[Question] Mathematics × Programming Competition #7 [問題] 數學 × 程式編寫比賽 (第七回)

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Mathematics × Programming Competition #7

Designed by @nicolemoker

21/9/2017 UTC 04:00 - 28/9/2017 UTC 04:00

For Chinese version please scroll to the bottom. 中文版請見文末。


A point is chosen randomly in a square. 4 lines are drawn to connect this point with the 4 vertices of this square, such that 4 triangles are formed. Find the probability that all interior angles of the 4 triangles are less than 120°. Give your answer correct to the nearest 3 decimal places.

Answer submission

Please submit your answer through this link.


  • This competition will last for 7 days. After that, no more submission will be accepted.
  • Participants who submit the answer as a comment below this post will be disqualified.
  • Participants can submit an unlimited number of solutions, however only the latest answer will be considered.
  • You have to upvote this post in order to be eligible for the competition.


  • The three fastest contestants would win the first prize, second prize and third prize respectively.
  • Other contestants who gave the correct answer would enter a lucky draw. 5 winners will be drawn.
  • Those who resteemed this post will have 400% higher chance to win in the lucky draw.
  • @kenchung reserves all the rights to disqualify any suspected cheating players and to decide the distribution of prizes among the winner(s).
Name of prizeMax no. of prizesSBDSP (sponsored by @steemstem ! )
First prize1SBD payout of this post / n7.5
Second prize1SBD payout of this post / n5
Third prize1SBD payout of this post / n2.5
Consolation prize5SBD payout of this post / n0

where n is the total number of winners in this competition. n = min (number of participants getting the correct answer, 8).

The steemSTEM project (@steemstem) is a community-supported project aiming to increase the quality and the visibility of STEM (STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) articles on Steemit. Please support steemSTEM by following @steemstem and joining the chat channel. You can also consider joining a private curation trail to further support steemSTEM by asking about it in the chat channel. In order to further promote the use of the chat channel, I will stop announcing the time of next competition via a post. Instead I will announce the time in advance in the chat channel!

數學 × 程式編寫比賽 (第七回)

Designed by @nicolemoker

21/9/2017 UTC 04:00 - 28/9/2017 UTC 04:00


在一個正方形內隨機選取一點,並將此點與四個頂點連上直線,從而將正方形分割為四個三角形。求四個三角形之中所有內角均不超過 120° 的概率,答案準確至小數點後 3 位。




  • 此比賽為時7天,其後將不會再接受新答案。
  • 嚴禁在回覆公開答案,否則將被取消資格。
  • 參加者可以重覆提交答案,但比賽終結時只會考慮最後提交的答案。
  • 你必須upvote此帖方能參加比賽。


  • 最快給出正確答案的三名參賽者將分別獲得一等獎、二等獎和三等獎。
  • 其他給出正確答案的參賽者將可參與抽獎。5名參賽者將被選出。
  • Resteem此帖文者將有額外400%的得獎機會。
  • 本人保留一切最終權利,包括但不限於取消任何疑似作弊者的資格並決定獲獎者的獎勵分配。
獎項獎項數目SBDSP (由 @steemstem 贊助!)
一等獎1此帖文的 SBD 金額 / n7.5
二等獎1此帖文的 SBD 金額 / n5
三等獎1此帖文的 SBD 金額 / n2.5
安慰獎5此帖文的 SBD 金額 / n0

其中 n 是本比賽中得獎者的總數。n = min (答對人數, 8)。

steemSTEM(@steemstem)是一個由steemit社群支持的項目,旨在宣傳STEM(STEM是科學,技術,工程和數學的首字母縮略詞)。 請追蹤 @steemSTEM 以及加入聊天頻道來支持steemSTEM。你還可以透過加入自動點讚系統來在為了進一步支持steemSTEM,詳情請在聊天頻道內向負責人士查詢。為了推廣聊天頻道的使用,我將不再透過發文來宣布下一場比賽的時間,我會在聊天頻道中提前公佈比賽時間。


I hope i win this time :P (voted and resteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem)

sure best of luck! :p

Just to be sure, if my solution would be 0.55%, I should submit 0.006.. correct?
(that is not my solution btw 😼)

yes that's right :)

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多謝支持啊 :)

我也谢谢你,这个游戏 好有趣,我超级喜欢。

This is actually some astounding work! Followed


這次是真的比較難和複雜的,不過只需用上中五的知識就可以解答的了! ;)




I have also submitted my answer, both in unit-less and percentage form in addition to the exact solution if that is ok
Hopefully without computational errors ^^

3 decimal places in the unit-less is fine :) anyway thanks for your participation! hope that you got the right answer :)

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