steemstats 0.3.4 - new live post inspector and incoming witness votes

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TLDR - Today's update includes a new live post inspector, incoming witness votes, an improved following/followers matrix, notifications for witness votes, reputation for each account, estimated vote impacts, fixes for POW2 mining, fixed SBD interest, and a new informative welcome screen.

Before I dive too far into the updates, I wanted to give a small status/personal update.

I've been pretty busy over the last week working on a lot of non-steem related things. I've only been working a couple hours a day on steem related projects, which isn't ideal. That's life though. On a positive note - I've had the opportunity to talk to a lot of new people in the steem community recently, and it's been incredible. The people surrounding this project have been nothing but awesome and supportive. Exciting days ahead, and I'm optimistic about the collective's trajectory.

Anyways, enough with the rambling, here's what just changed on!

Live Post Inspector


This is a feature I'm pretty excited about, thanks to @someguy123 for the inspiration to start the changes. This feature used to be the "Vote Distribution" popup, where you could see the impact of votes on a specific post. I've taken it one step further, and now it's a tool to monitor a post in real time.

One of the coolest features of this new panel (at least I think) is highlighted in the red box in the screenshot above. It's an estimated value of each vote, based on the round shares that the vote brought.

The header also includes some base statistics about the post itself. If you have additional ideas and information you'd like highlighted about a post as you're watching it, please let me know!

Incoming Witness Votes


As someone who started the witness process a couple days ago, I found the need for a way to monitor changes in approval votes. Now if you look in the "Incoming Votes" area under "Activity", you'll find any recent witness votes. This area now also allows you to filter witness votes, allowing for a bit more focus.

Improved Following/Followers Matrix


For each account, you can now see the relationship status between followers. There is a legend at the top of the page to highlight these new relationship statuses. Here's a brief rundown:

  • If you're on the "Following" section:
    • A checkmark means that the account on top is following the account on the left.
    • A blue check in a box means that the accounts are following each other.
  • If you're on the "Followed" section:
    • A checkmark means that the account on the left is following the account on top.
    • A blue check in a box means that the accounts are following each other.

I hope this makes it easier for those of you who keep track of these things!



A relatively small change, but the sidebar now shows your reputation.

Other Changes

- [x] A new welcome page has been added, giving a brief rundown of the site's features.
- [x] Adjusted SBD Interest calculations to divide by 12 months (since it's APR).
- [x] The incoming votes page now shows the exact time the vote was cast.
- [x] New notification added for incoming witness votes
- [x] Votes interface now shows a 100% scale instead of 10k.
- [x] Filtering for witness votes has been added to incoming votes.
- [x] Added POW2 capturing for miners
- [x] Added a "Load More" button to the mining page

In closing, a thank you to everyone who has supported my witness application, replied and left feedback, voted on any of my posts, or spent their time chatting with me on

Over the past month it's been a great pleasure to be a part of this community.


I like your page but have a question. Once you start following someone's activity, can you unfollow them. I mean just on the Steemstats page not all of Steem.

You'd have to unfollow them through or, or another interface. The steemstats interface doesn't allow interactions, and honestly hasn't been updated in ages :D

Ok. Thanks. I still want to follow the person, so I'll try to Unfollow and then Follow again after that.

Amazing stuff as always!

Another incredible job @jesta I cannot say it enough, the entire Steemit community owes you a huge debt. Your relentless work on steemstats helps everyone and is impressive by all measures. Keep it up and don't get burnt out. We need your talent and creativity for the long haul.

One thought: is there any way to put a vote button on the witness page to easily vote? It would be a nice way for steemstats fans to show their appreciation to be able to easily vote for you (or anyone else on the list).

Thank you @mrosenquist, I'm here for the long haul as far as I can tell ;)

I've thought about ways to add witness voting functionality like that, but currently I don't have any of the authentication style activities developed. Everything's anonymous so far. That's primarily why I added the link at the top to head on over to the witness page here on

Another problem I want to solve is seeing ALL the witnesses you're voting for, not just the top 50. Currently, you have to goto your page on like so:

And scroll down and look in the left column to see who you vote for and who votes for you. Now that I finally am paying attention to how and why witness voting is used, I hope to make a lot of this stuff a lot easier.

