The green engine; how about an engine that is in love with the environment

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What if I told you that there could be a world where internal combustion engines could be noiseless, have zero emissions and lack a piston?

An internal combustion in a clean environment : image from pixabay under CCO liscence

In the world today, there have been debates on global warming and how things are growing worse from emissions in industries to the emitting of carbon monoxide from generators. You would agree with me that environmentalists both here on steemit and worldwide are so mad with the way pollutions occur and scientists have been working so hard to either phase out internal combustion engines or develop other forms of renewable energy which is cool.

If you are an environmentalist, community lover or an engine lover this is for you.

Today while I was making research on the engines and the latest development in engines I came across this environmental friendly internal combustion engine type. I spent 5 years in school I never heard of it but here we are self-development is the best form of development.

What comes to your mind when you hear green engines for sure I am not talking about engines painted in color green.

The engines are called the green engines you would be wondering what kind of engines are they?
Or why they are called green?

Well, all your answers are about to be answered as you follow me in this discussion.

The green engine

To me, the green engines are called green due to their environmentally friendly nature. The ability of these engines to keep humans safe and free from dangerous air pollutants such as carbon monoxide from the internal combustion engines is one cool ability of the green engines.

But what if i told you that the green engines are also a type of internal combustion engines just that, the main problem we have with internal combustion engines are the problem of fuel combustion. Their combustion is incomplete this is why we have poisonous gases whenever one is being used.

Just like the internal combustion operates(you can read about it here a post by our steemit- mechanic @rharphelle), so does the green engine. The green engines are in fact internal combustion engines with upgraded features, they were recently discovered and known to be environmental friendly engines with almost zero emissions due to their complete combustion of fuel. They were recently discovered and are already known to be one of the best discoveries of the century. I am not surprised, it’s been long coming.

Some of the wonderful things about these engines are they have sequential variable compression ratio, they are known for their direct air intake, direct fuel injection, and they use multiple fuels, the efficiency of the green engines when compared to the normal internal combustion engine is high and like I said earlier the exhaust emission is almost zero.

In a world where we need a better source of energy and the emissions of engines have killed so many, green engines might be the solution. We now have prototypes of these engines which have been used in generators.

The green engines have no pistons in their cylinders, some Engineers would be surprised how the engines work well let’s read on as I take you through these engines.

How the green engine works

Sorry I can’t get a good image on the description and the parts of the engine, but you can click here to see an image. The image isn’t free for reuse, so I can’t import it on my blog to avoid copyright infringement. I would try to give a description of the green engine and how the engine works.

The green engine has sets of vanes, a pair of rotors these rotors which in them have a small number of containers or ducts. It is these containers that the compression phase, mixing phase and also combustion are being carried out. The green engine has two intakes and pair of both the fuel injector and the spark plugs.
The normal internal engine with the piston has basically two or four strokes of the piston to complete one revolution of the crankshaft but the green engine we can’t call these strokes but rather a phase. For these engines, they undergo six phases to make one complete revolution.

These phases include the intake, compression, mixing, combustion, power and exhaust phases.

The intake phase

The intake phase is the first phase of the revolution by which air is taken in directly inside the combustion chamber of the engine. Although the air is filtered just before it enters the chamber to prevent impurities and also it is regulated according to fuel used.

The compression phase

There is a central disc which has arms and this disc immediately picks up the air that just entered into the chamber. The arms are responsible for pushing the air into the compression chamber. The compression chamber is present inside the combustion chamber, it is a small duct which is a tangent to the combustion chamber so as the arm swipes fast, air flows through the compression chamber and at high pressure, it enters back into the combustion chamber.

Direct fuel injection phase

The green engine has another special feature which is the direct fuel injection the amount of fuel injected into the chamber is varied to the air in the chamber. And while the disc rotates in the chamber the centrifugal force causes the fuel and air in the chamber. After the fuel is super mixed the force along the vanes directs the mixture towards the spark plug.

Combustion phase

Of course, the function of the spark plug is to ignite the super mixed fuel. Another wonderful feature of the green engine is that the combustion time of the engines could be varied to burn different grade of fuels and this feature is what makes the fuel to be completely burnt thereby reducing the emission of the engine.

Power phase

The burning of this fuel mixture as it is being emitted out of the combustion chamber at high pressure pushes the arm of the compression chamber. When this happens, work is done as the power gotten in form of pulses and the pulse reduces the explosion of the engine. This leads to reduced engine noise compared to the internal combustion engine.

Exhaust phase

The completely burnt gases leave the combustion chamber but are first expanded in the expansion zone. The expansion ratio of the green engine is much more than the regular internal combustion chamber and what this means is that maximum power output is derived from the fuel that is burnt. The gases which have been combusted after going through expansion is released into the atmosphere.
This completes the revolution and it starts all over again. The prototypes of these engines have been made and applied in some areas for use, but it is not common yet.

