for pretty much anything ever lol... Except getting hacked off that one big exchange back when it was raiblocks.

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@acidyo personally I want to get rewards by delegating the project sp to your project, but actually we only have delegated sp and only can sell votes. In the future I will be happy to have more vest sp and not only delegated sp. Hope we can get soon and grown the project for it. <3

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PS. I was going to ask if your username was swedish first, lol

Thanks :D It’s Dutch lol. Close though! Geographically.

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Unfortunately there are many here today that do and continue doing so and it mainly costs the delegators and users.

I just want to bring another layer to this conversation regarding misplaced delegation to people and accounts that do more bad and damage than help the platform and the community growth. Until these kinds of acts are removed and stoped, this platform can never grow and reach the full potencial.

I am talking about for example @spaminator that should be helping clean the platform in order to protect against spam content and post and instead of that it's 'bullying' and taking earnings and downvoting posts of legitime good creators and small people that have great intentions to help others. Simply wanting to share there work and though. This is ending up pushing people to leave the platform since when this kind of accounts targets one creator, they keep taking all the personal reputation until there is nothing else to take.

It is looking brighter though, I see many of these vultures decreasing in size, those having created them decreasing in stake and distribution thriving.

So, unfortunately, @acidio it's still not that bright since many actions are still being made that overall make this platform damage a lot of people in the end. We have to start thinking why there are so many people leaving... is it because steem was a better trend when it began or the system is getting worst? Making that the true reason, people are getting out of the ship due to a bad experience.

I can look into it if you provide the account names.

Hmm, sounds like a complicated problem, I haven't heard of @spaminator abusing their delegation. Got any examples of this?

Well, it's easy to see if you go to there last posts the comments are systematic regarding that problem.

This issue was brought to my attention due to a creator @whatsontrend that I follow and like recently had their content constantly downvote and reputation pluming down. That made her decide to leave the platform for those reasons. They downvote and don't even explain why they did it or warn first so that people can try to understand or fix the problem.

Like her, you can see many other cases such as: @mes, @roshan24x7, @bigram13 and many others that get this kind of punishment without any further explanation or ways they can get out of the list.

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Because downvoting him will get you exactly what you want, right?

The bot just downvotes once you are on its list, regardless of content.

Be the hypocrite you project to be.

"The bot just downvotes ...regardless of content."

What a great service to the community.

"The bot just downvotes ...regardless of content."

Nice omission of once you are on its list

This is why I can't take you seriously.

Isn't there a way to contact them?

He's too stuck up about going in Discord.

He's one of those "blockchain supreme" kind of arrogant prick. He also wants SFR to work the way he wanted. A jerk all around.

Who is "he"?

The dude you are responding to.

Hmm, lol.

slowly backs away from this conversation


Steemcleaners' discord, or sfr's.
Either will help clarify spaminator's actions.

He can't be bothered. Excuse being too insecure and some bs about blockchain should be the preferred method.

Just waiting for him to team up with Stimialiti. Yeah, don't expect for that guy to turn around soon.


I figured,...

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You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

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How do you get whitelisted by @ocdb?

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You got a 50.59% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @acidyo! :)

@ocdb is a non-profit bidbot for whitelisted Steemians, current max bid is 30 SBD and the equivalent amount in STEEM.
Check our website for the whitelist, queue and delegation info. Join our Discord channel for more information.

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