Talking future development: Logins is absolutely something I'd like to have. Eventually I would love if you could somehow login to the site if you wanted to use it for voting/posting activities. But it's not something I'll add unless I'm absolutely positive the users would be safe!

The security and privacy should be the paramount issue. You don't want to put your users at risk and tarnish your reputation because of login credential issues. I would not rush into that. It may likely take changes to which could bridge the authentication so users aren't logging into Steemstats directly, but to Steemit and getting a token passed to Steemstats to prove who they are. You would need to work with the Steemit devs and they probably have a mile long list of more important features & fixes.

You would need to work with the Steemit devs and they probably have a mile long list of more important features & fixes.

Hit the nail on the head.

I've spoken with a few of the devs and I haven't been pushing for features like this simply because I know there are more important things to do. Logging into sites like steemstats is relatively low on the "make successful" totem pole.

That's also why I'm trying to spend some time every week helping them clear off issues on :)

i care your posts

You are thinking strategically and acting tactically. Good for you! (and for us too, as it turns out)

@jesta, thank you, after I looked live post inspector.. I realize the power of whale and dolphin... really.. now I understand about SP can impact your curation reward.... Nice :)

You have my vote others should follow! :)

I just saw it popup, love seeing new features in action :)

And thank you!

@jesta Fantastic. I only came across your contributions yesterday and they have already transformed my understanding of the Steemit platform. I had absolutely no idea I could vote for witnesses. How exciting👍

That's awesome to hear! One of the main reasons I started building steemstats was to really get a deep understanding of how this all worked, and I'm really glad to hear it helped show you the same things!

This looks great and can't wait to see the finish product. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Hi, @jesta I have a question about the estimated growth stats, here's a post about it.

Basically is it correct that even stagnant accounts are getting >200% SP growth a year?

Hrm I saw your comments on your other post, it's very possible that my calculations are incorrect.

What the program is doing is watching your accounts as long as you have the page open, and determining how much SP per second you're increasing. Then it extrapolates that number out to a year worth of seconds.

I'm curious to know exactly why they say 100% but it looks like 200%+ as well.

Great catch!

wrote another article about it hoping to get some answers. could it be because a lot of SP is powering down, 7 out of 10 of the big holders.

As some one who visits steemstats about 30 times a day. i salute you sir, and thank you for bringing back the details of curated posts i truly missed that.

its not much but i can give you this

This is really great. It should be 0.4 :)

I love the improved live post inspector. In fact, all new major features are very welcome.

May I ask you that you add a decimal number to the reputation score? I know there is not much room but ... It differs if your score is 57.1 or 57.9.

Motivation and stuff, you know :)

Anyways, you did it again. With "only" a couple of hours. You are good.

Hah, it was a lot of work, but the only major change was the post inspector. There's a long way to go to 1.0, I'm trying not to burn version numbers along the way :)

Also, the reputation score has 1 decimal place now if you refresh!

I did just now and was pleasantly surprised. Thanks a lot!

BTW: the page is eating the memory like mad :) I will have to buy some more RAM :)

You're welcome!

BTW: the page is eating the memory like mad :) I will have to buy some more RAM :)

Hah yeah, it's not that well optimized. That was another reason I haven't targeted mobile yet, it's be reaaaally slow and draining on battery life. I'll hopefully be doing some optimization passes in the future, though it may take a massive amount of effort to "do it right" :)

Yes, it will take some really smart caching . OK, good luck with it :)

One of the things I love about the steemit platform is watching it grow. The organic nature of the steemit ecosystem means that we are part of contributing, creating and helping it to evolve with us and around us. Love the changes! Top Work!

keep it up the good work @jesta
you are a strong member of steemit with your work in steemstats 8]

Excellent! Thank you for the update. Your tool - great.

Great job...I upvoted...I liked it.

Wow! Great work @jesta! Thanks for all your great contributions to the community!

You have done a great job , thank you! I'm your fan :)

The Steemstats are very useful, thanks for your

Interesting, every night I'm catching at least one post that's helping me piece the steemit puzzle together.

absolutely great very informative nice job

Steemstats is getting better with each update, It would be even better if you could mix and steemstats together. How about adding a feature into steemstats where you can see the whale activities like in catchawhale directly into steemstats?

The way steemstats works is by live monitoring accounts in the blockchain. So for steemstats to do what catchawhale does, I'd have to live monitor every whale's account, which would require a ton of resources and bandwidth.