What does the green engine bring to the table?

The recent discovery in the green engine has brought a lot of change and place doubts in the mind of environmentalists about the internal combustion engine and also about the pollution the internal combustion engines have been causing. It solves the noise and air pollution of the internal combustion engine.

To the engineers, the ability of these engines to get the maximum work done from a fuel consumed cannot but be one of the most amazing things as efficiency flew from about 45% to about 80%. This is just wonderful as the application of the green engine is going to be applied in generators, submarines, trains, tractors, chainsaws, aircraft, and many more places where the regular internal combustion engines were being applied.


The environmental problem of smoke emission and noise pollution by engines can now be stopped by using special internal combustion engines which burns the fuel completely and reduces noise pollution. The high efficiency of the green engines, as well as their ability to regulate the time used in burning a fuel, makes them smart and applicable in doing this job effectively.

The green engine completes its revolution in 6 phases as compared to the regular internal combustion, these phases have been discussed above including the applications of these engines.

Now the question remains are we ready for this kind of environmentally friendly engines or should we just move on to renewable energy completely?

Let me hear your views on this..thanks for reading!


For further reading, please get any of these books or follow the link.

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Well, I wouldn't agree that this engine is green yet. The chief product of any combustion and of most concern is carbon-dioxide.

Carbon-dioxide is a greenhouse gas and is able to trap heat emitted by our planet making global warming on the rise. As a result of this, I will opt for the renewable sources instead.

Although, it is not that renewable source "saints". However, their adverse effect on the ecosystem is mostly negligible.

Highest regard!

Hmm well this is true.. But if i were the minister of power today here are things i would decide and i would like to know if you would in any way back me up.
The efficiency of these engines are way much higher than the regular internal combustion engines.
And like i said in the post they are almost at zero emission. This does not mean they wouldn't emit the waste product in the combustion of fuel but rather the fuel would have undergone a complete combustion.
So it means i would harvest maximum power from my fuel. At a reduced cost.

Compared to the high initial cost of setting up renewable energy not to talk of the space required, and the headaches about what the day would be like of its going to be sunny or windy, or if there is going to be drought anytime soon.
Its a lot of what if's

Would you back up my decision in taking up the green engines?

Not at... I am against the "Green" there. A lot of systems are in place to make combustion products in automobile engine less polluting but it is in no way claiming "green".

I am not contesting the performance of this your so called "green engine", what I am saying is that the word green should be removed.

A lot of systems you say can i know more about those systems.. Where i come from there is nothing but emissions from the internal combustion engine.

This is way better to me and the reason why its called green is due to its naturally environmental friendliness. Without assistance of other systems.

Perhaps you should be patient. I am going to make a post soon on it.

A post on the green systems?

Yeah... Related to automobile.

This is good... From the question below

Now the question remains are we ready for this kind of environmentally friendly engines or should we just move on to renewable energy completely?

I believe as much as we want a better combustion cycle that will reduce the pollution and all but peace we feel from renewable energy is just too peaceful.... I would always want renewable energy

Nice work here sir

I very much agree with the fact that renewable energy is the future. But its high cost and the unpredictable weather conditions (wind and solar) or environmental hazards like drought (geothermal) could be a problem with them and lets not forget the fact that they are expensive and consume lots of space.
Meaning to generate enough, we would have to use large resources to do that since the efficiency of the renewable energy materials are not this high.

I know this fact... And that ia why it is renewable because energy will be stored

There is no way that there will be no sunlight for that long..... And also the large resources is just a Claus

No what i mean is there are days especially in the rainy season where the intensity is low and also power generation from renewable energy to be used by the public grid is usually not stored.

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Nothing like a system that has no negative impact on the environment. The earth is already plagued by "deadly" engines.

Yeah.. It would be nice to have them around.

Green is bae. This as said is definitely one of the greatest discoveries as environment conscious inventions are really what we need.

The noise that emanates from electric generators and industrial machine really pollute the environment.

Thanks for introducing this to us

Engineers and scientists are working so hard to reduce the damage to our environment and they have done so by giving us this...
You are welcome sir

Absolute truth!

I really hate noises that all these common electric generator produces. The noise kills me.
Good to know my Savior is around the corner.
Thanks for introducing me to my personal Savior.

Hehehe... I bet you still use those noisy generators when you need them.. But that's not the point the best is yet to come in the internal combustion world.
Thanks for reading!

Those noisy bastards are a necessary evil.

Hehehehe... 😂😂😂

A good one here!
We await the evolution of environment-friendly engines..
Electric vehicles is coming soon for us all

Yeah.. There are already electric cars they are nice and very much friendly to the environment.

Wow, I can't wait for the green engine to be applied in generators, submarines and other machines using the ICE engine.

Nice Post.

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Well, its not totally green but it's surely a good improvement on existing ICEs. We are getting there soon.