Application Of Virtual Reality Tools In The Medical Field

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Jean Baudlillard, a writer and philosopher, once expressed the term Simulacra. This is a time when the real world will mix with an unreal world, the future mixes with the past, and authenticity is mixed with falsehood. It looks like the concept of simulacrum is starting to become real because according to TechIn Asia in 2016 is the year of Virtual Reality.

Baudrillard, whose simulacrum departed at the age of 77, attracted widespread notoriety for predicting that the first Gulf war, of 1991, would not take place. During the war, he said it was not really taking place. After its conclusion, he announced, imperturbably, that it had not taken place. This prompted some to characterise him as yet another continental philosopher who revelled in a disreputable contempt for truth and reality. The guardian source

What is Virtual Reality?

VR is a visual technology that the subject or user will deal with an object that is virtual (virtual) but as real and can interact in it. Users can do the same activity repeatedly in VR without fear of objects in the VR world being damaged.

VR has been developing since the 1970s and has several types. The most frequently encountered in the world of work is the type of Cave and HMD (Head Mounted Display). In education, pilots often use tools such as video games in the form of pilot cabins that simulate the sensation of flying a real aircraft, this is an example of a VR type Cave. While the type of HMD is usually used as a simulator for jobs in engineering.

VR technology continues to grow and become more affordable in 2014. Several large IT companies introduced new HMD types, including Google with its VR cardboard, Samsung with VRGear, Sony with Morpheus, Facebook with Oculus Rift and still much more.

Then What are the Benefits of VR in the Medical Field?

The medical world has been using VR since the 1990s in the form of laparoscopic and endoscopic simulation tools. A 2015 study conducted by Rotberg and his friends. about the use of VR in the education of neurosurgery specialists shows that there is an increase in motor skills of students better.

Indonesia language :
Di bidang psikoterapi, VR digunakan oleh tentara yang mengalami Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) setelah kembali dari medan perang. Teknologi VR dapat digunakan sebagai terapi transfer rasa sakit pada pasien luka bakar yang menjalani perawatan luka. Dalam terapi ini, teknologi VR digunakan bersama dengan terapi lain seperti mekanisme biofeedback dan terapi perilaku kognitif. Akibatnya, teknologi virtual reality dapat digunakan sebagai pengkondisi dan terapi pemaparan, yang memungkinkan pasien untuk mengubah cara mereka menanggapi rasa sakit.
In English:
In the field of psychotherapy, VR is used by soldiers who experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after returning from the battlefield. VR technology can be used as a pain transfer therapy in burn patients undergoing wound treatment. In this therapy, VR technology is used in conjunction with other therapies such as biofeedback mechanisms and cognitive behavioral therapy. As a result, virtual reality technology can be used as conditioning and exposure therapy, which allows patients to change the way they respond to pain).*Article source

In the field of psychiatry, VR is used as a psychotherapy medium for soldiers who experience Post Trauma Stress Disorder, after returning from the battlefield. In addition, VR can also be used as a pain transfer therapy (pain distractor) in burn patients who are undergoing wound treatment. Several universities abroad have also used VR as a medium for learning ethics and communication skills with virtual patients in medical education.

In January 2016, Nicklaus Hospital in the United States used simple VR by using Google Cardboard to guide surgeons in pediatric cardiac surgery. With the help of VR this 3-dimensional radiological image can help doctors determine which locations need surgery.

As one of the countries with the largest smartphone users in the world, Indonesia has the potential in developing this VR technology. This is supported by the software that can be used for free such as the Google Cardboard SDK.

The creation of VR content for the medical field can be started from making public health promotion simulation applications, creating teaching material simulations for students who are taking health science clusters, or applications that can help doctors in medical procedures such as the above cardiac surgery.

Thus, it is expected that the use of VR is expected to support the ability, expertise, and knowledge of its users. Welcome to the VR era, let's take advantage of this technology for a better life.


The guardian source

Article source

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