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RE: The green engine; how about an engine that is in love with the environment

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This is good... From the question below

Now the question remains are we ready for this kind of environmentally friendly engines or should we just move on to renewable energy completely?

I believe as much as we want a better combustion cycle that will reduce the pollution and all but peace we feel from renewable energy is just too peaceful.... I would always want renewable energy

Nice work here sir


I very much agree with the fact that renewable energy is the future. But its high cost and the unpredictable weather conditions (wind and solar) or environmental hazards like drought (geothermal) could be a problem with them and lets not forget the fact that they are expensive and consume lots of space.
Meaning to generate enough, we would have to use large resources to do that since the efficiency of the renewable energy materials are not this high.

I know this fact... And that ia why it is renewable because energy will be stored

There is no way that there will be no sunlight for that long..... And also the large resources is just a Claus

No what i mean is there are days especially in the rainy season where the intensity is low and also power generation from renewable energy to be used by the public grid is usually not stored.

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