Are multi-vitamins just expensive pee?

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Are multivitamins just expensive pee?

Lets address one of the most common statements patients confidently tell me when I worked in retail pharmacy. Often I come across individuals who state "vitamins are just expensive p*ss, its just a waste of money".

Sadly I hear this statement far too often. Lets address this briefly without too much jargon.

First consider, Vitamins A,D,E and K are fat soluble, this means that we can store these vitamins in our adipocytes and the body will use them, as need be.

The reminder of the vitamins (i.e B, C, Folate) are water soluble and they and even many minerals cannot be absorbed in totality. Hence often you may see when you urinate post-dose you will see concentrated (very yellow) urine. This is possibly where the statement comes form that we "pee" out majority of our multi-vitamin and thus what is the point.

Well the point is relatively simple. A blood test to identify a vitamin deficiency is relatively expensive (it will cost on average the same amount as a year supply of that particular vitamin you are testing for). Taking a multi-vitamin achieves that you "fill the gaps" if you are in-fact low on any vitamin.

If you do the research vitamins pose multiple health benefits to the human body, especially for longevity. If you desire to "maintain" you meat-suit the probability of you keeping it running at maximum efficiency over the years is to ensure it has all of what it may need, and yes that means a lot of water soluble vitamins will be pee'd out, but how else do you want to determine your specific requirements for each vitamin in different periods in your life or exercise cycle?

Who in this day and age can confidently say that they eat a perfectly healthy and balanced diet? or even state they attain the daily recommended concentration of vitamin D? Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in the first world. I know I certainly don't get the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D, working indoors and spending many weekends indoors.

I am also well aware the Vitamin D deficiency does increase inflammation and increases cancer risks. On the same note I am aware that many vitamins are anti-oxidants and that decreased free radical damage that occurs to my body, especially to endothelial cells lining my blood vessels, thus if you consider decreased inflammation plus decreased free-radical damage to endothelial cells in arteries you could likely see the overt correlation attained to decreased probabilities of cardiovascular diseases.

In summary if you cant afford a multi-vitamin its true that it is not a train smash, but if you can, the benefits certainly do out-way the cost savings you could attain by avoiding a good multivitamin.


Upvoted. Great post man. I agree we need essential vitamins, but some you just pee out. Also, it's best to get a pharmaceutical grade one to get the best effects! Cheers!

Great post. Yeah, I believe you are correct about vitamins. I always notice a huge difference when I take them.

Thank you kindly. I appreciate the feedback.

Thank you for the valuable post.
A while back I was advised to look at the Biotin and if the supplement doesn't contain 300 then the company may be skimping on quality to increase profits. Which of course will be a bad sign.
I always look at the type of B-12. Cyan is not the best option and is probably cheaper. The best option is the Methyl one.
Do you concur?

Hey if I had the choice Id choose methyl or hydroxy-cobalamin. But to be objective if we did a double blind randomized control study of methyl VS cyano-cobalamin you wont see any clinically significant differences in the data. I suppose my reason for taking any other form would be purely "pompous" to be honest. Its like how I avoid aspartame but cannot find any true data on it having valid health concerns.

Good explanation. It is true that we can absorb just a limited amount of vitamin from our diet but do we know whether or not we are eating foods which contain sufficient amount of vitamins that we need? It was a great point. Great article.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

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