Unless there's a fundamental shift in how I build steemstats, it's just not possible right now. Plus, we've already got catchawhale ;)

Yeah, Good point. :)

The Steemstats are very useful, thanks for your amazing work!

Thanks a lot for the update. Great job!

Thanks a lot for developing this stat tools!

I am using it quite a lot (on my standards, which means what it means) to get a clear list of who like my posts, who like the posts I like, etc.

Thank you for your hard work! I use steemstats daily and it is an excellent tool.

[x] The incoming votes page now shows the exact time the vote was cast.

Thank you and awesome job as usual! steemstats is essential for anyone who is serious about Steemit. :)

@jesta, Thanks for your efforts. This tool is fantastic. I use it almost daily. Always wanted to have good tool to track new followers and too see of someone mention you in post or comment. Is it possible in this version?

What is a witness vote? Is it just simply someone who has seen (witnessed) the post, and then votes on it? Where would I find out abut this kind of stuff?

Thnaks for making this tool. Looks great!

Thanks man. I love Steemstats. It really helps me keep track of what's going on with my interactions on Steemit

Wow that is very useful, this is an essential website for the community.
Made things a lot more clear for me.

Awesome! My favorite tool for Steemit received an update with features I've always wanted! Thanks @jesta You da Man!!!!

hi, @jesta! i think it is small mistake:

What's wrong with it?

The top one is when they created their account, the 2nd one is the date that was posted. Maybe I'm misunderstanding :)

Thanks for the explanation. I thought it was the last entry.


This has really helped me use my voting power wisely. Everything from the voting power I have left to the value of a vote is right there for us to see. Great job and thank you for the help.

@jesta Could you please check the It is loading data forever. Thank you.

Awesome! Thank you! This site is my browser homepage.
Can you also add Steem informations like total supply, % of SP to Steem, etc real time?

I probably could - though I'm not sure exactly where it would fit into the site at this very moment.

I've captured the idea though, I'll find it a home at some point.

Thanks for your posting :))
& upvote, follow

Hi, congratulations, I love steemstats and use it all the time... Its included in a post I wrote about Steem apps

I write with a suggestion/request... could you please provide/code a new feature with a list of new followers for any account since the last sync? I see my followers grow but have no idea how to find out who the new ones are.

Thx... Keep up the good work!


It's actually somewhat difficult to add that feature, but I'll see what I can do. I think with now I should be able to record history and add the ability to see which followers are new.

I like steemstats very much. Some things I would like to see in the future are:

  • Curation penalty calculation when voting within 30 minutes
  • Follower stats, so you can see how many more you got per day, like what steemwhales has.
  • How long after the post was created the upvote was made. It now sais how long ago the upvote was made, but it would also be interesting to see how long after the post it was made.

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Good , and fascinating job !

Good program
thank you

Killed it, yet again. :)

Excelente herramienta

awesome bro great keep it up
steemstats is very good site
specially to know how much voting power is left with us

Highly informative and eyes opener for some of us that are just coming up. Nice one. We love you too.

really help full your aps sir

Hi the boss ! Please I can know if it's possible to make more 30 votes per days ?

This looks amazing @jesta you rock :)

Pretty useful info.

Jesta you are really on form, I use the site often. Still looking for that historical data )

It sounds great, but I can't see the estimative value of the votes on my chart. Could you explain a little bit more wher should I look for this? Thank you!

Great job. God bless you

Hi @jesta I have a question...sorry for the bad screenshot but i don't understand the distribution of the value. In this post it states 4.71 SBD as value, but then by author gets only 1.766SBD +0,48 SP? shouldn't it be 50% SP and SBD from the 75%? Thanks!

Captura de pantalla 2018-02-06 a les 13.15.52.png

It is. Rough example, with steem ~3.50 right now.

4.71 * 0.75 = 3.53 (value after curation)
3.53 * 0.5 = 1.76 (value of both SBD and SP rewards)
1.76 / 3.5 = 0.5 (amount of SP)

The numbers aren't 100% accurate since the curation and STEEM values fluctuate, but it's a close approximation.

I get it now! Thanks a lot for your tool, extremely useful!!

great news....

Just getting started, and i'm looking for all the information i can this page is very helpfull thank you!

This is just great job, @jesta! I'm using it constantly! Thank you so much!

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