Kings of Steem: Debate Between @timcliff and @sircork TODAY, 8 pm UTC

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"Kings of Steem" Debate will be TODAY AT 8 PM UTC!

The DEAR LITTLESCRIBE Show presents @timcliff and @sircork, steemit witnesses debating LIVE TODAY. After the debate, we'll hear from @lukestokes in a personal interview!

The schedule is mostly in stone, but is subject to change. So be sure to watch for updates.

Today 6/13/18:

@timcliff v. @sircork

  • "Kings of Steem" Live Debate between two of the most knowledgeable, passionate witnesses on the platform.


  • Get to know a top 20 witness on steemit and his ideas to help open up the lines of communication between deep-pocket share holders and...the rest of us.

Wednesday 6/20/18:



  • Find out who is behind door #1! This witness is actually a duo. They are responsible for the success of, running scripts for successful curation of MSP, and investing in fully 5 nodes (3 witness servers, a seed node, and an rpc node)! All of which bring better accuracy, speed, and reliability to the blockchain.

Wednesday 6/27/18:


  • The sweetheart of steemit, @coruscate brings charm, grace, generosity, elegance, fun, and wit to the platform! I can't wait to interview this darling dearest. She's smart, funny, and driven. We have a lot to learn from her success story.


  • Life (slash) energy coach. How do you know if someone is keeping a secret, and what do you do about it???

Wednesday July 4th

  • Independence Day here in the U.S. No show for today

Wednesday July 11th

April Meservy

  • Singer/songwriter, and old college buddy. Her cover of "With or Without You" was played at this years' Olympics in Korea during an ice skating event. Give a listen!

Past Interviews

6/6/18@jackmiller and @patrice
5/30/18@timcliff and @bethalea
5/23/18 @mistermercury and @darrenclaxton

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Every Wednesday, folks!


8 pm - 10 pm UTC
4 pm - 6 pm EST
1 pm - 3 pm PST

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Is there a way to catch a recording of the Tim Cork show?


Hey there @themarkymark! I thought I already responded to this, but I see I have not! Sorry for the delay!

Here's the link to the @timcliff v. @sircork debate:

Tomorrow we'll have @followbtcnews and @upheaver on.

A couple weeks ago I had @bethalea on, not sure if she told you... :D

When is it your turn?


Whenever I'm invited I guess.

Nice to see you and I Upvoted you :) !
“The fact that you have just buried your parent or parents and/or sibling or siblings does not make you less likely to die today.” ====> Mokokoma Mokhonoana

I'll have to listen to the show in a link later- already have plans at that time... but it sounds EXCELLENT!

Ooooh! I've been looking forward to this show. And Stokes is showing up too? I might have to switch up my plans today... I was planning a trip to town, but that might have to wait till tomorrow. ;)

Doublechecking right now to make sure my witness votes are in for both these guys.


It was very interesting and had a great time... :)