Discover a NEW GAME and dig up SteemStone! 100 STEEM to WIN

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Hello dear Steemit community, I hope you have a nice Sunday. As you know, steemit is always full of good writers, themes as well as games, today I want to talk about @steemslotgames, they have been making games for a few months, which has attracted the attention of many of its users.

Currently they released a new game called Steemstone, very good, and they are making a contest for just playing, if you want to know more go to your Steemit account @steemslotgames or enter this Link so you can enjoy.

The contest currently consists of playing and once you get the steemstone you make a capture and the other is to make a post where you invite your friends to play.

In the prize pool they have 100 STEEM so check this link


Here the rules of the contest

1.- 💎 Write a short post in which you will invite your followers to take part in the CONTEST:

2.- 💎 In your post use our graphic:

3.- 💎 Use the #steemstone tag so we can find your post and that's it!



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