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It's that time again! Friday night! Time to get together with friends and act a fool. 😎 On the radio, of course.


Tonight is the third show (that's right ...eva) of STEEMSTAR AFTER DARK.

Last week was a hot (sexy) mess... again... And I can promise you nothing besides that this week... Though I DID get new internet... Maybe that will help. So what have you got to lose? A belly full of laughs? Soda shooting out your nose? Finding joy in the little things? 😏

Wanna know more? Read on ....

😎STEEMSTAR AFTER DARK😎- Sketch Comedy on the Blockchain! - Live Interactive Radio!

During the show tonight I will drop the Google Doc links to all the scripts/sketches in the Discord chat, as they are much easier to follow along/read that way. Wanna read them now? Check out my blog- I resteem all the scripts!

When's this party starting?!

FRIDAY NIGHT 12 AM UTC (technically, that makes it Saturday morning...)

In the United States? Friday

5PM Pacific
6PM Mountain
7PM Central
8PM Eastern

Where to tune in:

Discord- Steemstar Network
Steemstar.net 24/7/365 Live Stream
Steemstar Network Youtube

🤩Let's Make Radio Magic!🤩

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Can I get a Witness?!

Of course, you can, honey! 😍In fact, if you're in need, you should pop on over and vote for @sircork. He runs the SteemStar Network which is facilitating my stardom. You want that, don't you? 😵Yes... yes you do.... 😵 Added bonus, he also set up and runs You Are HOPE (Help. Opportunity. Purpose. Empowerment.) A worldwide humanitarian aid foundation. It's been doing AWESOME. Check out this recent post on a lot of what's already been accomplished. Then let your heart grow 10 times bigger! 💓💓💓 YouAreHOPE

Need help formatting your posts? Check out this great UPDATED tutorial:

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If you find yourself needing help or just have a question or two, find me on Discord.😀

All images were created/taken by me, or from Bitmoji.com. Make your own today!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Hugs & Kisses 💋carrie signature.gif

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