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RE: The green engine; how about an engine that is in love with the environment

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Well, I wouldn't agree that this engine is green yet. The chief product of any combustion and of most concern is carbon-dioxide.

Carbon-dioxide is a greenhouse gas and is able to trap heat emitted by our planet making global warming on the rise. As a result of this, I will opt for the renewable sources instead.

Although, it is not that renewable source "saints". However, their adverse effect on the ecosystem is mostly negligible.

Highest regard!


Hmm well this is true.. But if i were the minister of power today here are things i would decide and i would like to know if you would in any way back me up.
The efficiency of these engines are way much higher than the regular internal combustion engines.
And like i said in the post they are almost at zero emission. This does not mean they wouldn't emit the waste product in the combustion of fuel but rather the fuel would have undergone a complete combustion.
So it means i would harvest maximum power from my fuel. At a reduced cost.

Compared to the high initial cost of setting up renewable energy not to talk of the space required, and the headaches about what the day would be like of its going to be sunny or windy, or if there is going to be drought anytime soon.
Its a lot of what if's

Would you back up my decision in taking up the green engines?

Not at... I am against the "Green" there. A lot of systems are in place to make combustion products in automobile engine less polluting but it is in no way claiming "green".

I am not contesting the performance of this your so called "green engine", what I am saying is that the word green should be removed.

A lot of systems you say can i know more about those systems.. Where i come from there is nothing but emissions from the internal combustion engine.

This is way better to me and the reason why its called green is due to its naturally environmental friendliness. Without assistance of other systems.

Perhaps you should be patient. I am going to make a post soon on it.

A post on the green systems?

Yeah... Related to automobile.

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